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Coming Soon: Devstream #75!

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List of things I compiled for the past few months:


  •     Texture streaming option
  •     Cloth physics toggle option (for performance)
  •     Tooltips for options/settings when mouseover (highlighted for controller)
  •     Controller thumbstick deadzone options?
  •     Chat not resizeable and dockable/movable in big picture mode
  •     Weapon accessories
    • Sugatra for guns (sort of like Zhuge, Spira's ribbon)



  •     Quests for obtaining frames
    • Allow players to learn more about the frame and teach about some basics of the frame.
    • Quest challenges to see if the frame suit the player's playstyle. (Like for drift mods)
    • Allow players to try out the frame and decide if they want to craft it.
  •     Vauban rework (didn't really played vauban after Movement 2.0)
  •     Addition of augment slot like exilus slot
  •     Velocitus stock/receiver droprate is too low
  •     Sniper rifle rework : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/641359-snipers-should-have-punch-through/#comment-7176854
  •     Passive elemental resistances/immunity for frames
    • Frost resist/immune cold environment
    • Ember resist/immune fire hazard
    • Volt resist/immune electrified water/lightning
    • Saryn resist/immune toxic hazard/proc
    • Mag resist/immune magnetic disruption/field
    • Nyx resist/immune radiation hazard/proc
  •     Base damage mod changes
  •     Fun/interesting but weak weapons not scalable/feasible for higher levels
  •     Too many control modules
  •     Prime frames require the non-Prime version for crafting


  •     Prisma/Vandal frames
  •     Reward plat for reporting bugs, suggesting fixes, contributing
  •     Make codex scans more meaningful?
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1 minute ago, GoldenSoooul21 said:

When do you plan to release the volt rework?

That's tomorrow. They announced it earlier today.



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You are reworking many frames. But i feel Zephyr needs a rework.

Her kit is super outdated, and are basically a glorified Version of other basic movements in the game.

Both tailwinds are literally extensions of the Bullet jump except they cost 25 energy.

Divebomb is literally worse then a Jat kittags groundslam but it cost energy.

Turbulence is her best Ablitiy, but the whole hitscan and Rocket Dilemma is a problem.

Tornadoes are good but the AI is clunky,and the elemental synergy with tailwind was cool, but it could be done better as it doesn't make much of a difference.

(Please reply I been asking this question since devstream 40, thanks)


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during teaser of the new chat system ( the one currently in place) there was shown an ability to create chat groups independent of clan, squad, alliance, when if ever will be these coming?

is the current trend of prime part drop chance becoming lower and lower something we can expect for future? or can we please not have anything ever lower than 7% again?

Dark sectors - what form will they take and will it look anything like conclave at present? if so please no.

if and or when dark sectors comeback how likely would it be that we get at least 20 tick servers instead of it being the current peer to peer nonsense. This might not be CS:GO and it would be silly to get 128 tick rate servers but peer to peer is soooo 2000's

also when did 3 orokin cells become an acceptable replacement for froma bp's in the void drop tables?

at present Mastery Rank is a representative figure for how many rounds of Draco (or any future xp cave) you have gone through. This could EASILY be subverted by requiring a certain number of kills of scaling number of enemies in order to rank up weapons. Go to 90% of players profiles they have 0-15 kills on more than 60% of all weapons. The very concept of mastery is to use something until you have gained extensive knowledge of its every working --- keeping it on your back while a person to the right of you spams radial javelin is for all intents and purposes the exact opposite of mastery. I propose basic kill requirements for weapons but in such a way that one could not go to mercury apollodorus and slaughter helpless level 1-3 grineer to meet the kill requirements.

p.s. a grand exchange for prime parts and or tradable items would have horrific consequences on the current economy and cause a mass devaluation of everything tradable so kudos for never implementing one.

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What is the Extra-arm thing shown on Pax? Do all of them have to take over my left arm? Can I have a third arm growing bellow my left arm and use a Scarf to cover it like Sam Rockwell's Zaphod Beeblebrox? Maybe have a forth slot to equip a second melee that can only be used in quickmelee mode... it's actually not a bad idea if u think of it...

Ok, the serious question: Any plans on a quick buttom on arsenal to tie a Focus School to a frame's build? It feels like I always have change my focus tree every time I change builds.

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1. When will we be able to view our arsenals and inventory among other features in our dojos? Whatever happened to the older tiles that you said may be making a come back several months ago?

2. Will you ever rotate the MK-1 weapons for the new player experience like you previously discussed?

3. Will the new moon missions ever reward mastery? They currently do not.


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13 minutes ago, 04wrxga said:

Can we get an option to change reticule color? Also, can you increase the reach on Fragor Prime by just a hair?

the ability to change the color AND location of all UI would be nice.

