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Void 2.0 Feedback [Megathread]

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On 9/1/2016 at 1:59 AM, ShadowMark25 said:

Possible Solutions:


  1. Set Fissure missions so that they cannot be entered midway.
  2. A Relic should be equipped from the relic refiner prior to mission start from navigation.
  3. Public fissure missions should have different modes. Example,

i.                You cannot enter public missions without a relic equipped.

ii.                At start of mission (Ex Lith), you can decide if you want join people with random Lith relics, only Lith relics of the same type as you, or only of the same refinement and type as you. [This is to prevent exploitation of people with radiants].

02. Fissure Mission Mechanic Issues:


a.      It is hard to notice where reactant drops sometimes, especially when it's right in front of you.

b.      You cannot tell how much reactant other members of the squad have gathered*.

c.      Fissures in spy missions make no sense* and are near impossible to complete.

d.       There is no point to Exceptional and Flawless levels of refinement.

e.      Current system of Void Trace gathering creates excessive grind.

f.      There is no longer any meaningful reason to be in the Void. (or rather, relic gathering/ trace farming/ resource gathering for clan takes up so much time that we can no longer easily enjoy the void.)

g.        Exceptional and Flawless refinement is of no use.

I agree with the solutions on #1. This would be a sure-fire way to stop scamming/exploiting.

The reactants needs to have these changes:
- Make the colliders on them larger so that we don't walk back and forth trying to pick them up (possibly as large as endo).
- Keep the markers visible at all times and turn them off once the player collects all 10.

As for the relic refinements, I have to agree that Exceptional and Flawless are pointless.
- Right now, the drop rates for common, uncommon, and rare drops respectively are:
  Intact = 76%, 22%, 2%
  Exceptional = 70%, 26%, 4%
  Flawless = 60%, 34%, 6%
  Radiant = 50%, 40%, 10%
- In other words, it's better to just go Radiant if you're going for the uncommon drops.
- This is the the way it should be:
  Make only 3 types, so get rid of Exceptional.
  Intact = 50%, 40%, 10%
  Flawless = 30%, 50%, 20%
  Radiant = 10%, 40%, 50%
- This way, the probability curve shifts to the desired rarity. So if someone wanted to get an uncommon drop, he/she would go flawless instead of radiant.

This or completely revamp the system so that there's no more common/uncommon/rare categories and just allocate the traces to favor specific drops.

Another suggestion is to have a system where we can break down any relics (including the old ones) and turn them into traces.

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In general... its terrible...

It fosters too much artificial team play and forces way too much grind, Each new prime results in MORE relics to have to farm before you can even farm the primes.

Too many players have the ability to grief other players for primes. 

Completely eliminates any option of soloing due to the terrible drop rates of primes and over reliance on the relics... not to mention the rarity of the ones you want.

On top of all that, the pick up of reactants is unresponsive, the enemies out level the mission difficulty, the Tears are ridiculously bright, the enemies fully heal when corrupted resulting in basicly having to kill them twice at times... i could go on, but ill simply say this, Go back to Void 1.0... 2.0 sucks.

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Hello fellow Tenno, 

I had an idea that sounds great "in my head" and would like your feedback. 

The new relic system would function as a second layer to the previous void reward system. This second layer would allow players to reroll the reward given once the objective is completed or at  the end of the 5th wave/5 minutes of the endless missions. Players could also see the rolls of other players and be able to choose from them. Players could still use refinements to improve the drop chance for those rarer drops. Choosing the roll of another player will not steal that reward. 


1. You can only reroll a reward once per mission. 

The Idea below is just a Random idea, that popped into my head as I was writing. 

For those players that like a challenge, In tower IV missions at the end of every 5 waves or 5 minutes interval a random Boss would appear and attack the players, however before the players could kill the boss it would disappear so that might come back and attack again. 

This is just an idea, that I thought was interesting. 


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I hated the new void system, but I have to say after I played like a lot of missions with the new system I kind of get used to it and saw it benefits and now I kind of support the idea for it except there are few problems. One of the problem is when you play in the void tilesets and you fight against corrupted enemies, when a fissure appear it is trying to make the corrupted enemies - corrupted which is kind of nonsense which leads to my second problem and that is the fissures itself. I think we can have enemies spawn on the map at the start of the mission instead of spawning them or turning them into such, because not only their texture get glitchy, but no matter that now invincible time when turning into corrupted is shorter I still find that i try to shoot an enemy and it turns invincible and after that it has it full health back. I'm saying this also because spawning multiple nulifiers in your face regardless the fact that they are with a smaller bubble range is OP since their bubbles cross each other and whenever you try to shoot you are shooting a bubble and you can be screwed up pretty fast. Also if we have pre-spawned enemies we can have more void tileset missions and it will not turn the corrupted into corrupted. Also one more problem is gathering reactant. Almost everytime when I pass over a reactant I don't obtain it. This is some kind of bug and I think it should be fixed and also Carrier should be able to obtain it via Vacuum.

