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Kubrow Price Evaluation -Get Your Kubrow (or kavat) Price Checked!



post updated 09/08/19

So many people ask me to evaluate and give an estimate price for their kubrow, so I figured I would make a thread dedicated to it!

There is a price guide on the forum that you can refer to, but I find colour Harmony affects what sort of prices kubrow generally sell for; an all beige/grey common lotus, will often sell for a lot less or be less desired than a black/black/tan for example. 

Prices of kubrow have changed a lot over the past few years especially since kavats came out, having been a breeder now for over 5 years on warframe I feel I am able to give you a fair evaluation based around current prices and trends. 

Remember all evaluations are an estimate and it is purely advisory, you can sell your kubrow at any price you feel fit! 

all estimates are based on selling both prints of the kubrow.  -if you like my evaluation please leave vote up/give reputation ty :P 

other people are also welcome to share their opinion on the value of the kubrow!

To get your kubrow price checked simply post an image of the kubrow showing its natural colours! for the most accurate results, either post a pic of the imprint itself or make sure you are using a pale/white lighting in your ship as the ship's lighting can affect the fur colours slightly. 

Stuck on pricing a kavat? feel free to post them here as well for an evaluation. just state which breed it is and make sure it's showing its natural colours/pattern! 

How to take the ideal picture to clearly see a kubrows colors: 

1) turn down your bloom and turn off color correction (found in the game options) 

2) take the kubrow out of stasis. 

3) type [nexus fur pattern] into the game chat, and click on the link, to get a preview of your kubrow with that pattern on. (this pattern does not blend the fur colors making them easy to see)

4) still unsure on a color? add Derelict black on each other slot, this will isolate the color you are unsure of making it easier to I.D 

example: OlgPXMR.jpg




NEW! -a thread listing estimated prices for rare coloured kubrow  (and one for kavats !) 


also If you have breeding questions check out my breeding guides: 



any extra questions just ask!

come join us on discord to talk kavat and kubrow breeding as well as warframe in general! (over 2.2 members and growing) 




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17 hours ago, Lyle4277 said:

How much should I be able to get for these three beauties (both imprints)? Thanks very much!




1) common colours -20-30p both prints 

2) single rare gold but skinny 20-30p both prints 

3) big ball ears/ mermaid tail, (the small tail isn't often as popular) so 50-80p both prints 

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1 hour ago, torukmakto0038 said:

 :) can i know there expected price please ?

2nd is skinny but i just want to know if the colour is common, uncommon or rare :)





all are common colours and pattern. 

athletics -20-40p both prints 

skinny 10-20p both prints 

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3 hours ago, Bibingka said:

Hi there! Just like to know the prices of these imprints. Thanks in advance!

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Again thank you for your time!

first two are athletic common coloured lotus -60-80p both prints 

kavat -head type isn't as popular as overs, but has a good tail, but also colours are a little 'meh' so 60-80p both prints. 

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