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Suggestion For Light Melee


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I think light melees could be made a lot more viable with the addition of combos (as well as buffs to Pressure Point and base damage) and also giving light melees a unique role. No, I'm not talking about complicated combos of button presses. I'm talking about a simple system that basically makes each consecutive attack do more damage than the one before. The animations are already in-game for this to occur, especially for heavy melee weapons and particularly Orthos, which even slows down the frame with the last two attacks.

There are two ways this system could work, either with constantly increasing damage where each successive attack does x% more damage than the pervious attack, but x decreases so the damage will cap out, preferably at a point that gives higher DPS than possible with charge attacks.

The other system is to just assign a different damage value for each attack. For example, the Orthos may do (kinda buffed the values here) 60 damage on the first strike, 80 on the next, 150 on the third strike (slows the player), and 200 on the fourth (the poke). The good thing about this system is you can make each weapon unique by distributing damage differently for each strike of each weapon, and it makes much more sense with the animations. The con is that the damage resets at the end of the combo, so DPS will take a hit, unless more animations are added to make the combos longer (could also be an upgradable thing, more animations in the chain as the weapon levels etc).

With either of these systems, light melees will be able to have a role in the game without neccesarily making charge attacks redundant. They will provide sustained DPS whereas charge attacks allow for frontloading damage and burst DPS.


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