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Rework Fusion system and mod scaling

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So probably a lot of people probably suggested this topic a lot of times before and i shall say it again...

Fusion system needs rework, why u ask?

Well because of the amount of R5 rare fusion cores are really bothering me and probably newer players as well, it would be really nice if mods were scaling with weapons for an e.g.-->

a mod with max of 3 ranks should rank up every 10th rank of the weapon/companion or warframe, and if a mod has 5 ranks at max it should rank up on every 6th rank of the weapon/warframe/companion and for the mods that have 10 ranks in total they should rank up on every 3rd rank of the warframe/weapon/companion.

So ive come up with this idea since ive heard that serration might be a part of the weapon scaling with it, but the point of my idea is the same with 1 exception that these type of mods scale with warframe/companion/weapon ranks but are not part of them.

In conclusion this sounds really good in theory, but i dont know how it will play out in the end, anyways i really hope DE could take a peek at this idea the point of this idea is to reduce a farm just a li lbit and to ease up on the credit cost since maxing out 1 rankk 10 mod costs aporx 1.6 million credits wich is for newer players a pain, and 528 r5 rare cores to max out 1 rank 10 mdo aswell wich is again really bothersome.

And I personally hope again that DE is going to take a look at this idea, its not probably the best idea but its worth a shot,i hope?

P.S. by these mods i mean vitality etc. ( basically the mods u really need, and not the corrupted ones)

and also for other mods that are not vital to ur builds it should be lowered amount of fusion cores needed to rank up a mod, and lowered credit cost of ranking up the mod...

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1. It would be very unfair to the players that farmed 50.000 rare cores so that they can max those mods, like myself.

2. Mods with more ranks are exponentially harder to rank up that the mods with fewer ranks. For example, a rank 10 mod requires 32 times more cores to max than a rank 5 mod.

In your example, they are actually easier to rank up.

3. Weapon and frame ranks are nothing to obtain, you can do it almost instantly.

4. The overall amount of grind and the need to spend time in this game will drastically decrease, which I am sure it's not what the developers would ever want.

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