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Automatic balance of the game.

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I play Warframe for a very long time, more that 3 years, I play this game, If I remember good 2 weeks before Update 7 I started to play.

I have all Warframes, played them all its obvious, and some are realy weak and some are good and ofcourse there are OP Warframes.


Why there are weak Warframes?

I realized something for a very long time, maded one or two topics of it but people ofcourse didnt liked it, because they told me thats this is a nerf. Yeah people don't like the nerfs, like I see now after a nerf of Excal, Valkyr and Trinity many post about that its bad. But I will try third time because I'm realy into the balancing the game.

So what I realized is that, weak Warframes like Ember or Banshe, doesnt have any defensive ability, and on higher levels they get rekt in just several shots.

While Warframes that have defensive ability/ies can survive for very long time, for example Frost, Trinity, Valkyr etc.


So frames without defensive ability should get a one defensive abilitiy, Yes, but No because I have better solution for that (faster and less work to do)

Should defensive abilities should get Nerf, Yes, but this change will not affect them too much.

This change will just make Weak Warframes stronger in survability, Warframes with defensive abilities will stay as they are now, but without defensive abilities they will get also boost in longer survability.


So just in two simple changes it will mostly balance almost all Warframes:

1. Cut enemies damage by half.

Reason, enemies dealing too much damage, in very high leveled missions their damage is ridiculous, putting warframes without any defensive skills automaticly to death trash, their shield and health can get to 0 in 2-3 shots.

Cutting enemies damage by half means that they can stay alive 2x longer. Maybe it doesnt sound that much of a boost, but you have 2x longer time to react, run, dodge, hide etc, it will change a lot.


2. Cut defensive abilities by half.

 yes It is Nerf but not exactly the nerf.

Reason, enemies in point ONE will get damage nerfed by half, that means that all warframes will survive 2x longer, and that means that defensive abilities will be 2x stronger, and I just want to defensive abilities stay as they are now not boost them too, because that will have no sense, making them still more powerful that Warframes without defensive abilities.

Cut defensive abilities by half but with good calculation. Example of good calculation: Trinity LINK gives 75% damage reduction which means the same as she have 4x health and shield.  

Here is a proof 400 damage - 75% = 100 damage 

400health : 400 = 1

400health :100 = 4

To properly cut Link power by half, it need to change damage reduction from 75% to 50%. It will just mean that Trinity while using Link will have 2x health and shield.

Proof again 400 damage - 50% = 200 damage

400health : 400 = 1

400health :200 = 2

And no its not a straight nerf, because enemeis in point one deals half of a damage, and that means that Trinity without Link will have like 2x health and shield, and link gives 50% reduction wihch means 2x health and shield. 2x2=4, it will still work as 4x health and shield for real.


Explanation again


Weak warframes without defensive abilities will survive 2x longer, and defensive abilities wont give that much boost, so it wont be like must use defensive abilities to survive.

That is no nerf for defensive abilities, that is boost for survability for all Warframes without defensive abiliies or without using defensive abilities.

That will mostly balance the Warframes, weak one will become stronger.

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