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Ogris' Explosion And Vauban's Bastille (Mid-Air Targets)


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I brought an Ogris today into Kappa along with clanmates, one of which was a Vauban.


My Vauban friend occasionally throw out Bastille, placing it so that all enemies funneling through the door would get caught in Bastile and clump up for easy AoE/faster mowing with weapons.


However, I noticed something that is possibly a bug with Ogris/Bastille combo:


- Enemies lifted up by Bastille will not be affected by Ogris explosion if the rocket hit the ground below them.


- If Ogris hit a floating enemy, only that single enemy will receive damage, others that are well inside the explosion radius would remain unharmed.


- The occurrences above are not 100% accurate. sometimes no enemies would get hit, sometimes a few of them would and sometimes ALL of them would get hit by the explosion (all targets are clumped up heavily, so it was certain they were within explosion radius)


Our host was excellent, there was almost zero lag, but still should be considered as a factor.


I have not tested with Rhino Stomp (seeing how the effects a similar in a way).


Short version: Ogris explosion is VERY unreliable against targets hanging in mid air.

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From my experience with the weapon it seems that the enemy model's block the explosion. Sometimes when i shoot someone straight with the rocket and there's enemy behind it the explosion gets blocked to that direction and the enemy behind doesn't get damaged. I don't know if puncture mod will help as i haven't used it myself. I really hate when there's 2 enemy's right beside each other and the second one doesn't take any damage sometimes even tough the explosion is so close to both of them. Sometimes on some maps when shooting on specific spots on the ground and there's an enemy near it doesn't hit at all. How can a small little rock block off part of the explosion.

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