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Dev Workshop: Passives, Volt, Mag & More!

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Just now, Hochstepanzerjager said:

If you cast it on yourself, yes, but if you cast it on a target, say a spy guardian guarding one of the vaults, the guardian can't hear YOUR movement, something the passive DOESN'T do.

I'd compliment you on your retort if movement sound meant anything. You can outright sprint at an enemy and they still won't hear you.


My statement still stands.

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5 minutes ago, Melos-mevim said:

smite was just an example reckoning works either way since both smite and reckoning have 100% rad proc, one happens to do a a large group the other allows you to single out a single enemy and turn those around them against them


there are moments when a smite is more appropriate than a reckoning

 and renewal is to be used only when needed and if your running good old obe right your going to have energy for that renewal cast when its needed

which is quite easy for me as I changed the polarity of my Obie from a V to a dash and stuck a maxed Energy Siphon on him. Energy's not an issue if you think ahead.

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Just now, Hochstepanzerjager said:

which is quite easy for me as I changed the polarity of my Obie from a V to a dash and stuck a maxed Energy Siphon on him. Energy's not an issue if you think ahead.

yeah! I know I run one like that

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5 minutes ago, MihariofMabinogi said:

I'd compliment you on your retort if movement sound meant anything. You can outright sprint at an enemy and they still won't hear you.


My statement still stands.

You're also forgetting the Savage Silence mod. 300% finisher damage combined with melee stealth kill = priceless.

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Just now, Hochstepanzerjager said:

You're also forgetting the Savage Silence mod. 300% finisher damage combined with melee stealth kill = priceless.

Okay, but literally any Warframe can do that? Especially since I just proved that Banshee's third skill is worthless because movement sound basically doesn't exist?


You could also just be one of the three better stealth frames and avoid killing enemies in the first place and get to your objective faster by being invisible.

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OBERON passive such a waste...  ally of the wildlife!

What a joke, most people complain about the fact that its limited to certain tilesets... REALLY?!

Thats the major gripe? How about the fact that no matter what warframe you use the wildlife already IS your ally drawing fire from the enemy and beeing a nuisance to them from half a map away hmpf... and now they are Oberon's allies.

Just lazy, at the end of the brainstorming session someone asked :hey uhh guys??  are we forgeting something?  oh yea , that warframe called beryl? oberyhl? ohbern? OBERON thats it thats the guy, hmm make him ally of the wildlife!

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5 minutes ago, Hochstepanzerjager said:

I have to wonder, if you're choosing to cast Smite over Renewal, considering both have the exact same power cost....

I tend to use more of Oberon CC aspects, smite has a 100% knockdown (great for a quick easy melee kill if you want) and 100% rad proc turning enemies in on the one oyu cast in, also each projectile flying out from smite has a chance to rad proc as well causing more enemies to fight each other, cast this in the center of a group of enemies maybe a couple casts and you have a similar effect as if you did reckoning but for a much cheaper price.


if you don't have to cast renewal don't cast it.

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oh great, Elec Shield limiting Weapon usage, so that means the situation is:
cast Elec Shield, oh no, i've been forced to only use my completely superior Weapon! the horror!!!!!!!!!

seriously this stupid nonsense is getting old. being forced to use your Statistically superior Weapon? what's the goddamn point.


Ash - Ash's Passive treads into Saryns' territory. i'd recommend going back to the drawing board so as to not create something that's almost identical to another Warframe.

Banshee - might want to take a look at Silence sometime after this Passive is applied, as Silence is quite niche as it is right now, losing any feature makes it harder to justify having it in the game. basically add new mechanics to it and adjust the way it works so that it's more useful in Combat.

Ember - Ember's Energy/Strength bonus is still ridiculously situational and also has zero Player engagement.

Nyx - as usual, more things that make Nyx and Loki the same Warframe. if you really can't think of anything that doesn't make these Warframe the same thing, just delete both and make a new Warframe that IS the two of them at the same time.


Shooting Gallery having two instances, so that Mesa always has a benefit from the Ability is glorious.

yes, please replace Rift Surge. it's basically worthness. especially since it isn't even a Multiplicative Damage Bonus, but an Additive one. but something that is more useful in general, yes please.



i think the ideal is that Passives are 'all of the above', something that's silly and mostly for flavor, but also something that's useful and has Player engagement plus directly impacts their Gameplay if they partake in engaging themself with it.
then everyone wins, you get flavor bands that increase the strength of the theme, with engaging things to give a more direct result to Gameplay so that every Warframe always plays a bit different from all the others.



