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Vauban's Vortex And Bugges Bosses


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There is several topics about it but this one will resume the situation:

Bug mean the Vortex makes disappear, or changes to stone and makes bosses untouchables.

Once the host left and after the reloading the boss back to life.


J3-GOLEM, Themisto (Jupiter): Bug

Phorid, Naeglar (Eris): Bug

Captain Vor, Toltoj (Mercury): Bug

Kela from Thaym, Merrow (Sedna): Bug

Ambulas, Hades (Pluton): Bug

General Sargas Ruk, Tethys (Saturne): Bug

Lieutenant Lech Krill, Exta (Ceres): OK

Hyena, Psamathe (Neptune): OK

Sgt Nef Anyo, War (Mars): Bug

Councilor Vay Hek, Everest (Earth): Bug

Jackal, Fossa (Venus): OK

Tyl Regor, Titania (Uranus): Bug

Stalker: ?


/!\ Caution Vortex is not good for your bosses:


Argh, that must be painfull !

For prevent this I only use Telsa®. Tesla® give all the energy needed by your bosses and the battles are amaziest than ever !

Only 19.99$ the pack of 100, order now and get 5% off!


Tips: Pose Tesla® directly on the boss for a longer effect.

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