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Mini Bosses That Show Up.


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mini boss be quiet nice and i can c a mini boss that can make people have a hard time with

disruptor + healer + toxic + leaper + runner(death boom)

every one hate disruptor for ther shield/energy zap

toxic kills ur hp

healer all the more tanky it become

leaper o u think ur safe up ther give me 3 sec and ill be up ther too

runner u kill me i go toxic nuke cloud on ur &#!


this would be fun to c happen and fight also its has no weak point and has armor of a anceints so gl

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You'd think there would be Grineer or Corpus unit or team made to just hunt down Tennos for all the trouble the Tennos cause for them. Or maybe mass production units of the Hyena (which are supposed to appear in packs anyway). Of course the Hyena would have to be changed a bit, although in all likeliness it's probably a placeholder for now.



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