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Hotfix: Lunaro 1


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Lunaro: Hotfix 1

Lunaro & Conclave Fixes and Changes
- Lunaro has been changed to 3v3 match sizes! This change from 4v4 to 3v3 is based on current pacing and controls - it will significantly help the chaos. Please note our list of feedback from you all is amazing and we'll be making changes over the next few days to address your top areas. Thank you SO much for playing LUNARO!
- Reduced the speed of Checking in Lunaro by 6.5%
- Added a Teshin tutorial lines for throwing curves in Lunaro.
- Tweaked Arcata impact sounds.
- Fixed a script error when spawning into Lunaro.
- Fixed halftime not starting / game not ending if the Lunaro is lying still on the ground.


- Fixed the Riv Armor not applying properly on Valkyr.
- Fixed Enemies not spawning in Interception missions.
- Fixed losing your gear wheel customization when entering a mission. You may need to respec your gear in the Arsenal - at this time you may see incorrect numbers for your gear, but rest assured it's there.

Missed Additions:

- There is new End of MIssion Complete & and Mission Failed music!

P.S we have a slightly new naming format for Updates and Hotfixes as part of www.warframe.com/thepath

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Is the Riv armor bug still affecting Mesa like I reported?  Yes, legs are still bugged on Mesa and Valkyr. Not a big deal, take your time on more pressing issues, just giving a heads up.

Thanks for the quick fix on Valkyr though. 

Also. Please reconsider the change to roll-jumping in PvE. I understand that Lunaro needs carefully controlled parkour, but it feels really clunky and restricted in PvE now. 

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Hello De i just read the New update on the forums and theres a problem for me. The thing where you cant send gifts when not completing vors price. Im MR18 and I still dont have it, idk why some sad you could have choosed IF you can do it or not. And I dont remember IF i choosed it or not. Please make the quest replayable!! 

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By the way, that Ormolu Kyroptera Syandana does not seem to follow the energy rules of the two teams and can be colored in either's theme to try and fool others. Just thought I should mention that. 

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