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PS4: Rathuum (18.13) [+Hotfixes]

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We've received word from the Lotus that everyone will have 7 days following the launch of 18.13 to claim a free Forma via inbox simply by logging in shortly after we launch.

With the power of all your Draco runs, we have intercepted this message:
You have fought long and hard for our cause - learning to master many Warframes and Weapons in your Arsenal. Take this gift of Forma as a token of my appreciation for your willingness to bend the will of your equipment to suit your needs on the battlefield.
The Lotus.

A message from Cressa Tal:
Listen up, Tenno. I don’t care if you support Steel Meridian or not, I need your help. An entire company of Grineer defectors was just captured by Kela De Thaym. Now they face Rathuum, Trial by combat. Of course, the fight’s rigged, a show of force to Grineer everywhere, meant to scare off future defectors. But there’s a way we can turn this thing back on Kela, an obscure rule.

All you need to do, Tenno, is take their place in the arena and defeat the Grineer champions. You game?

Find all the details here.

Sleek and stylish, Banshee Soprana sings a song of devastation.

Give the Sonicor -- Banshee Soprana’s signature Weapon -- a new Skin.

Wear Banshee Soprana’s sigil with pride.

Doubling their volley on each successive shot, the Twin Kohmaks decimate foes in seconds. Find them in the Market today, or on Kela de Thaym!

Rathuum Noggle Collection
A collection of Noggle Statues representing the Executioners of Rathuum.


  • A Mastery Rank 22 test has been added!
  • An indicator has been added to the HUD (beside your Shield stats) to display how many allies are in range of your Tenno for your shared Tenno Affinity. This allows for better indication if you’re in range of your squad to ensure you’re getting the shared Tenno Affinity, and to increase communication and awareness of where your squad is on the map. 
  • The EMP Aura has been balanced and added to the Alert cycle!
  • A buff indicator has been added for Traumatic Redirection (Naramon).
  • You can now view the profile of a player who is offline by typing /profile <username here> in Chat!
  • PBR Conversion - we've added PBR Upgrades on Nyx Prime, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime (+ Iron Skin). 

The following Augments are available as Syndicate Offerings: 
•    Ash : Fatal Teleport: Teleport Augment - Teleport will perform a finisher on the target, dealing 200% extra damage. 50% of energy cost is refunded on a kill.
•    Banshee : Resonating Quake: Sound Quake Augment - Increase damage by 100, range by 1m and energy cost by 1, for every second this ability is active. 
•    Oberon : Phoenix Renewal: Renewal Augment - Taking fatal damage while under the effects of Renewal will instead heal you or allies to 50% health. This effect triggers only once for each ally every 90s.
•    Chroma : Everlasting Ward: Elemental Ward Augment - Allies that leave the radius will retain the effect for 100% of the remaining duration. 


Warframe Changes & Revisions 

Mag Changes
•    Pull: Pull remains mostly the same as before. If an enemy is magnetized, bonus damage is dealt. Kills have a bonus chance of dropping energy, while causing enemies to experience almost physics-defying deaths.
•    Magnetize: Magnetize (previously Bullet Attractor) will root the target in place. Damage over time is dealt to all enemies within a set radius, with the amount of damage based on how far from the center of the Magnetized they are. A percentage of the damage of absorbed bullets/projectiles/shrapnel will be used to increase the DOT. Up to 4 targets can be Magnetized at this time.
•    Polarize: Polarize now spreads like Nova’s Molecular Prime that expands out over time. Targets with shields will take a fixed shield damage (no longer a %), while targets with armour take health damage and a permanent armour debuff. Targets will emit a piece or two of shrapnel which can be used to create synergies with Mag's other abilities. 
•    Crush: Will now deal bonus damage to magnetized enemies.

