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A Few Questions


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Not sure if I post my questions here or if I should submit a ticket with them...guess you guys can tell me which would be better haha.

So will this closed beta be like most other closed betas where after closed beta, everything is whiped and everyone starts over for open beta and on?

If everything gets deleted and people have to start from fresh, will people that buy stuff with real cash get to keep that stuff? Or do they get a refund of their platinum?

Then the other question is, is there any way to start from scratch? Like delete your profile data and warframe and start from the beginning?

Thanks for your time.

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Its a CB everything gets deleted after the beta closes ... for cash bought items ... idk maybe they add them to the players acount after the test ... but I have a few questions of my own ... is there any other way to close the game except the ALT+F4 and how can I find a team to play multiplayer in this game ... I cant find any cleus to this squad team up choice ...

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