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Scindo Or Gram


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Gram. Its charge attack speed is faster than scindo, so its charge dps is superior.

Orthos is a good option as well, bit there's a trade off: while it charges faster and attacks way faster, its charge attack only goes 270 degrees and not 360, and its jump attack aoe does not knock down.

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If you play as a tanker or what I call a "blocker" in xini or any infest defense..

get scindo for doing charge attacks, scindo has the widest swing radius..

get Gram/Orthos if you want better charge DPS while gaining the ability to normal attack faster than scindo... but I'm pretty sure the range of scindo and gram/orthos doesn't really matter cuz you'll be killing the mobs anyways

get Hate for doing pure DPS for normal attacks while moderate charge attacks

don't even think about getting reaper >.>

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Gram for charge attack DPS/versatility.


Scindo for charge attacking groups.


Orthos for DPS.


Hate if you have a fast frame and want to be all over the room charge attacking enemies that are spread apart. Or using the regular attack for whatever regular attacks are used for.


Reaper Prime for style points.

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