Volt Changes
•    Speed: Speed most noticeably has had its FOV reduced on cast, which should help with motion sickness complaints. Other players in range now get to 'opt-in' to Volt's Speed buff, by activating a pickup that Volt leaves behind on cast. This activation occurs on contact.
•    Electric Shield: Electric Shield has received a graphic overhaul to improve the look of casting, ambient effects, and its effect on projectiles that pass through. Shield now offers strong synergies if Shock is cast through it – it charges the shield with Electric damage which will hurt enemies that come in contact. As a late-addition driven by player demand, Shield can now be picked up with a context action which limits weapon usage and drains energy.
•    Overload, now called 'Discharge'. Discharge still spreads out from Volt in a wave, and enemies who come into contact are turned into stationary 'Tesla Coils' that arc and zap nearby enemies in range. Damage is dealt to the enemy-turned- Tesla Coil and its targets. Loot crates can also be turned into Coils, but they only have one charge. Casting Shock on Tesla Coil causes an AOE burst.
•    The Capacitance Discharge Augment has been balanced to reflect Discharge’s new changes. The balanced Shield Bonus given is now 1.5/2/2.5/3%. 

Mesa Changes
•    Mesa's personal Peacemaker weapon now scales with Secondary Weapon Mods. To accommodate the increase in power, Peacemaker's base stats have been reduced. 
•    Mesa’s Shooting Gallery will now grant her a permanent buff, but Allies will still have it rotate. 

Mirage Changes
•    Sleight of Hand: We have increased the damage and detonation range of all objects that can be booby trapped. 
•    Prism’s Blind effect is now affected by the enemy's Line-of-Sight (LoS) to the Prism. Prism’s damage has been buffed slightly to compensate for this change. We found that Prism was able to lock down maps with little recourse, and we feel that these changes will make it a more targeted ability while also increasing its tactical usage. 

Valkyr Changes
•    Hysteria is Valkyr's Rage Mode - we teased and released her as a Berserker frame and we've iterated on Hysteria a couple of times since release. We are returning to this power to reign in its issues but still thematically invoke her ultimate rage. 

•    The relationship between time spent in Hysteria and energy & incoming damage has changed in two ways.

•    Firstly, the longer you stay in Hysteria, the more Energy it'll cost you. (but the energy drain ramp up is capped). 

•    Secondly, while in Hysteria you are still invulnerable - the current Hysteria indicator on the UI tells you how much incoming damage you've absorbed and mitigated. The longer you stay in Hysteria, the less effective the mitigation of incoming damage is on the 'End Hysteria' phase. Ending your Hysteria session should be done with care - ensuring no enemies are in the range of Valkyrs Hysteria Aura (20 meters max, they have to be able to see you), or you will take the damage. How you choose to dispose of these enemies is up to you - either kill them, or get a safe distance away to deactivate Hysteria. 

Excalibur Changes
Excalibur's rework made him an indisputable lethal force - a role he will continue to shine in, but now with more reasonable parameters on his Exalted Blade waves. 

•    Exalted Blade’s damage will now diminish according to distance travelled and enemies punctured, and Exalted Blade’s built-in Radial Blind on spin will now cost ½ the Energy of a regular Radial Blind. Although Exalted Blade is a lot of fun, we feel that it completely overshadows all of Excalibur’s other abilities at little cost. The powerful range on Exalted Blade turned Excalibur into more of a turret than a swordsman. This change means that Exalted Blade is more effective when used in close range and using Radial Blind is now a calculated choice. The ability will simply become more engaging in all encounters. 

Trinity Changes
•    Blessing: Blessing now heals Allies within the shared Tenno Affinity aura range. This Tenno Affinity aura range is a new UI feature available to all players beside the Shield Stat. This range is 50 meters from Trinity. 
•    Blessing still instantly heals all Allies (Tenno,Companions, etc) in range. 
•    Blessing's Damage Resistance is now calculated by the following formula: 
Damage Resistance % = 100 - Square (Average (Tenno Health %)). 

Please see our Dev Workshops for more info on these Warframe changes: 

Numerous Warframe’s have received passives! You can view each passive under the ‘Abilities’ tab on each Warframe. 
•    Ash: Bleed Procs dealt by Ash from any source are 25% deadlier and last 50% longer.
•    Banshee: All weapons are treated as silent.
•    Ember: Receiving a Heat Status effect will regenerate energy for the duration of the Status effect (10 energy per second) and increase Power Strength by 35%.
•    Hydroid: Every Melee Ground-Slam has a 50% chance to lure a Tentacle that will last 15 seconds. 
•    Limbo: Holster Speed and Reload Speed is 50% faster while in the Rift, and movement speed increases by 10% while in the Rift.
•    Loki: 10x Wall-Cling duration!
•    Mag: Vacuum effect on every Bullet Jump.
•    Nekros: Enemy death within 10 meters of Nekros regenerates a 5 Health.
•    Nova: When Nova is knocked down, she will knock down enemies in a 6 meter Radius + deal damage.
•    Nyx: Enemies affected by any of Nyx's powers have a chance to lay down their weapon ( become disarmed ).
•    Oberon: All wildlife (neutral or enemy faction) within a 10 meter range of Oberon will become allies and fight for Oberon for 20 seconds.
•    Trinity: Revive fallen allies faster from further away.
•    Vauban: Other Warframes within 20 meters give you 25% bonus armour.
•    Volt: Physical ground-travel distance between attacks causes bonus Electrical damage on next attack.


