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Where Would One Farm These Compounds?



I just needed help confirming where the best place for specific components were at.

Morphics: Olympus > War > Tostolj

Rubedo: Valefor

Circuits: (?)

Salvage: (?)

Ferrite: M Prime

Polymer Bundles: (?)

Plastids: (?)

Can anybody confirm if the place I named were the most viable places to farm?

I also had some I had almost no clue about?

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From my experience
Morphics: War
Rubedo: Gamygyn (honestly anywhere in Europa drops a fair amount of rubedo)
Ferrite: M Prime
Polymer Bundle: M Prime (not a lot but since i'm always there for ferrite, i've accumulated a lot of polymer)
Plastids: Desdemona

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First grab Thief's Wit and if you can, Master Thief. Rare resources you farm off assassination missions. For uncommon and common go to a system where the resource you want is the only one in it's category and do raid missions. Open everything. You can expect 50-150 uncommon and 300-1000 common per run.


Why raids? There's tons of containers and enemies just keep spawning, and spawning. You can also luck out and get any void key as end reward, regardless of mission difficulty.

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