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According to the credit bundle changes proposed, 1 platinum will be equal to only 1,000 credits. That is far from the case when you consider all the credits required to build certain items or buy certain blueprints. 

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7 hours ago, (PS4)LunaticGunner said:

All day this.

Also, I would like the game to let me know before I sell weapon X, "Hey, this is used in a weapon recipe that you haven't mastered yet.  Are you sure you want to sell this?"

Lol not a day or two ago a clan member and I said the very same thing. How are new members supposed to know that any given weapon can be used for the creation of another? Particularly when you have a limited inventory and NEED to level things in order to progress. So we literally said, the latter part of your statement. " *name of item or simply This item* is used to craft other weapons/warframes, Tenno. Are you sure you wish to proceed?" Then people can better asses what to get rid of to make space.

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Everything seems very nice and efficient for the most part. Looking forward to it! Although, I think there should be some kind of indicator for easy to craft weapons so that new players aren't overwhelmed with choice and end up mistakenly spending credits on something they can't possibly make at their level. You've taken many steps forward which is fantastic for all of us veterans but all that information is mostly useless to a newbie who has absolutely no knowledge of the game's resource system.

We do have the MK1's but there should be one more tier of clearly accessible weapons to ease people in.

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You know I woke up thinking about this and would appreciate some comment on it. If this new market rework hypothetically caused people to lose all of their credits and/or platinum (maybe ducats too?) due to some bizarre bug would you guys have a way of resolving this so everyone got their exact amounts restored? Naturally platinum would be the biggest concern because it requires real cash to be brought into the game. 

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3 hours ago, Andrew016 said:

will the new market have an information if we already have the item built AND if we own a blueprint of it?

That would be great.
Also a sign that shows if you have already maxed said item to R30.

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On 6/30/2016 at 2:08 PM, [DE]Taylor said:

We want to make sure that all Tenno know they can craft all Warframes, Weapons, and Sentinels in-game (with the exception of exclusive and vaulted content). To do so, we’re introducing a new set-up, where each item has only one page with three tabs full of information to help guide players. 

The first tab is the About section, listing the Item bio, its stats, and its price in Platinum.

The second tab is the Build section. Here, players can see the crafting requirements and purchase the Blueprint. For content that is obtained through quests or clan research, this information will be listed here instead, outlining explicitly which room/quest is required for the components. This way, players can see that all Warframes and Weapons (with some exceptions) are available to build in-game, even if their Blueprints are not purchasable, unlike the current system.

The third tab is the Related section. The items listed here could range from cosmetics, to mods, to weapons, but are tailored to what would look best to help players optimize their Fashion Frame game.

I'll just copy-pasta what i said in this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/4rxqcw/the_new_market_interface_is_awful_for_new_players/

"If you have not seen it yet, the blueprints are now hidden inside an item's purchase screen. There's no indication of this anywhere, and the icon for the item shows that clicking it will lead you into a purchase using platinum, not into a blueprint bought with credits.

This misleads players into thinking that the only way to obtain new weapons and frames is by buying them with platinum, because there's no indication of the opposite anywhere. Hell, these blueprints are so hidden that i took a looooong time to find them, and i've played this for thousands of hours...

If it's this bad for veterans, a new player would probably never find them, or just uninstall the game after seeing that most things on the market have a platinum tag on them, instead of a blueprints/credits tag.

pls fix

EDIT: Screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/AS4Vd The tiny icon, inside the purchase screen, with literally no indications to what it is, is where the blueprints are now. Who thought this was a good idea? It's extremely misleading, to say the least."

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So, new design is going for a cash grab from your side? Really, DE, after all these years, new design that PROMOTES plat buyers? I invested a lot of time and some money in this game. This just makes it worse. If you are going for TAB system, make a PLAT tab and CREDITS tab. That is really that simple, and won't drive players away from you.

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None of this was done to improve visuals or functionality. How anyone could argue otherwise with a straight face is beyond understanding. In fact, it is patronizing and demeaning.

