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Suggestion For A New Mission Type


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Now, I've been playing Warframe for quite sometime, and this idea just popped randomly into my head. I've previously posted about a few minor gameplay changes suggestion (http://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/1fiesr/gameplay_changes_a_few_ideas_on_minor_gameplay/) , in which I briefly mentioned the stealth gameplay additions.

NOTE : This game mode applies only to grineer and corpus mobs, not infected.

Now, this new mission type is a stealth focused mission, and I shall call it Liquidation. Basically, it is a reskined version of extermination, where the player has to kill everyone in the ship/outpost silently. Now, this mission has 2 parts to it:

Lights Out! : The tenno has to sneak to power console room and hack the main power terminal to shut down the ship's power. The stealth mechanics mentioned from my previous post must be applied here.

Kill Everything : Now, the tenno must eliminate all lifeforms in the ship without getting spotted. The mobs will use infrared sensors (which has the same cone of vision like a camera but smaller) and will try to hunt the tenno before (s)he hunts them down first.

Now, what happens if you get spotted before or after the first step?

Well, thats where the You can't ninja option comes in, which is:

You've been spotted, now there are 2x no. of enemies in your kill list. But wait, they are not clustered in groups ready to be mass murdered; they have activated the ship's defense systems. Yes, much like the orokin towers, now the enemies have laser(corpus)/fire(grineer) traps all over the ship, and are twice the level they are intended to be (if the mission started off with level 20 mobs, once spotted, you will encounter level 40+ mobs)

Now, as for the scoring, if you pull off the mission as it was intended (all ninja and S#&$) you get lots of mastery xp (not weapon xp) and get a rare mod (not the common rare mods, i mean super-duper rare mods). If you F*** up, you can quit and try again, or complete the mission (which becomes hard as hell) to get lots of credits (you get lots of credits in good run as well) , some moderate mastery xp (which depends on how fast you are able to kill the enemies, bonus points for completing it faster than the set time) and 2 common rare mods (like sundering strike, or focus, or flow etc).

Also, this mission type could an alert mission which spawns twice a month, where the times spawned would be during weekends and I say twice because we dont want people to miss it because of timezone.

Finally, this mission is solo only, as it's main reward is mastery points which purely focuses on how proficient the tenno is in his ninja skills.

(I previously posted on the warframe subreddit, but I feel that the site is becoming more of "TCPI MEMBERS ONLY" site than an official warframe subreddit...

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