22 minutes ago, MihariofMabinogi said:

I'd compliment you on your retort if movement sound meant anything. You can outright sprint at an enemy and they still won't hear you.
My statement still stands.

making Enemies unable to react to sound has far, far more to do with everything OTHER than your footsteps.

like other Enemies, your own Guns, Et Cetera.

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23 minutes ago, Hochstepanzerjager said:

You're also forgetting the Savage Silence mod. 300% finisher damage combined with melee stealth kill = priceless.

Oooor you could be invisible and never have to kill the guy in the first place.  Or use a dagger, place a maxed Covert Lethality on it, and never have to worry about stealth melee finisher (or any melee finisher for that matter) failing to kill a guy ever again.  Or even play Ivara, be invisible, use a sleep arrow and be able to score a free finisher without even having to equip an augment mod - and if they somehow survive the first one, you can always sleep arrow them again.

Or just put a covert lethality dagger on an Ash and use Teleport.  You don't even need to be invisible OR silent for that.

Seriously, if we're going to discuss crazy melee finishers, the Covert Lethality mod on a dagger basically invalidates any need for finisher bonuses, and there's PLENTY of frames out there that can obtain melee finishers more easily than Banshee, and survive the fallout of potentially being spotted while shanking a guy.  Heck, even Inaros can set up an entire crowd for melee finishers at one time with his very first ability.  For that matter, so can Ivara - Sleep Arrow's got a small (but expandable) AoE on it.

Fact is, when it comes to stealth, there is no aspect of stealth play that Banshee can do that other frames can't do better with the right mods. For Clem's sake, if it weren't for Loki's ability to switch teleport with his own decoy in order to bypass obstacles, Ivara would be the undisputed queen of Spy gameplay.

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7 minutes ago, travaca said:

Im a lover of limbo and im glad Rift Surge is leaving, as it seemed to be quite useless.

Are you really love Limbo ? Did you really know how he works in details ?

This spell is the only one who let Limbo do High level things !

With the syndic mod and just the Ult and a good build (Rage, Quickthinking is a requirement of course + Flow) you can have an amazing bonus Damage and with Critical Weapon this is even more Powerfull !

Don't say this, what limbo will do then ? rifting thing and himself or in AoE ? nothing else ?

With Limbo you can make the choice about what you will fight or not, so you can 1vs1 easy or take a little group, but like you said and it is true, Limbo is squishy, he haven't really Crow Control Except the impact prok when rifting things so he have to kill fast everything, and you want them to remove this ?

I hope they will not read this because this spell in maybe the one who help some player to still play him at high lvl and avoid to be just a rifting thing Bot and support.




In  my previous reply i said nothing about Ash passive but i hope you will change you mind... Ash is really too powerfull, with or without a nerf or rework for his 4th, even without this he his. (i don't talk about the syndic mod for the 3nd who is insane but fun and balanced imo)

The idea for Ash and Bleed prok is great but it useful for weapon prok (melee in first place and some range weapon who didn't OS things) and 2 spell, the 1st and 4th... and if for the 1st it's cool with or without the syndic mod but the 4th... what the point ? make more people playing Ash Spam 4th ?

In my opinion Ash didn't need this passive without a re-work or else about the 4th because even if it is powerfull and broken, it is boring too and not fun at all to look the same animation again and again, whatever the enemies or number of target because that not playing, that "watching", and in a game (no offense again game like Heavy rain or else) i want play, not watch, even more in game like Warframe. The other black pint about the 4th is that the Camera is too often stuck and bugged in decoration, walls, inside body or else to really enjoy the show, it can be "maybe" fun if the camera go above Ash, like a sports camera at the top of the stade to let us every clones striking but this didn't change the issue of the overpower-ness of the spell and the boring parts.


I add a little opinion about some other passive after discussions with friends, quick, promises:

- Banshee: Interesting but this is like you want make banshee easyer, she already have something to do this, the "Silence" spell, so i don't understand... Of course Silence didn't do just this but why not something else to help her to be less squichy ? if you want a role play idea around the "sound" then i have one (just in case):


- Ember: Cool, i have build in mind for self inflicted fire damage bute the issue there is there isn't source of fire damage everywhere if we didn't count the eximus so this is a limitation and with a situational passive like this a faction limitation is maybe too mush.