Please see our Dev Workshops for more info on these Warframe changes: 



•    Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm staying active after death until the player respawns in Conclave.
•    Reduced the damage and range of Ash's Bladestorm in Conclave.
•    Reduced the explosive damage by half of the Thundermiter mod in Conclave.
•    Fixed Loki getting stuck behind a laser gate by Switch Teleporting behind it in Conclave.
•    Fixed bullet jumping in rapid succession instantly killing players in Conclaves. 
•    Fixed Ivara’s Null-Shield Arrow not applying when casted consecutively in Conclave. 
•    Changed the ‘Rapid Consequence’ Sniper Mod title to ‘Emergent Aftermath’ in Conclave.
•    Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Mine augment not being affected by range Mods for Clients in Conclave.
•    Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Mine augment absorbing other player’s bullets in Conclave. 



•    With the new shared Tenno Affinity aura HUD indicator, Interception missions will no longer apply a Affinity radius multiplier. The HUD now clearly indicates if you are within range of your fellow Tenno to gain the shared Tenno Affinity. This change will still encourage players to spread out amongst the map, but to also be aware of the shared Affinity Limits. 



•    Made optimizations to reduce stuttering when a Tenno or Stalker joins your mission in progress.
•    Corrupted Heavy Gunners now use the female Grineer voice. Unique voices coming soon!
•    The Halikar now has a folding animation! 
•    Reduced the Halikar’s auto-targeting mechanic to mimic other thrown type (Glaive, Kestrel, etc.) melee weapons. 
•    Added a UI message letting players know when they've hit their daily Cephalon Simaris Standing limit.
•    Corrupted Orokin Grineer/Corpus now have new voices and commands!
•    You can now claim all Extractors at once that are ready!
•    The Hieroglyphics that Baro mentions in the Sands of Inaros quest have been added. I guess they do exist!
•    Changed the damage radius of hull breaches in Corpus tilesets to affect the entire room, not just a small area near the breach. (For real this time!) 
•    Improved AI movement patterns in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
•    Changed the FX of Nova’s Molecular Prime and Antimatter Drop explosions to improve both visuals and performance.
•    Removed Ivara’s custom Quiver HUD while in the Dojo.
•    Infested Sortie missions on Corpus Ship and Grineer Galleon tilesets will now have a more creepy atmosphere, yay!
•    Landing Craft Blueprints are now tradable! 
•    Offensive Sentinel abilities will no longer attack targets that are friendly/unaware. 
•    If you do not have a Focus Lens in your Inventory, you will now be given the option to purchase one when attempting to put one on an item.
•    Improved Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion missing enemies that were very close to you.
•    Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion range has been re-scaled as you upgrade it. Previously the range maxed out at 10m at rank 3, now it scales from 6, 6.8, 7.6, 8.4, 9.2,10 meters
•    Tweaked Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion physics to make the knock-back more realistic.
•    Improved the FX and performance of the Thunderbolt mod.
•    Removed exterior tileset Survival missions from Alerts. These were intended to be replaced by Excavation missions since they are always located in an exterior tileset.
•    Reduced the FX of the Thunderbolt mod on Mirage’s clones to improve performance.
•    Reduced disorienting amount of screen shake that occurs in Archwing when you're slowing down from just drifting.
•    Credit pickups will no longer be shared to dead or AFK players in a mission.
•    Cryotic will no longer be rewarded to AFK players in Excavation missions.
•    Carrier's Vacuum now behaves in coorelation to the owning player's movement. It will not continuously vacuum the same spot for too long - your movement will trigger Vacuums.
•    Removed Beacons from the Drop tables of Prosecutors as they no longer have a use.
