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Can't Connect To Friends Games, Regular And Void Missions


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I have noticed that a lot of the time my friends or myself cannot connect to each other for regular missions and Void missions


it's annoying as hell....


what is being done about this?


we have a small guild but we are active but a lot of the time some members cannot connect to my game but i can connect to theirs, or we cant connect to each others games...


void keys  sometimes you can't connect to their game or they can't connect to mine, but if someone else uses a key we can connect to them...


the message we get most often is that connect failed, but we also get the player isnt in a game or the mission objective has alredy been completed when they are out of a game and in the lobby... its really annoying and hard for my friends and i to play together when we can't connect to each others games...



Thank you for your time,


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