This appears to have been done to better hide credit purchase options. To trick the unwary and unaware into real money purchases.

Having credit purchases displayed on the same page in an interactive field perhaps one quarter the size of the field reserved for real money purchases wasn't doing the job, so you've hidden credit purchases behind additional tabs and miniscule icons. It is insulting to tell us otherwise.

The previous UI was superior in all but two ways: the added Search and the new notice that items were to be built at the Dojo. These are the only improvement I can find in the new UI.

  1. Go to Market
  2. Click Home button
  3. Select category
  4. Select a second category
  5. Click on the tiny Build icon at the top of the little window, next to the About button

I can't even find the option to buy Warframe blueprints. Right now, I must assume that either the blueprints are currently being dropped in-game, or you've entirely removed the ability to craft regular warframes by collecting parts from missions and grabbing a blueprint from the Market

I live in the real world, to. I'm not naive enough to believe all this can be given away for free. But I do not appreciate being mislead. I'll watch Fox News when I want that. Please show more respect for your fans.

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Ok, two words on the new market UI.
I happen to like the aesthetic. No really, I like it. I find it more fluid and more practical after five minutes spent in it.
That said. I absolutely agree with most of the Tenno up here about pushing plat purchase, this is misleading at best.
And the worst is that problem could easily be solved.
Like: remove the plat price on the main page, or say stuff like "full weapon+catalyst: npl /Blueprint: x creds" (removing would be best imho, it would stop a great part of misleading new players into thinking they can only buy stuff in plats)
And, on the weapon page, not have tabs, but a full column with the stats of the weapon then saying "buy it for n plats to get it like NAOW with an inventory slot and a potato" OR buy the bp for x creds which requires those components; and if you wanna push the impatience of people, say how much time it will take to craft.
Also, saying that this weapon or that weapon's bp is found in clan dojo is neat.

Also. Could the "home" tab be unfolded by default when we open the market? Clicking on it on your own could take some time if you're not used to the thing.
And one final question: Related? Related to what? How? Why?
And specifically, why is the Dragon Mod Pack related to basically everything from ship cosmetics to deluxe skins? If no one buys it it's because it's worthless, putting it everywhere won't change that! You can get all basic warframe rare mods+ stretch for 20/25pl on the market, and the basic firearms rares for roughly the same, and then three basic rare damage mods for melee for 20pl tops. So you're at 70pl for 11 basic useful rare (+1silver) mods to get you started. With the remaining 20, you could get serration, Hornet strike, some elemental mods. How can 90pl for a pack of five "with two guaranted rares" even remotely be a good idea?

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so, according to Steve's twitter post, that i found through reddit thread mentioned above, new shop UI was not ready to be implemented but still was put in.

maybe if it is not ready you shouldn't put it into the game?

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Other than the obvious cash-grab comments, I like to address the design flow from a slightly different point of view. The overhaul of the market is GOOD, but the way the market menu is presented is perhaps not the best thing. Overall, I appreciate what you did.

Positive feedback:

  • Accessing things is by default faster than before, which is a good thing.
  • You learned that transition time of graphics needs to be at a minimum, which is good.
  • The "hide owned" button is a wonderful and intuitive addition. It has a few quirks still but for the most part it works well. I don't get why it is a separate instance for each category though, and why we can't just say "hide ALL owned" / "show ALL owned"
  • It's good that you did NOT update the Liset-internal slides graphic. I would even suggest to add more slides to it now. It makes sense to have the "advertisment" run and be different than when you actually go to the market. Smart move to not remove it.
  • The search function inclusion is good, and so is the wishlist. But can we see other player's wishlists? I doubt it, which is sad and should be a thing.
  • Preview of Helmets and Warframe skins can be rotated, which is nice, but I wish this would be possible for ALL things.