•    Players can now open the Pause menu (to Abort, etc) while in Spectator Mode or pre-death.
•    Tweaked Rhino’s default energy color to be slightly more blue.
•    Increase delays on Xiphos turret to reduce the constant start/stop behavior that can occur when it's switching targets.
•    Restored detail in Nyx Prime's textures.
•    Increased lighting in the Kubrow Imprint preview screen to better determine the appearance.
•    Made small performance optimizations to the chat window. 
•    Increased the speed of Oberon’s Renewal projectiles over-time to almost double. Before it moved at a speed of 15 meters per second. It now has a top speed of 30m/s and an acceleration of 5m/s/s.
•    Trimmed Renewal's animation to be slightly faster. 
•    Improved Rhino Prime’s Iron Skin to appear more metallic.
•    Slightly optimized the HUD for better performance. 
•    Optimized level-load times for clients.
•    Optimized frame-rate while loading or streaming data
•    Tweaked the Sweeper Prime’s audio to make it feel more ‘Prime’. 
•    Improved the lighting in numerous Archwing tilesets.
•    Improved the lighting in The Jordas Verdict. 
•    Warframe Mod text descriptions are receiving a visual overhaul! All Mod descriptions are being manually audited by our team to reflect appropriate status icons and uniform text case. Our goal is to bring consistency to all Mods, and so far almost every Mod has been updated to this format! We ask that you be patient with this change as we comb through Warframe’s extensive Mod collection. This change is purely visual to reduce overly verbose descriptions and discrepancy, and does not affect the functionality of these Mods in any way.
•    Improved defenses against corrupt localization caches.
•    Improved rewards for the Tycho Orokin Moon Survival mission to now include T3 Void Keys.
•    Improved the way that Landing Craft Decorations are loaded upon login or return. For those with an extensive Noggle collection, you will notice a smoother loading transition when returning to your Landing Craft. 
•    The Ymir-Form Gemini Nikana Sheath and the Surt-Form Gemini Nikana Sheath can now be equipped on the Nikana, Nikana Prime and Dragon Nikana.
•    As previously stated, Warframe Mod descriptions are receiving a visual overhaul, and our team is happy to say that they have given consistency to all Mods! Please let us know if you spot any Mods that we may have missed. 
•    Changed the Fatal Acceleration Mod to display a Drakgoon instead of a Tigris.
•    Removed a Kavat Mod from the Codex. You know what they say about curious cats..
•    Enemies that are being Devoured by Inaros can no longer be hurt/killed by another player, only the user Devouring the enemy can cause damage to it at that time.
•    You can now view Ability Energy cost on unlocked abilities under the ‘Abilities’ tab for each Warframe.
•    Tweaked the Shaku’s placement to reduce clipping.
•    Visually tweaked Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage targeting effect. 
•    Added a HUD Power Strength buff indicator for Equinox’s Provoke ability.
•    Improved handling of network problems that can be temporarily ignored (eg: router problems when hosting a session without any clients)
•    Grineer enemies that become disarmed will now use a Sheev to seek revenge on you, and Corpus will use the Prova.
•    Relaxed constraints used to find sessions so that you have a better chance of playing with others even though the squad might not be a good fit.
•    Improved lighting on the Jackal’s head.
•    Improved the fluidity of ‘Controller Aim Assist’. 
•    To alleviate discrepancies the following Mods/Sigil titles have been changed:
•    Arbiters of Hexis ‘Growth Sigil’ has been renamed to ‘Grasp Sigil’ 
•    Steel Meridian ‘Vigilance Sigil’ has been renamed to  ‘Diligence Sigil’
•    The ‘Fast Deflection’ Sentinel Mod has been renamed to ‘Accelerated Deflection’
•    The ‘Fast Deflection’ Kubrow Mod has been renamed to ‘Hastened Deflection’
•    The ‘Vitality’ Sentinel Mod has been renamed to ‘Enhanced Vitality’
•    The ‘Redirection’ Sentinel Mod has been renamed to ‘Calculated Redirection’
•    The ‘Steel Fiber’ Sentinel Mod had been renamed to ‘Metal Fiber’



