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Best Place To Farm Ferrite?


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Well i dunno what people would say.

But my favorite spot would be M Prime, on Mercury


It is fast, there is alot of containers. Won't really have a threat of dieing ( unless you really don't keep an eye on enemies or your health )

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neptune of course! join defense and break everything and play with master thief. don't care about others. you are here only for resources.

you get 200-500 ferrite and good chance to get very rare mod like rage after wave 5.

You are misinformed, as usual. M Prime is the fastest mission for gathering ferrite. Additionally, rage does not drop in T2 defense missions. You should take a look at the drop tables.

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M Prime

Just be sure to equip Thieves Wit and preferably a Wyrm or Cube...

Run thru and blast all the containers and open all the lockers, and just ignore the extremely weak enemies, let your sentinel kill them all, but keep an eye on the radar because the DO have a good chance at dropping ferrite also

a quick run should take about 3-5 minutes, netting 500-1000 ferrite if you are lucky...


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I did both Caloris and M-Prime and wrote all the resources I got down


for M-Prime I got in one run 289 ferrite


and after that I did Caloris exterminate and got 844 ferrite out of it


Well it's random the droprate but I took thief's wit mod and looted every container

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