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First off, I know you do not want to look at people saying "When will my favorite frame, (insert name here), receive a skin/rework?"


However, I do wish to press for nekros. People say he is fine thanks to desecrate, but I, and many others, feel he is in a very poor situation.


Soul punch is slightly mediocre. It has low damage, semi unreliable knock down, and it does not synergize with any of his skills.

Terrify is redundant. It causes enemies to flee, when most people want to kill those enemies or incapacitate them so that they can be killed more easily. Having enemies flee is useful almost exclusively in regards to having them run from a downed ally or objective. The armor reduction is extremely poor in the grand scheme of things, most people in end game run 4x corrosive projections, and the enemies are already fleeing and the duration is as long as the duration of enemies running from you. It has a hard cap on enemy number and range. It is often seen as detrimental in use besides in cases mentioned above. It is one of the most scorned powers on him

Of course, if anyone remembers what I say on nekros, how can I not speak about the beast that is desecrate. Desecrate is one of the most loved or hated powers depending on who you ask, and I personally am against it as a concept. A power dedicated wholly and purely to loot, being stationary and at best dropping ammo or health orbs, is a negative thing to the frame as a whole. He is often reduced to a mash 3 frame, especially when considering that if you want to build for desecrate you must sacrifice all other powers viability for the most part. He becomes stationary too and it is one of the major concepts in the "draco" (or Viver if you remember those days) pandemic. While not the only way, I believe and advocate it's removal, and always will as it removes 1 power from the frame that can be used unless you are dedicated to farming. This is especially true when you consider that you are locked down to one position and cannot defend yourself during this power and must be defended by a team or far away from where enemies can reach you, and when you are far from enemies desecrate likely will have no effect since no enemies often means no corpses. This is one of the most debated powers, I feel, in it's duality. It has no direct effect on enemies or yourself, and so it's gameplay use is hindered. What it lacks there it makes up for in loot among a team. I understand the love of loot and the scorn people will feel if it was removed, however I will firmly say it needs major changes or to be removed.

Finally, Shadows of the Dead. If you are not running a desecrate build, chances are you are running an SotD build (I always do, but there is the hilarious soul survivor build that always is hilarious in the J3 trial when you revive people who cannot replenish their shields). While it does have a couple of problems directly, the main problem with the power is more indirect. I will start with the direct problems. First, there is the pit problem. Falling in a pit removes all shadows. While other powers are cancelled this way, it is especially harmful for nekros as you need to replenish the soul counter and have the energy to cast it again and not be killed during the animation, especially when you are using shadows defensively with the augment. The animation is very long, and while it is cool and I would love to keep it what you gain in return for the animation, energy, and SotD being an ult does not seem highly worth it. The soul counter is another problem, as you must kill enemies before using your ult and any enemy counts, so those big bad enemies you were saving can be overwritten by that lowly crawler, especially if you have AoE weapons or syndicate augment blasts go off. You cannot count how many souls you have saved either nor what you have saved. While I can understand the desire for the concept behind this, it is sloppy when used in gameplay. Unreliable shadows unless you have amazing eyes and memory. Another irk of shadows, unless this was changed, is that they crowd up and cannot be shot through. This is directly linked to the poor ai problem people have with various enemies or shadows themselves, but I will not focus on this. This is near the end as it can be easily fixed and given the mirage treatment where you can see through them and shoot them. The final thing I will mention is the augment. I like it, however your shadows can wander away easily and they are no where near the ninja level of mobility you have so you are forced to bunker down and stay near them or wait for them to catch up, and if they wander away you are losing damage reduction. These are the majority of the direct problems

The MAJOR short coming of SotD is the indirect problem of scaling. Even when you have multipliers on the shadows you have, they are still forced to obey the constraints of enemy scaling. THe problem being that enemy damage scales no where near as quickly as enemy health. In a T4 survival, you quickly have meat shields who do virtually no damage to enemies and who will fizzle out because of duration running out long before they are actually killed.They are unable to kill enemies and become redundantly tanky as you couldnt even kill them if you were able to target them, and the enemies damage is far far inferior to yours. The enemy scaling works in this way. Enemy damage scales very slowly so shadows damage scales very slowly and only slightly better. Enemy health scales insanely quickly so yours shadows' do too. Enemy damage is fine as if it were too high you could not kill enemies quickly enough and they could easily one shot you, and even now they kill you thanks to being so tanky and having a huge number advantage as well as eximus auras. However, your shadows become so tanky that enemy damage is nothing. It is so redundantly tanky because they have so much health while the enemies do so little damage that how much health the shadows have is negligible. They are purely meat shields at this point whose damage can be almost completely ignored against the enemies you are fighting. This is where nekros loses viability in late game (as well as nyx too with her stuff). Enemy fighting enemy will be a stalemate, however it will last incredibly long as their damage vs health is way out of balance so it will take them incredibly long to kill each other