I really like the idea from "BlodForTheBloodGods":


Applying a Heat Status effect has a chance to proc Ember with a Heat Status. While under Heat status Ember gains a 5% Health regen from damage dealt, while also increasing her Power Strength by 20%.

maybe with lower % because she have tone of fire Prok and so the 20% power is really too mush in my opinion but... if we trick this a little:


"Applying a Hat Status effect will increase Energy Regen for 0.25 per second for 10s and increase Power by 1%" + "This effect can stack up to 20 but each prok have his own CD and a prok will not refresh every other"

Or maybe a variation with a refresh in the duration ? This will encourage people to play with all the spell and a lote more with the Fireball.



Hydroid: Really interesting, no joke, i like the idea "if" it take care of the Syndic mod for the 4th spell. But i think this can be better and more fun (and let us play melee for example) if the Tentacle is stick on Hydroid, like a 3rd Arms and with a chance to keep enemies and not a 100%, with something like this playing melee with him will be more interesting, i explain why:

Playing melee actually is great and deal many tone of damage in a short amount of time because of the Melee combo counter and the potential combo bonus, but if we are honest, whatever the level we are playing or close to (maybe not the hight level for everyone) enemy dies quicly, that the same issue for Loki Passive, The game is dynamic, even more with the Parkour 2.0 so make a tentacle pop out at 50% with Slam is great but... does he follow us ? i don't think so ... if we need to slam then we can play melee and take advantage but if the enemies dies we will do it again and again etc etc, this can be fun but quicky boring too.

A Tentacle stick on Hydroid can be a melee damage bonus very interesting with some CC and defensive potential even if we play Ranged against the enemies coming in our back.

Well, just in case, an idea for an other passive for Hydroid, one i really love but i know nobody will like this or think it is Overpower:


After a Slam (or else or by default), Hydroid lure a tentacle who will be stick on him (For Xs or not) who will catch loot and thing around him (mods, etc etc)

Why this passive idea ? because Hydroid is fun but not very popular so something like this will help him to be far more interesting for farming and an the other hand if he have tools to take loot (like mag soon or with syndic mod) then he his more free for the kubrow (katbrow) or sentinel choice.

(i never more dream about a vacum for every Kubrow- sentinel now, that why this idea ... but maybe one day we will be free to make a choice for our little allies)


- Nekros: Well, interesting, i was waiting for a long time something to help him to be less quichy but i don't like this, sorry, i really prefer to able to say to my shadow to follow me or not because the 4th + syndic mod can be a solution for the squichyness of Nekros but if they don't follow us... that not possible and usless.

I don't still don't understand why so mush hate around nekros DE... why Terrify Fear target limitation ? Why the Soul Punch is impact not something more "necromancer" like fire or poison ? Why the Syndic mod for Soul Punch is so ... Well i know it was worst before but why all the energy ? why not life instead ? we then can Desecrate and make Health orb drop to heal us and our friend freshly revived ... this is synergy. 

Why ? Why ? (sorry i love Nekros too mush maybe ♥ )


Nyx: I just Hope that the Disarm will affect enemies "after" the mind control but that maybe too close to Loki Radial Disarm and syndic mod no ? In my opinion, you have to make a choice, let loki and Radial disarm + irradiating disarm the same and change the Nyx passive or the opposite, let Nyx passive like this and make something to loki Irradiating diarm and/or Radial Disarm.

I must tell you that for me, the Chaos, the 3rd spell of nyx is more a loki spell for me because of the clone in front of each enemies and the 1st spell of loki but that just a feeling.

Well, i like the Disarm of Nyx if after the spell effect, again,but there is maybe better to do than something already in the game and even more important, one of the best effect of all loki spell (with furtive) as a "passive" for Nyx, even with a % chance, that seems cool, i like this but it isn't too overpower don't you think ?

Instead and with Nyx philosophy in Mind, why not make all enemies affect by nyx spell suffer Damage over time scaled with there level ?


A "Mute" effect, instead of a disarm, if Nyx is a Mind controller why not make a chance (or 100%) for all enemies affected by nyx spell to not be able to use ability anymore ?

This seems more Nyx Style and really interesting. No more nulifier Buble (if there was no bubule before) no more slam for the grineer of Walls, no more moa who drop a Drone or infested Moa who spit on us etc etc ;)

(I love so mush the idea that if peopl like this, plz, let a +1 and/or say it, this can be really better and more interesting and avoid 2 warframe doing the same things.


Trinity: Interesting but i really thing she need better thing than this ... she have enough tools as support and i prefer see an other warframe support than see trinity deeper in her Role. By the way this passive can be more Nekros style, he manipulate death after all.