Also I have talked to couple of players and they all complain about low framerate when playing relic missions (supposedly they don't have that good PCs), but don't have any problem in other missions no matter how many enemies and so. That may be a problem because of fissures.

Other than that everything is good as it is.

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The most important thing still does not work, and that is the problem that in some missions there is simply not enough reactant. Happens a lot in Lith exterminates, but also had it in sabotage missions that just no more enemies spawned. That might be prevented if a fixed number of corrupted that WILL drop reactant is spawned at the beginning of each mission, but there should be a lot more solutions to that problem.

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10 minutes ago, (XB1)LAZYNOOB2015 said:

Fissures never stop spawning and there's ALWAYS enough reactant to open a relic. You just have to wait for a fissure to spawn.

Sorry, but that's simply wrong.

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After being motivated by a friend, I finally attempted to get the 3 new primes: Nekros, Tigris, and Galatine.

Here are my observations.


  1. Mission type is variable and dynamic.
  2. The fissures spawn and reactants drop with enough frequency.


  1. The entire process is repetitive:
    1. Get relic --> Get traces --> Upgrade relic to radiant (in 99% of cases) --> Find 3 others with the same relic and quality --> Do the void fissure mission --> Repeat.
    2. This process is repeated each and every time for all prime parts.
    3. The void fissure mission is always about collecting 10 reactants, which is repetitive in nature.
  2. The entire process is extremely time consuming:
    1. New relics are introduced with each new introduction of a prime set.
      1. Players will have to play regular missions to obtain these new relics. One of the fastest and funnest ways is Hieracon - spending 40 minutes to 1 hour gives about 4-8 relics on average, and 1-4 of these are the ones that players are looking for. So players would have to repeat these missions over an over to get enough of the relics for a relatively good chance of getting the desired prime part.
        1. For some players, Hieracon is the only "fun" thing left in Warframe.
      2. It is difficult to find and recruit 3 other players who desire the same prime part and have relics of the same type and quality, especially for older prime parts because there are so many different types of relics and qualities. This search for players is time consuming. A reasonable person would frustratingly spend the time to find a full squad or postpone it.
    2. Players have to repeat many mssions to get enough traces.
      1. Since most of desired prime parts are in the "rare" or "low odds" category, players need 100 traces to fully upgrade 1 relic. Furthermore, virtually all requests in the recruit chat requires radiant relics. Because each void fissure mission rewards 6-30 traces, these missions have to be repeated between 4 and 17 times to get enough traces to fully upgrade 1 relic. The fastest mission type is Capture, which takes at least 3 minutes on average (capture target, get 10 reactants, reach extraction). This means that it would take 12-51 minutes to get enough traces to update one relic, assuming that there is a Capture mission in the list and not counting time between missions and loading screens.
  3. Void 2.0 neutralizes the need for team work and staying in an endless mission.
    1. Players no longer have a reason to stay in an endless mission because the one and only prime reward and traces are accessible after the 1st round or wave.
    2. Players exclusively play Capture, Extermination, and Survival missions (in that order of preference) in the Void Fissure list, because they are the fastest to complete. Since teamwork is most often required in endless missions, players no longer engage in teamwork. Teamwork was at its greatest in T3 Defense and T4 Defense, not counting Raid missions.


  1. Bring back Void 1.0.
  2. Significantly increase the number of traces awarded in a mission (25-50 traces per mission).
  3. Allow enemies to drop traces in endless missions.
  4. Make the rewards of endless missions exponentially better as the mission progresses.
    1. Example of rewards: Wave C
      1. Round 1 (4th wave): 50 traces + 1 relic
      2. Round 2 (8th wave): 100 traces + 2 relics + 50 endo
      3. Round 3 (12th wave): 150 traces + 3 relics + 200 endo + 1 rare mod
      4. Round 4 (16th wave): 200 traces + 5 relics + 1000 endo + 3 rare mods + 1 lens, and so on...
    2. Each wave takes longer and longer because enemies become more difficult.
  5. Allow bosses to reward relics.
  6. Upgrading a relic should significantly reduce the chance of getting a common prime part and significantly increase the chance of getting a rare part. At this point, all qualities but "Radiant" are useless.
    1. Example of chances:
      1. Intact:
        1. Common part one: 20%
        2. Common part two: 20%
        3. Common part three: 20%
        4. Uncommon part one: 15%
        5. Uncommon part two: 15%
        6. Rare part one: 10%
      2. Radiant:
        1. Common part one: 5%
        2. Common part two: 5%
        3. Common part three: 5%
        4. Uncommon part one: 15% (same chance as before)
        5. Uncommon part two: 15% (same chance as before; to increase these chances, use a different quality (such as exceptional))
        6. Rare part one: 55%
      3. The other relic qualities (such as exceptional) should focus more on:
        1. Solely increasing the chances of getting an uncommon part.
        2. A mix of increasing the chances of getting an uncommon part or rare part.
      4. This system would make players feel that DE values the time put into repeating void fissure missions for traces.

