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Thanks Tenno and DE !

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It makes me so happy to see this, possibly just as happy as I was when you told me she was born. 

I feel honored being an inspiration for you and I hope she will enjoy her Excalibur a lot. 

And keep in mind that it are especially the people like you who make this community so great. Not only words of thanks, but also a giveaway, you're amazing :)

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4 hours ago, Censium said:

Wait. If MR is years old. Does that mean when you're 30, life is over?

Sarcasm aside. Grats on dadhood. :)

No, obviously not. You just stop leveling. >.>

On the topic: The community is mostly awesome. Sure, some players go sour and complain on other people being lazy and not searching the forums properly and so on, and sometimes some players are a bit toxic IG or try to scam you - But a vast majority of the community is really nice and friendly - the reason why I sticked around.

(and, for the give away: ign is Tomppak, and I'm on PC)

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On 15.6.2016 at 4:53 PM, trunks013 said:


Congratulations on the child. IGN: Skycook3y

On 15.6.2016 at 4:53 PM, trunks013 said:


Noodly goddess mentioned. Praising Noamuth intensifies


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