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How Can I Contact A Support Except From Support Request


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So i recently contacted support by making a request on support. I ask them something, he replied that he would do it for me, but i had to do somethign first. Then i was supposed to contact him again.


Ive done what he asked and i commented on my request againt tellign him it's done and im awaiting for his response. How long can it take for him to read it again? Like do i have to wait for a new support to answere or is it certain he will respond bk? And is there any other way to contact this support, like can i send him an email or something, or maybe a personal conversation with him.


I don't wanna tell anyone what the specific thing is about, because i think if i tell you, it can start something really bad. So all i want to know is, when can this guy respond bk? I mean my support ticket or request, is not clicked on solved yet, so can it take days until he responds again or ?

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Just be patient. He has a lot of other people to help and will get back with you when he can. It may take a few hours or a day (from my experience) but they won't abandon your issue.

Also, as far as I know, there is no other way to talk to support as the ticket system is the most organized way for them to help you.

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