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Unequipping Mods


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Hi all,

Recently I have found myself changing warframes and weapons very frequently, just because i like to switch it up, in doing so i have to unequip all the mods on my warframe and or weapons, then move them over to whatever im switching too

This is a simple request but i think it would really streamline the process of working with mods

It would be really great if we could get one button that would unequip all the mods that are currently equipped on your warframe and or weapon.

Additionally it might be nice to be able to right click an equipped mod to unequip it,

similarly right clicking a non-equipped mod could equip and put it into the slot that would use the least mod slots

what do you think guys? ye or nay?

this seems obvious because im posting it but i feel like these small tweaks would really speed up modding, fusion, etc

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What about just being able to use the same mods for everything. Why bother having to take off redirection every time if both frames could just have their own setup, since it's only really going to be used one at a time.

When upgrading the mod, if there is a conflict it will warn you. You can accept to take it off conflicting frames and upgrade.

Much more streamlimed.

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For any of you that have played WOW Theres a lot of gear you have to take care of and switch all the time when switching to PVP or switching roles in Raids .The system they have there is a pre load out systems Like in COD where you select the load out and you istantly have all the mods weps perks ect that you set up in that load out. I would prefer something like this in warframe. (Btw the system allowed u to use the same pieces of gear in multiple load outs)


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