•    Fixed the way in which the melee Lifestrike Mod interacted with Lifesteal on procs. Players were able to receive free Lifesteal if they channeled after triggering a proc at no energy cost. Now, the Lifesteal on procs will continue to grant you health after you’ve stopped Channeling until the DoT ends so long as Lifesteal was active when you started the attack. 
•    Fixed the Foundry's energy color always displaying as default blue.
•    Fixed Oberon’s leg clipping through his Feyarch Skin skirt.
•    Fixed Clients seeing the Host cast Nyx’s Absorb on the ground when she is actually in mid-air.
•    Fixed Clients seeing no hit effect when shooting into the Host’s Absorb bubble.
•    Fixed Client projectiles not registering in certain areas on larger Nyx Absorb bubbles.
•    Fixed stutter-falling when running with high framerates. This would look like you were landing an on invisible object in air before dropping to the ground.
•    Fixed a join-in-progress crash. 
•    Fixed a potential crash caused by a Kubrow death.
•    Fixed Ember’s Accelerant not applying a casting speed buff.
•    Fixed Mesa’s cape turning blue and sticking to her face when casting Peacemaker.
•    Fixed Oberon’s Smite displaying as default blue for Clients.
•    Fixed Helios’ Deconstructor not continuously firing
•    Fixed Sortie missions occurring on Crossfire nodes defaulting to Extermination instead of the intended mission type.
•    Fixed overlapping explosive sounds on the Concealed Explosives mod.
•    Fixed Clients not seeing the laser eye FX on enemies in the final stage of the Sands of Inaros quest.
•    Fixed hearing headshot sounds during while Banshee's Silence is active. 
•    Fixed Excavation dig-site indicators being in the wrong place.
•    Fixed missing available Excavation dig-sites on the Grineer Settlement tileset. You should now see dig-sites you’ve never used before! 
•    Fixed Banshee’s Silence freezing Sargas Ruk during his boss fight.
•    Fixed Sargas Ruk not firing his arm cannon flamethrower due to being stuck in melee mode.
•    Fixed seeing ice materials through walls on Europa.
•    Fixed visually incorrect fluid in Uranus tubes.
•    Fixed the Panthera's alt fire consuming more ammo when equipped with a punchthrough mod.
•    Fixed the Power Throw mod sound effect cancelling prematurely upon return.
Fixed arrow skins not visually applying to the Zhuge.
•    Fixed automatically switching to your Primary weapon when giving your Secondary to a Rescue Target.
•    Fixed not being able to craft numerous Warframe Helmets.
•    Fixed Time Stream and Temporal Storm (Zenurik) missing buff HUD indicators.
•    Fixed chat buttons not repositioning when returning to the Liset.
•    Fixed the Energy Conversion Mod buff displaying in Archwing missions.
•    Fixed Madurai’s Focus powers not damaging Nullifier bubbles. 
•    Fixed numerous doors displaying black.
•    Fixed default shoulder attachments restoring on Oberon’s Feyarch Skin when exiting the Arsenal.
•    Fixed Gear item descriptions not updating upon replacing with another item.
•    Fixed a rare crash upon login. 
•    Fixed the Huntress Bundle missing its diorama in the Market. 
•    Fixed Clients hanging on a black screen when loading into the Save the Reservoir stage of the Second Dream quest.
•    Fixed Cephalon Simaris Standing daily limit not being properly tracked during missions.
•    Fixed Cephalon Simaris Standing not showing up in 'view mission progress' screen like the rest of the Syndicates do during missions.
•    Fixed issues with clumped spawning in Orokin Defense modes, enemies now spawn more equally distributed instead of skewed clumps.
•    Fixed Clients not receiving the Simaris Standing bonus shown in missions.
•    Fixed Convergence spawning on/underneath friendly objects. (Excavators, etc.)
•    Fixed the Tomb Protector Codex entry showing a quiver penetrating his chest
•    Fixed the confirm text for installing a Lens implying the selected weapon has a currently installed Lens even when said weapon does not have a Lens equipped.
•    Fixed various localization issues.
•    Fixed mission progress screen potentially showing a Cephalon Simaris Standing gain greater than the player's daily limit.
•    Fixed Extraction becoming available after collecting 300 Cryotic in Sortie/Alert Excavation missions.
•    Fixed Torid not applying energy color correctly on certain FX.
•    Fixed various flickering glass textures in the Void.
•    Fixed abilities casted from Clients not being canceled by Corpus Nullifiers.
•    Fixed missing objective markers in the Recovery mission.
•    Fixed Crypods in Uranus Defense missions moving mid-wave.
•    Fixed Sigils looking stretched in the World State Window.
•    Fixed the Ripkas displaying it’s elemental effect on your Warframe’s neck.
•    Fixed incorrect lighting and water textures in the Uranus tileset.
•    Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow resulting in enemies striking a T-pose after death.
