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Trinity Damage Reduction Suggestion

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As of right now, the damage reduction is as follows.

Damage Resistance % = 100 - Square (Average (Tenno Health %)). 

I may be incorrect, but it is widely accepted that it is based on the average health lost of the entire squad. Averages cause some issues when Tanks and Invisible frames become involved, because their loss of little to no health may mess up the equation for the person who could use a lot of resistance.

Why doesn't the damage reduction be based on an individual level??

Here what I mean. Imagine a 4 person squad; frame 1 is critical health and near death, frame 2 is at half health, 3 & 4 have full health.

Blessing Before 18.13-- Everyone in the squad gets 99% because frame 1 is at near death. This is how blessing trinity worked by damaging herself to near death, providing 99% to everyone.

Blessing Post 18.13-- It is now an average between frame 1's near death and frame 2's half health, and the resulting value is applied to the entire squad. While the "square" in the equation does prevent pitiful averages, it still can cause problems, which is why I suggest the solution below.

Blessing In My Suggestion-- Frame 1 gets 99% for being at near death, frame 2 gets 50% for being at half, frame 3 & 4 don't get any because they are at full health. The equation is applied to the individual frame and they get a specific damage resistance value independent of other frame's health values. Therefore, frame 1 gets the 99% damage reduction to escape the critical situation while 3 & 4 don't get any damage reduction because they are doing just fine at that given moment.

What I am creating is a way to make the damage reduction seem fair yet not overpowered. Give the damage reduction to only those who really need it and have it not rely on the health values of other frames. Each frame only gets what they need.

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