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Banshee Systems And Helmet



Can anyone help me?


I have been searching for the Banshee Systems and Helmet Blueprints for about twenty hours or so in game and have yet to find anything. I have been playing the levels the wiki says they are found on ( M-Prime & Vesper for the Systems and Xini for the Helmet ) though haven't gotten anything.


Has something changed in a recent patch or hotfix? Were they placed somewhere else?


Thanks for any help :3

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Chassis: 3.16% from Tier 3 Corpus (try Outer Terminus or Narcissus)

Systems: 3.16% from Tier 3 Grineer (try Varro)

Helmet: 3.16% from Tier 3 Infested (stick with Xini)

Btw, that's not totally right. I got helmet from corpus def at outer terminus just a couple days ago.

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