It really shouldn't have to take players such as myself make these obvious issues known. If DE employees sat down and counted how long it would take for them to obtain the 3 new prime parts as a normal player, they would see that the entire process is frustrating, repetitive, and extremely time-consuming. All three of these in combination is the definition of "unfun." 

DE, please read this and make the necessary changes. Thanks.

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certain missions are not spawning enough reactant. just ran a mission (lith exterminate fissure) and ended up with 9 reactant at the end of the mission. the tenth reactant, of course, spawned in the wall.

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7 hours ago, 3goats said:

certain missions are not spawning enough reactant. just ran a mission (lith exterminate fissure) and ended up with 9 reactant at the end of the mission. the tenth reactant, of course, spawned in the wall.

Yeah, happened to me too. That is one more reason that reactant should be obtainable with Carrier's Vacuum.

Also If all enemies were killed I think an algorithm like checking if on the map there are enough reactant for everyone to achieve 10 if not it should continue spawning fissures and more enemies.

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I'm not sure if it has been posted prior (could not find it in the search) but- I've ran a couple missions where enemies have outright stopped spawning long before I can reach 10 reactant. These missions are not exterminate. They were simple capture missions. It's happened twice. Meso tier Corpus capture. The enemies just outright did not show up after my third reactant.

On top of not getting the prime part/BP, I'm also not getting traces for these missions.

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I find more and more these days that I just can't face having to run a mission between 4 and 17 times to refine a single relic to radiant that usually only drops the common part anyway. It's time consuming and boring and I'm not playing anywhere near as much now due to this.

Suggested changes:

- Increase the trace rewards to a guaranteed number per mission. Perhaps weighted by tier to reflect the difficulty (T1 = 20, T2 = 25 etc)

- Make reactant automatic pick ups to speed things up (no Carrier required)

- Extra reactant picked up after 10 is converted to traces

- Make traces a resource drop from somewhere other than void relic missions (ideally a resource drop - convert rubedo to traces in the Void?)

- Eliminate the trace system entirely and have relics flat rates of rarity (eg 10% rare, 25% uncommon, 65% common)

- There's an issue with speed of corruption outside exterminates. Exterminate enemies tend to spawn in and get instantly corrupted. We usually have to wait in other missions for several minutes for a fissure then wait some more for corruption to occur. This causes mission fails in sabotages if the 5 min countdown has started

I still love the game and I'll still play but I miss getting rare shiny things from running void missions. Every time I see 6 traces at the end of a mission, the voice saying 'why am I bothering with this?' gets louder :(

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I can agree on some things with people about 2.0 like have traces drop in the void instead of getting 6 for doing a fissure but things like "Not enough reactant spawns because the enemies stop spawning" is not true. I've played alot of fissures and not once have I left without enough reactant. Crossfire gives me enough about halfway through. I usually have enough before the end of the mission. I see people typing about allowing reactant to be obtained by Carriers Vacuum and I agree.

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7 hours ago, (XB1)LAZYNOOB2015 said:

I can agree on some things with people about 2.0 like have traces drop in the void instead of getting 6 for doing a fissure but things like "Not enough reactant spawns because the enemies stop spawning" is not true. I've played alot of fissures and not once have I left without enough reactant. Crossfire gives me enough about halfway through. I usually have enough before the end of the mission. I see people typing about allowing reactant to be obtained by Carriers Vacuum and I agree.

Sorry, but only because you were lucky does not invalidate the experience of many others. Lith exterminates on earth only feature 30+ enemies at times and there is no way to finish them successfully. I agree it's not a huge issue, 99% of fissures work quite well, but it can happen and is annoying when it does ;)

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All I know is this Void 2.0 is absolute crap. Triple the grind (Farm Relics + Farm Traces + Run Radiant Relic for no real reward + Rinse/Repeat) and only 50% the reward since there is literally NO REASON to run "Endless" mission types.