Sorry for the long post, but even if you do not read this on the devstream I will continue to advocate this problem. I sincerely hope you look at this or mention this, because we are lacking in a summoner frame who does just that, summon badass monsters to fight on his behalf who he can empower or use as fuel for his dark arts


Before I go, I do want to mention that. Nekros is very sad when it comes to the necromancer archetype. Only his ult is about necromancy really, because desecrate is grave robber power. His powers should involve summons, improving and empowering those summons, and sacrificing those summons for better summons or augmenting his own life force. One example would be allowing soul punch to be used on his shadows to sacrifice them for health in a magnificent gory explosion which heals you, heals you and allies, and/or damages nearby enemies based on the amount of health the shadow had left. Sacrificing summons for personal gain or better summons should be a cornerstone of necromancy. Finally, perhaps consider combining terrify and desecrate into one channeled aura power or something similar such as placing a marker that pulses every so often, such as a grave that you can place and it pulses causing terrify or some new proc as well as desecrating. Finally, I do think nekros needs a new ult, and perhaps makes SotD a 3 power and combine terrify and desecrate, and give him a new ult where he sacrifices all current summons for new unique summons or for a reaper form and the power of this 4th ability is directly influenced by the power of the summons sacrificed


Thank you for reading, please give this death lord some love, and may death find you

Surtur, the necrotic necromancer nekros and firely lord who wishes mass genocide on all that live

(I will advocate limbo after nekros)


Third time is the charm to get this read hopefully

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15 minutes ago, Ditto132 said:


  •     Reward plat for reporting bugs, suggesting fixes, contributing
  •     Make codex scans more meaningful?

bug ransoming is not a new thing and DE could get a lot done regarding bugs if they had active incentives for people willing to fill out those pesky bug reports.

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What's the status of Damage 3.0? In particular, how will Primed Point Blank work when base damage is tied to weapon level? Will it still exist as a separate mod, albeit heavily nerfed? Will its bonus only be applied to Boar Prime and all future Prime shotguns in place of regular Point Blank's bonus, or will other special-variant shotguns--i.e., Strun Wraith, Sancti Tigris, Vaykor Hek, etc...--also get PPB's damage bonus? Or, will all shotguns use PPB's damage bonus instead of that of regular Point Blank's?

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When will there be a fix to all the problems with energy colors? Half the time my melee weapons keep defaulting and it's really annoying. Some melees with glowy bits, like War, use the gun's energy color instead. With guns, the muzzle flare itself or the light it gives off to the surrounding surfaces don't use the color I chose for it. When you level up the weapon, it uses your warframe's energy color and not the weapons'.

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More awesomeness inbound. Don't really have a question but I'd love to hear more player stats. 
Like most used warframe, least used, average mastery rank, etc. 

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Can prime accents get their own exclusive tab? As it is now if you want to change the color of the gold trim you also have to change some part on the frame/weapon that corrsponds to the same tab and it doesn't always look as good as it could.

I think this may have been mentioned on a previous dev stream so if so is there any progress on it?

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  1. Before you said you were going to add to the Dojo? What exactly are you going to do and when? I would start by adding 1 custom Dojo conclave arena for every game type.
  2. Will you ever add different Kubrow coats? I'd personally like one of my kubrows to have a coat like a Puli puli-05.jpg
  3. Would you ever consider producing graphic novels set is the warframe universe? I know I'd buy a copy!
  4. U18 brought us Shark Wing, and with it the ability to switch between walking and Archwing. You said you wanted to expand that and I agree, but I was hoping for a much larger scale. Like going from Arch Wing into an asteroid tile set, then back to Arch Wing, then traveling to another asteroid near by. You know, something more on the grand scheme of things.
  5. When will the next big (and desperately needed) Kubrow buffs come? I mentioned before on other threads that I'd like to see a Kubrow command mechanic that's used be pressing and holding down the waypoint key at different targets.
  6. When will we be able to get a sentient sentinel? We already have a grineer, corpus and infested one.
  7. On a related note, when will the Sentient research lab be added to the Dojo?
  8. I always felt that the game doesn't improve at a good enough pace, I don't blame the staff at Digital Extremes for this; after all, it was stated that there's too much feedback to keep up with. So my question is would you be open to letting fans make their own fixes? Like TennoGen but rather than cosmetics it would focus on the problems large and small that DE just can't do on it's own. Then at the end of the year, they are looked at by the Staff at DE, who then make any adjustments they see fit and select the ones you think can work.
  9. Can we get a simulacrum in our landing craft? It's just a hassle to go all the way to the sanctuary to test something out.
  10. Will we ever get an interior for the cockpit that matches our landing crafts?
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