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It's so great to finally be part of this!


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A long time ago I saw a trailer at E3 for a game called Dark Sector. I thought to myself "holy damn... This looks like it could be my new favorite video game!". Needless to say, Dark Sector most definitely did not become my favorite anything.

Like many of you, I lost my skittles when I first saw images of Warframe! I signed up for the beta and waited patiently, but no invite ever came. What held me over was the (few) videos that were released. Especially those Dev Diarys! Man I couldn't contain my excitement! It was like my wife had a miscarriage but then years later a little kid shows up who turns out to be said miscarried child! Nothing short of a miracle!

After I cleaned up, I proclaimed to the world (my world that is, it's really small actually) that there was a promising new game on the horizon and all need take heed. I dislocated my knuckle due to excessive finger crossing, for hopes that Warframe wouldn't go the way of Dark Sector... or worse, go nowhere at all.

I won't lie, there was a while there where I thought things may have gone south for Warframe. I couldn't find any new info on the game and it's development no new videos from testers online. Couldn't really find any blogs/podcasts/forums talking about the game. I was worried.

But then...BOOM. Founder's Packs arrived This was it! My chance to show Digital Extremes that YES I really do want this game to succeed. TAKE MY MONEY!

I've only gotten to play Warframe for maybe an hour total, but I had a blast, and I see so much incredible potential here! I'm a bit of a Beta @#&*(, meaning I LOVE testing unfinished products. I understand that a Beta means "help us get this S#&$ done!" and I love being a part of a productive community supporting a worthy developer.

I look forward to seeing where all this goes, and I'm so excited to be involved in this beta, and this community.

I am TheProtoman,

and I WILL be remembered.

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