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Vauban Prime Builds?



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I use a vortex build, I prefer it over his 3. I go 175 eff 160 dur 185 range 40 str (give or take a few dur and range)


this is is the build I find most fun, I can throw lots and lots of vortex Orbs and control the battle field. I think my build is great for defense missions too because I carried a t4 to 50 with this! 

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Hmm. Vauban can be tough to fit for as all his skills are effected by all power-attributes. Most effective builds ive seen involve some balancing with corrupted mod.

well here is my fit i dubbed "Minelayer Mayhem" which is good at spamming minelayers and use bastille when needed:

Primed Continuity + Primed Flow+ Fleeting Expertise + Redirection + stretch + Constitution + Intensify + Repelling Bastille + Energy-siphon(aura) + Power-drift (exilus slot)

Result is high-efficiency (160%), balanced strength and range (145%) and normal duration (~124) which in all is good for both minelayer and bastille. If you want more range at the cost of less strenght you can replace stretch by overextended bringing range up to 190%, lowering strength to 85%. that isn't the worst if you want to use minelayer for annoying enemies (like with concuss and shred), tough bastille would be less effective in hanging them up (tough thats what the augment is great for).

Hope this helps a bit!

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I've got 2 builds on my Vauban. First one's like most players; max out range and duration, Repelling Bastille and just keep everything from moving, with some Power Strength to make sure your Vortex actually DOES something.

My other build is much more... troll-oriented, I guess. I up my Power Strength to 250 and then go Range->Efficiency->Duration in order of importance. It's a pretty simple build; my Bastill can hold more than 20 enemies at the same time, my Shred mines tear all armor right off and my Teslas can mess things up (provided a Trin's nearby to keep my energy up). Vortex is also good. However, it's not a serious build; the range suffers -a LOT. Don't expect to get huge coverage of area. But, it's fun. There's just something so FUN about seeing a group of Bombad Eximi, stripping off all their armor and beating them to death with the weakest melee weapon you can find.

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