•    Fixed a very rare case of returning to your Landing Craft and crashing.
•    Fixed Operators appearance resetting to default after a Host Migration.
•    Fixed certain Arrow trail FX not being removed after time.
•    Fixed Saryn’s Spores disappearing when casted on Molt.
•    Fixed the Kohmak muzzle flash always being default white.
•    Fixed incorrect teleport bounds on Ceres Defense maps.
•    Fixed an issue where Excavators can stall with 0.0 time remaining.
•    Fixed an issue with Landing Craft tower placement interfering with levels.
•    Fixed Vor's Prize not being completable due to the Mercury Nav Segment missing from the level.
•    Fixed a crash related to Denial Bursas.
•    Fixed a common crash that would occur when teleporting an NPC that was on an emplacement (Ramparts).
•    Fixed Invasion missions being unplayable due to the UI not providing users with the option to select them.
•    Fixed energy color not being displayed on Oberon.
•    Fixed receiving additional Credit rewards on missions that are not won.
•    Fixed other players getting damaged by projectiles (i.e Ogris)  after Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors expires.
•    Fixed the Ki'Teer Syandana placing incorrectly on Equinox
•    Fixed pickups not teleporting to a safe zone after falling outside of the level bounds.
•    Fixed lasers in the Void moving around wildly.
•    Fixed becoming permanently invisible by casting Prowl and having Arcane Trickery.
•    Fixed Halikar explosions doing no damage.
•    Fixed the Rakta Cernos appearing as it’s default Cernos skin when equipping an Arrow skin.
•     Fixed more than intended enemies/transmission drones spawning after multiple host migrations.
•    Fixed enemies dying in Hydroid’s Undertow not counting towards your kills, potentially preventing progress if in an Exterminate mission or similar kill-required scenario. 
•    Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones meleeing with numerous Glaives after being thrown and returned.
•    Fixed the Dual Toxocyst getting ‘excited’ from Sentinel headshots.
•    Fixed not being able to complete the Mastery Rank 12 test after simultaneously killing all the required enemies and falling.
•    Fixed the Steel Meridian room not being outlined on the Relay map.
•     Fixed slow-loading Clients not being able to accept the next mission picked by their squad. This resulted in having to start the mission countdown timer to get the mission started.
•    Fixed Hosts getting incorrect prompts when returning from a mission and activating the navigation panel. 
•    Fixed the Synoid Syandana clipping through the backs of certain Warframes. 
•    Fixed receiving a script error when sacrificing to a Syndicate who fully despises you. 
•    Fixed seeing a white bar when typing in the chat window.
•    Fixed missing UI indicators for degrading armor and Antiserum counter in the 1st stage of The Jordas Verdict. 
•    Fixed a missing tintable area on the Ki’Teer Kubrow Armor. 
•    Fixed certain enemies being able to continue their attack while downed or staggered. 
•    Fixed being visible while Ivara’s Prowl is active with an Arcane Trickery installed. 
•    Fixed the Pakal shoulder attachment not appearing on Banshee.
•    Fixed assassinating Jordas Golem possibly resulting in a mission failed.
•    Fixed the Mutalist Quanta store icon being too small. 
•    Fixed Panthera’s alt fire consuming less ammo when equipped with a fire rate increase mod. (Speed Trigger, etc.)
•    Fixed a map hole in Phobos that let players fall out of the tileset.
•    Fixed Itzal’s Fighter Escorts counting as squadmates in stage 1 of The Jordas Verdict, leaving other players stuck outside not able to progress. 
•    Fixed Infested enemies trying to pass through locked doors.
•    Fixed melee combo timer not counting down during an ultimate ability that transforms a weapon. (Hysteria, Exalted Blade, etc.)
•    Fixed the Incubator light color being default blue.
•    Fixed Bursa’s not eventually dying after being hacked in Corpus Extermination missions.
•    Fixed Channeling not activating after running out of Energy if ‘Toggle Channel’ is on.
•    Fixed an incorrect texture in stage 1 of The Jordas Verdict.
•    Fixed previous mission being automatically selected after returning to your ship when in solo mode (in some cases this allowed people to run keys they didn't have and were confused when their loot was confiscated by the authorities)
•     Fixed crash that could occur if a slightly damaged cache were repaired on the fly.
•    Fixed the Ringers skin not working properly with Furax Wraith
•    Fixed Grineer Butchers playing their attack animation in slo-mo when in an unalerted state.
•    Fixed numerous incorrect tutorial transmission subtitles.
•    Fixed being able to walk through objects while in Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability.
•    Fixed perpetually falling through a hole in the Orokin Moon Defense map.
•    Fixed a door not opening unless all squad members were present in the Orokin Moon Survival mission.