Why not a Team Equilibrium effect instead ? When trinity take an energy or Health orb she give some of the amount to mates in 10m around her.

Just a fast idea, not really thinked about it but for trinity what you want give to her isn't a good idea in my opinion, trinity is a support, Right, but she isn't the good one to Resurrect a friend on the ground, she have only one tricky CC and if she isn't in duration build with a good benediction or the 3rd spell she is quishy like nobody else.


Vauban: That a joke ? so if people running everywhere i have nothing ? and who is punish ? me ? why do i have to follow them just fore 25% armor ? even with Steel fiber and with Vauban prime that 50Armor per allies in 10m, that cool but ... in mission where we don't take position that pretty weak and usless or close too.

Vauban is an engineer ! give hime some nerds tricky S#&$ ! Technological immunity or easyer Hacking, why not ? "When Vauban hacking, the lvl of the Console is reduced"

"Enemies in a room where vauban is cant use the Alarme" "Vauban can hack instantly console" (exception in Raid maybe :p )

"Vauban give to ranged weapon bonus:    Sniper: Better zoom/Longer Combo (or reduce the amount for each combo).    Launcher: Faster reloading.    Laser Beam weapon: Longer Range. Bow: Better Zoom and reticule/faster arrow.     Assault riffle: Lower Recoil.    shotgun: Less fall-off damage reduction.   Pistol: Faster Holstering."

for me this have better sense that armor... i don't even understand the idea behind this passive, this is cool in only one case: playing in mission where friend (because pickup and random player don't care the most of the time) stay close to you and in mission where you take position. 10 meter is too short btw, really too short, if someone running too fast whatever you try to follow (limbo, loki, mirage, ash, exca, mesa, atlas, equinox, ivara, valkyr, zephyr, volt, nezha) Then you loose armor, but Armor is to be more tanky and if you want to build and take care of the passive it can be cool but useless when mate aren't in range so you have to deal like if you didn't have this to avoid bad surprise.


----- Note in the list ----

Mirage: Nothing to say, i hope you know she need better than this.

Chroma: same, Energy color effect is gameplay choice, not a passive.

Excalibur: Yes like said some people, remove the weapon limitation, it is too boring and tone of frustration, not because of the 10% damage but because of the 10% speed who are amazing and increase the damage over time better than the +10% damage, speed attack scale better. And By the way, you can't release new weapon type again and again whiteout remove this limitation don't you know ?

the recent Kama Prime help but before this there wasn't really new melee weapon to play with him.

Valkyr: This passive is a joke ... nothing else even if i understand the concept, passive need to be balanced from a warframe to an other. the immune to heavy landing is so situational that don't have it change nothing (we can avoid heavy landing so easily ... right clic at the end, rolling, spell casting, and the Knockdown Recovery is cool but 50% ? Atlas is "immune" if his feet are on the ground... 50% faster ? she deserve better.


Zephyr: Well, i am a fan of zephyr but i stop played her "because" of her passive. That Boring to have to press "2" just to be able to run again, all the time i have to press "2" or slam attack. The Nezha passive for example was so suited for Zephyr ... i was totally disappointed and sad when i see this and i still don't understand why you give her this.

I hope one day you will remove the low gravity from zephyr because it is fun only on earth, in open door, everywhere else this is an issue, we knock against the walls, be stuck above the door, stuck in decor element etc etc.... that just ... so insane that i prefer to never jump ... At the other side i regret the Rhino higher gravity and i think him and atlas will be cool with an increased gravity (i hate you Atlas) but a lower for zephyr ? please remove this.. please !

I prefer no passive than this... i prefer no passive and no re-work, never than THIS !!!! it is unplayable ! fun ... but not playable at all !!!

Instead why not let us low gravity when we Aim Glide ? this can be interesting !!! and we will have control !


Com one please DE... let us play Zephyr well !



As always, sorry for the tone of text, i don't know how to do fast and short.

Thanks for reading, thanks DE, i hope the 19.0 will come fast, good luck and Courage.


PS: It is obvious but english isn't my mother tongue, i do my best all the time but sometime i don't use the right words so sorry for your eyes. And whatever i write, if there is an offensive sens that wasn't the goal, i respect the job you did and didn't want of offense anyone. If there is problem with my words, i apologize and understand that this wasn't my intention.







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4 hours ago, Toramaru said:

I believe he meant that since Banshee's getting a passive that does almost what her 3rd does, why keep the skill?!

for the stun or just have a minor rework to it if thats the case. its not necessarily the end of the world or anything.

