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Future Melee Weaponry Suggestions


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(Energy) Whip (charge grabs enemies and throws them, similar to infested ancient)




(Blade) Tonfas (make the block more useful with these, like it would actually return projectiles and damage enemies on block, otherwise completely vanilla)




Kusarigama (charge is a conical forward swing with the chain, staggers)




Plasma Claws (charge could be two-hand uppercut that throws an enemy back)









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1 Why do u want to throw an enemy when u can kill him,

2 why do u want a blade when u have a sword... maybe that shall be a katana that shall be our favorite weapon with kunais and maybe add a shuriken but since ash have one i dont think that can happen,

3 Reaper is here boy...

4 what are we ninjas or catwoman...


The only melee weapon this game needs so hard is a magic KATANA hell yeah

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There is only so much variety pressing the trigger can have, at least without alternate firing modes, which Warframe doesn't have.


I'd rather have 10 melee weapons that work distinctly different than 10 rifles that shoot bullets exactly the same way and only vary in fire-rate and damage. Dojo weapons were a step in the right direction, unfortunately half of them are bugged or broken.

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Dont get me wrong with the whip, its like glaive and the new bomerang... they can be thrown but why to throw when u have a shotgun or sniper etc...

We can say the same, a melee weapon that what ? we can use as any other blade/punching globe that we have in the game?... also what are thinking that a whip can do to heavy armor enemies... like i said before you are not catwoman, wonderwoman or indiana jones LOL to go and kick asses with a whip.


Just give us a Freaking KATANA!!! I know its more a samurai weapon but they 2 have some relation in the ancient japan... make me know who doesnt want to go in the mid space and cut everything with worlds most famous sword!!! who doesnt like the katana!!!

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