•    Fixed certain enemies continuing their slowed animation after being released from Vauban’s Bastille. 
•    Fixed Power Strength Mods (Blind Rage, Intensify, etc.) not applying very much to Vauban’s Vortex initial blast and damage over time.
•    Fixed the Sands of Inaros bundle diorama appearing blurry. 
•    Fixed Nezha’s Warding Halo ability appearing while aiming with a Sniper Rifle
•    Fixed casting Vauban’s Concuss grenade disabling your powers until you died in Conclaves.
•    Fixed seeing Vauban’s Minelayer power icons while loading into the Conclaves.
•    Improved lighting on Grineer doors.
•    Fixed Mods sometime not activating when entering a mission.
•    Fixed the Citadella Prime Syandana not displaying its proper FX in the Relays.
•    Fixed the Cateno Prime Sugatra attaching incorrectly on various melee weapons.
•    Fixed the Scyth Sugatra rotation on Bo and Glaive weapons.
•    Fixed numerous Syandana placement issues on Vauban Prime.
•    Fixed the Daikyu quiver clipping through the backs of numerous Warframes.
•    Fixed the 50 day login milestone reward UI icon remaining on your login timeline.
•    Fixed enemies getting stuck in their jump animation if they teleport during a jump-action.
•    Fixed the Phased Asa Syandana flickering when looking at it from certain angles.
•    Fixed Moas that spawn from the floor getting stuck.
•    Fixed missing enemy types from Grineer Settlement Excavation (Phobos): Arid Butchers, Troopers, and Hellions were re-integrated with their comrades.
•    Fixed icons on the End of Mission screen appearing blacked out.
•    Fixed rare cases of crashing after a Host Migration. 
•     Fixed Clients losing their End of Mission rewards due to a failed server connection while the Host successfully returned to the Liset. 
•    Fixed projectiles occasionally not dying off on some weapons, leading to poor performance in long duration missions
•    Fixed Chroma’s Effigy wings not showing up for Clients. 
•    Fixed certain parts of the Ki’Teer Sentinel Wings not applying your selected energy color correctly.
•    Fixed the Asa Syandana flickering when looking at it from certain angles.
•    Fixed Phorid having duplicate entries in the Codex.
•    Fixed the Asita Rakta Syandana placing incorrectly on Saryn’s Orphid Skin. 
•    Fixed the Porta Armor Chest Plate angled upwards on Saryn Prime.
•    Fixed Affinity being gained when practicing Mastery Rank Tests in the Relays.
•    Fixed Sugatras not attaching properly on the numerous melee weapons/skins.
•    Fixed incorrect text in The Inaros Bundle description.
•    Fixed weapon holsters clipping through Nezha’s back. 
•    Fixed the ‘Projectile Incoming” warning message not appearing for Clients in the Jordas Golem Assassinate mission.
•    Fixed dots on the back of Nyx’s Nemesis skin not reflecting energy color.
•    Fixed collisions on Orokin doors that cause players to get caught in between the gap and eaten by the door 
•    Fixed Carrier sometimes trying to Vacuum Energy orbs when you were at max Energy capacity; because it couldn't actually pick them up it would drag them around after you making endless squishing sounds 
•    Fixed abilities that disarm enemies causing temporary override abilities (Mind Control, etc.) to become permanent. 
•    Fixed Nova’s Arsenal stats stating that Molecular Prime’s power range is affected by range (meters) when in fact it is affected by power duration. 
•    Fixed Ash skipping his throwing animation when consecutively casting Shuriken. 
•    Fixed Energy color not applying for Clients on Oberon’s Smite projectiles.
•    Fixed being able to use your weapon ultimate (Excalibur, Valkyr, etc.) endlessly without Energy consumption. 
•    Fixed missing hit sounds on Ember’s Fireball ability. 
•    Fixed idle animations not playing their sound effect when equipped on certain Warframes.
•    Fixed Inaros’ Scarab Swarm healing objectives. (Defense Pods, etc.)
•    Fixed Ash’s Fatal Teleport augment Mod not performing finishers on enemies immune to being stunned. (Arctic Eximus, etc.) 
•    Fixed weapon clips (Soma, Akstiletto, etc.) lingering during Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors. 
•    Fixed the Tethra’s Doom emblem clipping through Warframe shoulders.
•    Fixed Lephantis missing from the Codex.
•    Fixed incorrect icon sizing of the Akstiletto and Ballistica in the Market.
•    Fixed Energy cracks in the Orokin Moon tileset only granting an increased movement speed buff.
•    Fixed the Seeker pistol Mod displaying the wrong value
•    Fixed hearing the Nikana Prime swinging sound from across the map.
•    Fixed 'Level Up' notification not showing up for Companions/Companion Weapons when they level up.
•    Fixed not seeing squadmates using certain Warframe abilities (Sound Quake, Spectral Scream, Elemental Ward, Undertow, Absorb, Mend & Maim, and Sandstorm) when joining a mission in progress.
•    Fixed the Jat Kittag’s chosen Energy color not applying properly when in missions.

