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Primed Fury


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On 6/23/2016 at 6:38 AM, Naftal said:

I don't see a point in True Steel. I use both fury and berserker on my melee builds, because they are multiplicative.

People are overglorifying red crits while that multiplier isn't super good compared to just regular crits. Using True steel to get guaranteed red crits faster isn't as good as people think it is.

if you want red crits, you go with Blood rush

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Well, it's a very unfortunate and sad. Especially if the support truly refuses to help.

DE, I'm sure you can check logs on trades and conversations and verify this Tenno's claim. If it proves to be true, please help him.

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On 6/23/2016 at 11:08 AM, Naftal said:

The dps calculator for melee weapons on that page doesn't take animations into account. If melees dealt that low dps in reality they would be completely unusable.

I still know how True Steel works, you don't need to show the math.

Until you get to higher levels, the TS build will kill slower because enemies are oneshot and that build swings slower. You'll get less kills per time and also get your combo counter up slower.

Sure, True Steel is useful in a vacuum. However there are 8 more useful mods for builds.

One thing you guys seem to be forgetting are certain Warframe's channeled melee Weapons. Primal Fury, Hysteria, and Exalted Blade don't benefit from from Crit Mods, but they do benefit from melee speed mods. So for a Primal Rage Wukong build, you'd favor Berserker and Prime Fury over Body Count, Maiming Strike, Blood Rush, True Steel, etc. So, like just about everything in Warframe, there is a purpose for diversity. Depending on what you're building for, you're going to be using vastly different setups. My Wukong's War is setup completely different from my Chroma's Fragor Prime, because Wukong is designed to spam his Primal Fury, and I'd like to maximize the effectiveness of his Iron Staff. Whereas Chroma is designed to spam his Vex Armor and Elemental Ward, and thanks to his obscene bulk and damage modifiers, I can afford to use Fragor Prime with True steel instead of Fury for higher damage output. It all boils down to what you are building. Even crap weapons like the Paris Prime and the Twin Grakatas can be superior compared to the competition depending on your design for say: an Artemis Bow Spamming Ivara or a Peacekeeper Spamming Mesa.


So don't write off mods without first considering every possible application. You might be surprised at what you can come up with.

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On 23 June 2016 at 3:40 PM, Praxxor said:

using true steel on a high crit melee with 2.5x+ base multiplier gives a pretty big damage boost, don't forget that red crits aren't just double crits from (100%-200%] crit chance, the multiplier is added again when you pass 200%, then again on 300% etc. effectively skyrocketing the damage when you use blood rush

It works like this, let's say you have (1+A)x multiplier on your weapon, and you score a regular redcrit from the "first tier" (100%-200%] crit chance, the damage is now multiplied by (1+2A), now on each new tier (300% 400% etc.) the crit damage is added yet again, to put it in a simple formula it'd be something D*(1+100A\C) where D is base damage, A is your crit multiplier-1 (if you have 2x multiplier, A=1) and C is your crit chance, of course this calculates approximate DPS, but it's fairly accurate and usable in practise

So, using True Steel on a crit-viable melee is basically an indirect (but realistically reliable) damage increase, though I'd argue that you'd better forget both P fury and True Steel if you want to completely max out your damage, and put in Maiming Strike instead, since that thing, just like True Steel, stacks with Blood Rush (you can make easy redcrits on ANY melee if you use blood rush and maiming strike, but only the melees with 2x+ base multiplier are viable, except for a couple 1.5x swords)

Fragor prime gets boosted up to 56% base crit with true steel, as opposed to 35%. It really helps with how high damage it goes, i find.

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