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Arrows, And Hands, And Bows, Oh My!


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Indeed, now, if only the orthos was an actual polearm instead of the giant Q Tip it is currently. No offence to your design DE, but I'd love it if you released a single bladed orthos skin.

How about a Naginata or Spear type weapon? I'd like to see some melee action where the wepon is focused on keeping the enemy at distance. Normal strikes would be armor piercing thrusts and the charge attack woud be a wide swing capable of kocking down multiple enemies.

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I really like this idea for the bow and approve of it. The bow at current time is not bad really but I have noticed that when I use the bow my kill count compared to my friends is decent but not what they achieve (don't get me wrong I'm not trying to complain that the bow is bad I love using it) because the bow's fire speed and travel distance this idea would balance this to some extent and just plain look epic.

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No, not even close. Well, kinda, in the video you can't really see it, but basically Mr. Anderson would hold up to a dozen or so arrows in his firing hand and slip them either up of down onto the string to reload rather than performing the long and time consuming process of pulling a new one from the quiver, this has essentially given his bow a clip size, while impacting his damage rather little (that said, there is no word yet on how well this would work with a long or war bow, though in theory it'd be the same, with obviously lower fire rates due to the higher draw time on longbows and warbows.

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Operating on KISS principle, this could be another bow.

So we could have

  • Silly generic arrow loosing
  • The same, but prime (until/unless prime weapons are turned into skins...!)
  • Silly generic arrow loosing (w/slashing damage!)
  • Lar's crazy awesome Persian technique
  • Loose fifty arrows at the same time because, "Go big or go home"

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Personally I like the bows quite a bit. They're fun, damaging, facking awesome, and could only be more visceral if the despair literally bisected the enemy from chunky Grineer bollocks to their forehead. That said, I saw this (

) video on youtube a while back (posted by a delightful fellow in a different bow feedback thread) and decided that a bow rework could be really good, on top of that, a bunch of other people were *@##$ing about it so I guess I kind of have to make a suggestion other than mindlessly trumpeting "get better" over and over again.


Essentially, the idea would be that the Tenno, being warriors and fond of the old ways would be utilising the same archery method which Hawkeye from the video I mentioned half a paragraph ago has perfected. Bows would receive increased fire rate in return for an actual clip size. Which has little effects on the actual overall output but would mimic the feel of letting lose three arrows in the space of the amount of time the Grineer would have to S#&$ his pants. The arrows would be held in the hand which would also fire the bow. 


If you wanted to be complete badasses you could work some sort of hold down reload to increase the number of arrows your space ninja reaches for when it's time to grab some more from his/her quiver. I'd quite like that, as you could plonk yourself down for a while and get more arrows in your next "clip", or hardly even take a breath in exchange for less. Ultimately though, this is a community driven game so I'm going to turn to the players and make this suggestion on the forums rather than mailing bags of my own feces to the developers with post it notes depicting a S#&$ty (heh) drawing of Lars Anderson stuck to it.

I thought of the same thing after watching this vid.

I think bows should have a initial magazine of 3 (which it is just 3 in the shooting hand. the bows fire one by one)

and when you reload your hand just gets the bows back. It will still require charging time for power but takes less time.

The DE should put this as a new mechanic for bows or make it a weapon mod.


But yea I completely agree they should incorporate these techniques in the bows.

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