Negative feedback:

  • The blueprint thing, obviously.
  • Certain things cannot be previewed properly. For example, the newly suggested Holster animations ... show a block animation.
  • The home menu is simply not visible enough and not well placed. Every person (including myself) I play with had the same experience. They had to first look for something that will make the market content appear, always causing a "huh?" moment. Also it only expands if you click it, not on mouseover. This is not very intuitive design.
  • Hitting escape throws you out of the market completely instead of going "one step back" from the past, because now there is no step back. Which is technically a good thing, but it goes against the association of the escape button being a reflex to open a menu but it is also the same reflex as closing something or boing back a step. I rather have it work in a way that the ESC key opens the menu, and if you hit it again while the menu is open, THEN you exit. So double tap to leave, single tap to open menu. At any rate, we still have the exit button on the bottom right.
  • The size of the icons does not warrant any benefit. They are way too huge as the content can't be showcased properly anyway. Please make them smaller, or give us at least the option to display a smaller grid. If you give us that already, please make it so that we can have a text-only visible version too. For example weapons could have their stats included in this text only version, preferably even make those capable of sorting.
  • If you open the market, and also anywhere you go, there is a ton of space on top to showcase some the "featured animation" which cycles through. But the moment you start to scroll down, that "top section" is now completely covered by the transparent icons. At this point I wonder what the point was again. Maybe you want to have a toggle-able "preview slide" which always keeps the top part clean, or not, if we chose not to.


Suggestions for improvement:

  • Instead of the home button being hidden, do the same as you did with the old market. A top-bar that shows all the same main categories as the current dropdown menu. But instead, those work on mouse-over instead clicking through all the things in the old market. I really like the speed of the new market but the dropdown menu is simply not cutting it. Put the main categories on top, and let them expand upon mouse-over. This would then be natural, intuitive UI design that we are used to since many years in other applications. Once you do that, you can add the "blueprint" category. And at that time you can make blueprints ACTUALLY show up when using "blueprint" in the search bar.
  • Preview area should always be emphasizing mouse-over.
  • All previewed items should be able to rotate with mouse grab, instead of only a few things (like the Warframe skins do).
  • We need more additional categories OR filter options like the mods (All, Primary, secondary, Warframe, you get the idea). Usable Landing craft are not the same as Noggles and not the same as Landing craft skin, etc. etc.
  • Archwing should either be separated into "only Archwings" in the Warframe category and "Archwing Weapons" in the Weapons category, or should get it's own tab altogether. But cramped into "Warframes" doesn't feel fitting.


1 hour ago, Pro3Display said:

maybe if it is not ready you shouldn't put it into the game?

Because Marketing decisions override production decisions, and managing decisions of timeframe and development cycles override developer arguments.

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3 hours ago, Khunvyel said:

Because Marketing decisions override production decisions, and managing decisions of timeframe and development cycles override developer arguments.

because it is a good marketing decision to get people rage and call your company "bad cashgrabbing people"

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22 minutes ago, Pro3Display said:

because it is a good marketing decision to get people rage and call your company "bad cashgrabbing people"

I never said it was a good philosophy, but a reason as to why some things happen. Other companies have shut down entire games, not only because they have made a loss, but simply because they have not "made enough money to still be justified" aka "what happened to City of Heroes/Villains or eXteel".

Also, marketing doesn't work that way. It's a net profit summary. If a company can get away with the loss of a few possible people which is made up by the increased purchase power of others, then that is most often than not a compromise willing to be taken. The bottom line in this case is literally the bottom line and what's left under it. Some companies do it because they are greedy. Other companies do it because they want food in their mouths and do not want to have layoffs.

Does that benefit the product in the long run or the reputation of the company? That will remain to be seen, especially if that choice was made with the intention of profit in mind and not with the intention of attempting to streamline the market interface while forgetting some crucial side-effects of it. The coming updates will show the colours.

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I would LOVE a button that showed built and or rank of weapons in the market.

I have to go from my profile then to the market to cross check what to buy for mastery.

It is not a big deal it would just be a nice quality of life thing.

Also...Love all the new changes DE :)

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