•    Fixed players attempting to play a solo forced mission (Tutorial, Second Dream) being thrown into a public match and hanging on an unresponsive black screen.
•    Fixed a gradual decrease in performance that could occur in long duration missions if a player cast Equinox's Metamorphosis ability while having a Sigil equipped.
•    Fixed a crash that would occur during the Tyl Regor boss fight. 
•    Fixed an issue with Roller spark FX lingering after a host migration.


Hotfix June 10th, 1:05PM

  • Added missing localization

Hotfix June 16th:

  • Fixed a rare crash when booting from the dashboard

Hotfix June 20th:

  •  Logging scores for Rathuum Clan Trophies

Hotfix June 28th

  • Updated drop tables for Mag Prime Vault
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Bitter sweet this update is. New content at the cost of me probably not playing my favorite frame excal anymore. The cost of blind during exalted just killed it in my opinion. During high level events with energy leaches like the recent proxy tac alert excal will be next to useless. 

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7 minutes ago, (PS4)MakoPriest said:

Bitter sweet this update is. New content at the cost of me probably not playing my favorite frame excal anymore. The cost of blind during exalted just killed it in my opinion. During high level events with energy leaches like the recent proxy tac alert excal will be next to useless. 


Still seems pretty effective.

Edited by (PS4)abbacephas
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4 minutes ago, (PS4)abbacephas said:


Still seems pretty effective.

Thats was against pretty easy enemies . I mentioned proxy alert which decimates excal in about a millisecond if not channeling life strike and spamming blind spins. . The problem is not damage its energy while getting leached and using lifestrike on top of the now added energy everytime i slide attack i would have had no energy during that proxy alert. 

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4 minutes ago, (PS4)Lord_Gremlin said:

Is MR22 possible at all? You say added but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to reach. Unless update added more than 1 weapon? 

Its probably possible for pc founders who migrated their account back in the day.

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1 minute ago, (PS4)fountainhead777 said:

Mod capacity changes don't seem to be working. 

Can confirm, not seeing the capacity changes. Forma'd my Mesa, noticed her capacity was 0. Checked an unranked Wraith Twin Vipers to make sure it wasn't just her.

Well that sucks.

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I just have one question for Drew. If gear now starts at a level above zero based on your mastery rank, what happens to all that XP you would have earned towards mastery rank when leveling from zero to that level? For example, if I'm an MR 12 and my gear now starts off at 12, what happens to all the XP I would've earned toward my mastery rank leveling from zero to 12? Thanks for the update. 

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