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I am looking forward to the changes! However, I would like to make small request. It would be awesome if you made fov on volts speed adjustable by the player. I'd preferred the old fov since I mod my volt to have an insane speed. The high fov helps with running through the level and peripheral  vision. If it was adjustable by player everybody wins as the player could adjust it as they see fit


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On 5/25/2016 at 7:16 PM, residente said:

Nekros: stats are just too small. 5 health is nothing and you now it, and 10 metters means near melee range to get any benefit from that. And Nekros is not the kind of warframe that would go close range aginst his enemies.

You've never built a melee nekros, have you?  He can be pretty beefy.

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Limbo... perhaps the frame with the coolest concept crossed with an underwhelming skill set.  When we have things in the game like Hysteria and Invisibility + Zenurick it's really time to look at letting Limbo become what he's meant to be.  

Warframe is a lovely and beautiful game.  It's also one of the most loot/drop heavy games I've encountered.  Warframe lives and dies by content.  Tenno live and die by drops. Limbo's kit takes him out of that core loop while in the Rift.  As long as his kit does that, he will always remain underwhelming. 

The suggestions I'm putting forward assume that the above change concerning picking up drops from the Rift are already in place.

Rift Tweaks

Enemies in the Rift take Damage Over Time. If for no other reason it is a shame to waste that burning white flame.  Looks so cool but does nothing mechanically.  This damage should be small but scales.  As in it does a percentage based damage instead of a set number.  If any damage did scale shouldn't it be Void damage?

Rift Storms. They already exist in the Sortie fluff text.  Make them a real thing.  Storms can make Limbo's abilities stronger or weaker depending on their intensity.  It can be visually represented (to start off) by simply changing the hue of the Rift.  Blue = Good storm.  Red = Bad Storm.  Yellow = WTF Storm.  This would make every visit to the Rift a decision to stay there or not depending on the Storm.



Passive: While in the Rift, Limbo attacks and moves 20% faster. (note: thematically the holstering passive fits more with Mesa than anyone else)

1. Banish. No Changes.

2. Rift Walk. No Changes

3. Rift Jump: While in the Rift, Limbo can free aim teleport.  He doesn't need to be locked onto anything.  He simply aims to wherever and teleports there.  This would be affected by range mods.  So a Limbo with Stretch and Overextended should be able to pull off some crazy teleporting anime nonsense..  If an ancient Limbo could attempt to Rift jump to another planet surely his ancestors can Rift Jump a few dozen meters, correct?

4. Cataclysm: No Changes

Do this and I guarantee Limbo will receive some much needed love and attention.

Limbo 2016: Make the Rift Great Again!!!!

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This passive for Loki has me bummed.

Why would you give the fastest frame in the game an ability that forces him to be still? That and the fact that wall clinging is practically useless.


As the Trickster frame, why not give him something tricky like "Walking into an enemy has a chance to cause a random effect, such as random status proc, item theft, disarming, or buffing the enemy"

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Oberon the slam-dunk Puppy Master

Make Oberon have a Passive that makes him summon an ally, something like a oberon type of Kubrow that fights for him to death. He would be named the Puppy Master.
Optionally you could (yay extra work!) make his kubrows spawn as puppies, which grow up during the play depending on the time and/or how many enemies are killed. But i would preffer time since with high level enemies in survival as example you cant kill them as fast anymore.

They should scale with enemy level in order to not being too squishy.
5 kubrows at least. They could also loot everything and bring him the goods.

He would be the most Charming Warframe with a horde of puppies.

The bad part would be ... can you endure seeing a puppy die'? D: (oberon can slam dunk the crap out of them for killing a cute puppy!)
Thats why they should turn into a ghost puppy that only focuses on looting. With time it will come back to life and no longer be see through. (more extra work fkyeah!)

That would be in my opinon,a decend Role to play

Another thing i would like to ask is if you've read this post of mine i would like a answer to it or feedback:


Idea to make Warframe more engaging

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On 5/26/2016 at 0:10 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Hydroid: Every Melee Ground-Slam has a 50% chance to lure a Tentacle that will last 15 seconds.  

Limbo*: Holster Speed and Reload Speed is 50% faster while in the Rift, and movement speed increases by 10% while in the Rift.

Well, everything sounds fantastic, with the exception of Limbo and Hydroid. I especially like the idea of Hekka's becoming friendly for a spell, thanks to Oberon's passives. The reason im not so happy about hydroid's passive is simply because I dont ground slam often enough to make it work, and a single tentacle rarely snares enough enemies, when a weapon with a big enough ground slam knockdown or other AOE would do the job just aswell. Im also assuming that we can only get 1 tentacle at a time?

