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When I play with a local friend we play just fine--no lag. Nothing seems to go wrong in terms of connection. However, if a pub player joins, the majority of the time I'll get lag. Such as players warping about, enemies standing where they died but not doing anything. Pick-ups taking a lot of time to actually be registered as me picking them up.


Yet, my said friend is just fine. They claim they hardly get lag with pub players. However, I get lag majority of the time. Even if one of us is the host. Changing the ping in the options doesn't help. It seems to make it worse. It makes it harder to find pub games yet with the same degree and chance of lag (majority of games)


Wondering if there's a way to fix this? I'm fine in other games. Warframe seems to be quite bad with connection and host networks.

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game is unplayable with 4 players. performance is horrible garbage atm.

so nothing you can do atm.

had planty full games, some on keppa without players warping, that being said, there are planty of people that have issues connecting to someone spesific, i have a friend that i lag alot when she hosts, but people that live further from her have no issues.

what i can offer is set ping limiter so you wont join bad hosts, keep in mind lag can also be created by the host's frame rate dropping below 30FPS

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