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I am speaking you you W3zzer and I have to say this because the quote function isn't working for me for some reason. Fissures not spawning before all reactant is collected must be a bug that I'm lucky enough not to recieve. True, Earth doesn't have many enemies so what I sometimes do is go to the enemies and wait for a fissure to spawn and corrupt them. This should make it easier

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already wrote something a time ago, but wanted to give my current void farm experience with nekros,tigris and galatine prime.

i'm mr20,so this might differ for other players. i usally dont like running solo for farming if it is avoidable, but use randoms group. it's not that i find running solo hard, its just super boring for me. and random players ease the pain ;) so basiclly a semisolo player. All of that took place after the fix with the rotation relic drops. which was kinda the point for me to look over the relic farming places, since this change (so i thought) might have changed where u would be able to farm relics the "fastest"

my course was basiclly farm relics for one tier, runs the relics of this tear till i got all the new stuff from this tier relics. this includedto  run random relics of this tier to get the void traces to refine relics of this tier. so i worked down the tierlist basiclly. It was farm relics, do some fissures, farm relics,do some fissure. to change things up a bit. it was not a non stop relic farming. just to point that out.

farming the relics:

So for the t1's my first try was running the earth dark sector excavation. i enjoyed these quite a lot in the past and at low mr this was my go to level/neurode farming place. But this was long ago. Since i did pluto hierachon a ton and players usally go to 2k with no issue, it was a bit annoying to just to under 1k or so. A lot of newer players go here and dont want to do more. tried a few runs, run into the same issue. so this mission was not my place to get my t1 relics. So i mived on to try some interception on earth. first try i stubbled into a group of players doing 8 waves or something. was kinda nice and we droped t1 relics in nearly every a rotation and t2's in b and c. So i was very happy finding, that the roation change from the update opened up a new missiontyp to farm relic. interceptions not my favorite mission type,since you stand around in the same place all the time, but okay. just go with it. So the question was which frame to take. i remebered at draco a player telling me that he soloed the old draco intercept easily up to round 12 with atlas. since it was grineer and i liked the frame no reason not to try. played a few more missions there. most times i ran into low lv players doing 1 wave or maybe 2 if i stayed. i ended up doing the first two a rotations and then leaving to speed my t1 relic farm up. did not really cared about the t2 at this point in time. Atlas was quite good and since the intercept had 2 maps one small and one really big one, his golems seemd super good. covering places where i wasn't. So this was basiclly my t1 farm. got a bit bored after time and tried ember/hydroid. But must say liked atlas for his minions the most. i like the farme concept a lot, so might be a bit biased here^^ as for the result: i ended up on average with around 1 relic per run on the way to two. sometimes bad luck got zero in two round. but in total i would say i got 1 relic per 2 round runs minimum. did not really count or keep track,but was not disappointed with my results. just my feeling ;)

now on to the t2's. i played the europa excavation a bit in the past after the starchart rework. but ended up not doing it since the spawn was so bad (waited 15min for enery drones to spawn in a 3rd mission sorties once....). i tend to do it very rarly after an update - mostly to check if the spawn is finally fixed. So yeah, since i got all my t1 stuff quite okay, i jumped right in the dark sector excavation. Super motivated to getting my hands on some t2's and maybe t3's in the process. My prefered frame for this things is vauban. You can mod your bastille to 20+ seconds and have an extractor running at all times, leave them really early. Sometimes you can run 2 if the places are next to ech other. An the good thing it does not matter what frames the other players use. So yeah. got into the mission and ... the spawn was still the same. i did it a few times, maybe i was just unlucky this mission,but no.  it ended up being the same and annyoned me more every time. this was definitly not the mode i wanted to play for the t2 relics. Since i had my eye already on pluto hierachon for the t3's and t4's i thought about tackling the interceptions again, since these were quite good for my t1 relics. I searched for the ones giving t2 relics in the a rotation. ended up finding 2 or 3 possible missions, dont remeber excatly. among these was an interception on juptier, which i ended up choosing. the added bonus i could possible get neural sensores. So i tried atlas a few times, since it worked well before. problem was the map before was a grineer one, this was corpus. it is a mid level range, spawned not a ton of nullifiers up to round 2, what i was doing over and over again. so atlas was still good and an easy frame to go solo with. Since i could get the neural sensores i ended up changing to nekros with a quite cheesy build for max desecrate range and having shadows up all time. didnt got the max damage reduction from the augment,but for this mission it was okay,since the missions where the thing that mattered. So i did this mission for the t2's. got a bit sick of interceptions at this point, not my favorite mission type as i said. the result was the same as t1 intercept. got like 1 relic per run on average.