For me, the main problem with Limbo has never been speed, but more his durability. Im ok with the abilities as they are, but I would be stupid to believe some changes arent needed to those. As somone who loves the 'God of the Arena' build limbo is capable of, I often find that my squishyness is my main downfall. at higher levels, casting cataclysm in any open space is suicide, so as daft as it sounds given limbo's already 95% immortality in the rift, i'd like to see his passive be a boost to sheilds or heath whilst there, mostly for the sake of cataclysm builds. And im gonna throw it out there too - we need a slight rework for the Quick Thinking mod (which I main on every build to compensate for limbo's astounding squishyness) because seemingly perma staggering is just no fun. If we got any of these, hell, that would be well on the way to fixing what i see is his biggest failing. 

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2 hours ago, TheDefenestrater said:

You've never built a melee nekros, have you?  He can be pretty beefy.

So can every other frame in the game. That doesn't mean its his role. That doesn't excuse that worthless passive. 

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On 5/26/2016 at 8:10 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Ember: Receiving a Heat Status effect will regenerate energy for the duration of the Status effect (10 energy per second) and increase Power Strength by 35%

Volt: Physical ground-travel distance between attacks causes bonus Electrical damage on next attack.

Oberon: All wildlife (neutral or enemy faction) within a 10 meter range of Oberon will become allies and fight for Oberon for 20 seconds.

Does a heat proc actually deal damage Ember (or Nezha)? and Cold to Frost, Electricity to Volt, Toxin to Saryn...or color-coded Chroma?  lol
If so, that needs to change ASAP.  As a passive, all of the above frames need an innate immunity to whatever their own element is IN ADDITION TO a fun bonus effect.


Ember: Cool passive, as is. Definitely needs immunity, if it's not already present.  Standing on heat-damaged floors and the heat from new sabotage missions activate this passive too, right?

Frost: Freezing melee attackers is cool too, but why not add innate cold damage to ALL of his weapons and companions? Or spawn Ice specters when he takes cold damage, shield reduction (for those annoying Corpus levels), or run through snow?

Nezha: ...convert heat damage into a speed boost?

Saryn:  Whenever she takes Toxin damage it should make a cloud like the Toxocist Ospreys that damages enemies and maybe even heals Tenno.

Volt: The static electricity passive seems cool too. Maybe make that damage stack up faster? 
Volt should also refract all incoming electrical damage into enemies within a certain range. (That would make those Shocking Crawlers a lot of fun,  as they repeatedly zap themselves and comrades)


Lord Oberon.  Is he a Paladin? a Druid?  The powerful lord of the Fairies?  Are fairies magical or just friends of nature?

I like the idea of animals serving him, but why 20 seconds? Why not until that creature dies?
As a paladin, give him increased channeling efficiency and multiplier, and as the magical lord of the fairies, give him, companions, and allies increased efficiency.

Go Warframe!


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On 2016/5/26 at 7:10 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Yes! First, let's talk Mesa:



As you may or may not know, we are making Mesa's personal Peacemaker weapon scale with Secondary Weapon Mods. Peacemaker itself will be tweaked to accommodate for the sudden surge in power that inheriting underlying-Mods introduces.  



We are also making Shooting Gallery be a permanent buff on Mesa when cast, but Allies will still have it rotate.


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" Ember: Receiving a Heat Status effect will regenerate energy for the duration of the Status effect (10 energy per second) and increase Power Strength by 35%.

Why does this passives sound so gimmicky and arbitrary? Better to have a more conservative but consistent buff. Why not a passive to self regenerate a small amount of a stat (HP...) from damage dealt by burn status dealt to enemies? Or if you don't want to make it OP, from fire damage dealt on top of an enemy with the status going on, maybe restricted to melee or secondary damage?.  

"Vauban: Other Warframes within 10 meters give you 25% bonus armour "

Tell that to a mere LVL50 -insert any mob here-. "Hey, I have 175 armor points, don't kill me plz!". Please change that for  a buff to shield regeneration, it will be one thousand times more useful.


PLEASE MAKE HIM TOUGHER INSIDE THE RIFT. It's so sad to have to handle enemies one by one because they will just one shot you. Why not give him tank-like stats inside the rift or some tipe of HP drain? Limbo is still just an OP visible Loki inside the rift.

I have no words about the rest, most of it sounds amazing, intriguing in the worst case.


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