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More Combinations By Giving A Utility Side To Most Skills?


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I found utility quite fun, and I go back to my Torid + Loki each time I can, although it is less efficient, it is fun for support.


Torid sticks gas on players, and can be used like teslas.

Loki is just pure utility.


I find Utility a good way to go with this game, although I don't think my opinion alone matters, let me get to the point.


Each skill, if even a little, should be able to provide support as well as damage.


The snowglobe is a great example! Provides slow and is bulletproof wall.

Absorb, quite a useful ult for not being direct damage. Pop it while your mate gets revived by another person and you kill while protecting.

Energy Vampire, Well Of Life, great utility. A player shoots and gets a bonus for doing it!

Volt's Electric Shield *Don't remember name* Provides support and bonus electricity damage! Great as long as it's not ancients you're aiming at.


But how to add utility to other things?


Shock, Freeze, Fireball: If cast on an ally the DoT of that element will stick to them, increasing it's aura range but removing intitial impact damage.


Bounce: Jump attacks used from OTHER players that got bounced by you will deal more damage, the aura of knockdown will be bigger, etc.


Overheat: Provide 1/2 damage resistance of your overheat spell to allies within the burning range.


Speed: Make allies next to you the same speed. *Catch up already Rhino*


World On Fire: Make allies deal fire damage *Low amount* for the duration of the skill.


Bullet Attractor: Make damage dealt to target about 10% more for other players.


Overload: Gives players back a small amount of shields per "Light" that was destroyed in the process.


Sound Quake: Give players shields per tick of damage, that are in range.


Psychic Bolts: For every bolt that misses, an explosion Is created that gives a small aura of health regen.



I know these ideas aren't quite ideal, I am just giving rough ideas, but it will make the skills more situational. One skill will be better in this scenario instead of one skill being always useful (Chaos)


This will provide hopefully more teamwork and allow builds to actually reflect your gamestyle. This way you can help heal a small amount without using trinity. Or you can help make that Ash who is going to backstab a bit more deadly by placing a DoT on him. Overall the combinations would be endless compared to the current combos which are "Bullet Attract and Radial Javelin" and "Decoy and Switch Teleport"


With the new additions combos such as "Blade Storm" and "World On Fire" would equal a more painful slash that burns each target as well as deal a lot of damage. Or you could bounce a player with Scindo to the Cryopod so he knockdown kills most of the grunts. Or you could use Speed mixed with Overheat to give a way to catch up to the rusher that died and be able to speed up and revive him.


It would make teamwork a lot more viable and a lot more rewarding. Plus, the satisfaction of random classes working together is always a reason why I continue to play.

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We should have Chrono Trigger style combination attacks.


If Vortex is cast inside Snowglobe, the whole map explodes, etc.


I wouldn't say the whole map exploding... but maybe an outward explosion of frost damage.


Good idea, but must be hell to try and program. Can't say my ideas were much easier.

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