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Why No Research Shotguns?


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For research, we have:

A rocket launcher(Ogris)

A flamethrower(Ignis)

A AoE DoT weapon(Torid)

A DoT pistol(Acrid)

A staff(Prova)

A heavy machine gun(Supra)

A plasma rifle(Dera)

A laser(Flux Rifle)

And a railgun(Lankna).

But not a single shotgun anywhere, what gives? On top of none of them being shotgun-like, they all use either melee, rifle, or pistol mods, none of them use shotgun mods.

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im pretty sure that 'orokin shotgun' is just a temporary model. its not actually a shotgun in execution.

maybe it just hasnt gotten any inspiration. i cant personally think of an idea for one that hasnt been done just yet, short of a UT style Flak Cannon.

for those who dont know the Flak Cannon, basicly a bolt style shotgun where the 'pellets' would ark.

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Well, shotguns are rather game breaking when modded correctly.


You think an Ogris is tough? Wait until there is a shotgun that needs Mastery Rank 6-8.

You'll cry from OP.

The Ogris is already a one shot-multiple kills weapon that can one hit heavy units. Even with a weapon that 1-hits things its gonna be difficult to outdo that.
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Well i've got list of variants for this 
1) Plasma shotgun as it was in crimsonland 
2) Explosion shotgun as it was in borderlands 2 
3) Gauss shotgun of course from crimsonland
Yes its not original , but that was good ideas and we can bring them to this game . As for me i would like to see shotgun like this : two barrels and two ammo in mag , with each shot it shoots few slags which explode after hiting an enemy , moderate reload , high damage , it would shotgun for medium range like hek . You can say that its enough explosions with thunderbolt and ogris right now , but i just love explosions too high .

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Chargeable shotgun that spits out more pellets with the charge.

Shotgun that fires an explosive (bouncy?) grenade instead.

Shotgun that fires homing flechettes (think boomstick version of Psychic Bolts).

CHAIN-SHOTGUN! - edit for inspiration, means both CHAINGUN-SHOTGUN and BOLA-SHOTGUN. Because I, too, miss Bulletstorm.

I got a million of these. Mostly because I love shotguns.

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There's a large lack of Shotguns in this game. All those mods only go towards 3 weapons; it's lame. Research weapons as a whole are skewed towards the primary slot; hope that changes soon.

To be fair, though, the similarly-awesome pistol mods go to another pair of shotguns.
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