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Some Lighting And An Animation Problem I Found


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Just a short post on some art/animation bugs I've found.


First is some lockers on the Corpus Outpost tileset, in one of the extraction rooms.



Same tileset, same room, the dropship you can catch coming in has the same issue.



This one is on the new Grinner Galleon tileset, in the two little secret areas of one of the rooms. Both the lockers and any containers in these alcoves have this problem (lockers don't have it as bad, but I feel they could be a bit brighter considering the lightsource).




Last one is not a lighting issue, but an animation gripe.


I must ask: did you mo-cap the running animation when holding Kunai or was that done manually? If the latter, please mo-cap a new sequance and you'll find that most people cannot rotate their spines a full 90 degrees (or at the very least, do it and run at the same time without being in pain)! Spines don't work like that (Space ninja's or otherwise!): my poor Tenno has to go see a choropractor every time they use that weapon afterward.


I'll likely keep adding to this topic as I find things.

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