so moving on to the t3/t4 relic farm. my goal for this was pluto hierachon the famous or infamous dark sector excavation. right after the update with the relic rotations i played it just for testing, ended up with mixed feelings/results. so i was quite curious what it would give in the long term. i always ended up switching to vauban for this mission type in the past. so he is my go to frame for dark sector excavations. did my bunch of runs, kinda grown to love/hate this tileset/mission. since i played it so much. So it was my most fun part of the relic farming process itself. As for the relics yields. i usally do 2k runs. so i ended up with 3-8 relics  from what i can remeber right now. think i got 2 relics one time,but not really sure. the most part i would say i ended up with about the same as before the update (5 relics per run or more usally). The problem was its kinda disappointing if you do 2k and get less then 5 relics. So yeah, still have mixed feelings about this.

relics farming final opinion:

since i did relic farming and some fissure missions in between to switch it up. it was not as bad as expected. the thing is that there is really no choice on what mission to play even after the rotation update. the excavations are still by far the best way to get relics (since you get endo and other drop rotations as a bonus). but you cant play the europa ones,since the spawn is really crappy. so for t2 relics you end up doing some other stuff. the interceptions seemed to be the most time efficient ones. but its about the same as an excavation. so if there was a viable t2 relic excavation i would a have done these. for the t1 i would recommend the earth one in a premade party. or if you are okay solo then go for it. but yeah, the problem i had most times was that i ended up mssing one specific relic of a tier. dropped like all the other ones, but not what i looked. and if you dont have a garantied relic drop and might end up with zero relics (althought this rarely happend and never did in the excavations) i can get really frustrating. The strange thing is i liked farming for relics way more then doing the fissures itself. which with the old void system was definitly not the case. so yeah relic farming was the fun part of the journey.

fissure farming:

so doing the fissures. i had a goal: get the new prime stuff. in the past the fissure system was not really appealing to me to put it lightly. so with the nekros prime release i was super hyped and more motivated to grind it out. from my past expierience with the fissure missions i still ended up only doing some mission types. i do random group ones. so dont really know what relics the others bring.

i prefered the resuce over all,since its fast. you can collect your endo before,without a hughe risk of someone going off and failing the mission. if one triggers the hostage alarm i can drop my liset alarm intercept and be okay in a worst case scenario. The others ones i did a lot was spy, since the vaults are kinda fun for me, even after i have played them so much. it adds a challenge/change to the rest of the fissure play. Problem here was tha the enemys can spawn inside the vaults. which means literally inside or just inside the spyroom around it. in some cases this makes the vault impossible to crack,since they trigger the alarm on spawn. so yeah... ended up doing this a bit, but prefered rescue due to the spawning issue. The other ones i tend to do is capture, sabo and exterminate. It's okay to run. i only had one issue,where i spawned in later into an exterminate and could only find 7 reactants,even after searching the whole map (the other player waited for me,which is rare too sadly). a slight issue with exterminate is that if you kill the enemys fast (with ember) for example they are mostly not really corrupted and dont drop any reactant. So i ended up not using ember or other inta kill things for the exterminate ones. as for the sabo ones, i found that getting enemies to spawn in the t1/t2 ones was quite a chor,since you sit there waiting.  your basiclly forced to use the coolant cells to get a defense going to get enemies and reactants. had one mission even fail,couse we could not get enought and used fire and there was no enemy respawn before the rector start... So ended up using the coolant cells in the low level ones. for the other mission types ..  yeah... i really never do them. they take forvever, like mobile defense. the survival one i dont like, with the combined mission type of fissures. and excavatiions. hm i dont know doing 1 extractor seems super strange if u run 2k relics farming excavations. so i dont know, dont liked these. The only excaption was if i had a radiant relic and really really wanted to run it and there is no other missiontype of this tier up. but usally avoid these mission types.

so now getting into the fissure mission. chose my relic, starting ... starting ... searching for group.. found group..yes. excited... oh didnt found group. whats happening? yes its bugged out... this was a real pain. every secound fissure mission i spend like 1minute searching for a party, the party search bugging out. could not accept the mission or some other random stuff not working with the party search thingy. Since the latest two updates (silvergrove 1.3/1.4) it seems to have gotten a lot better. maybe i just had horrible luck at the beginnning. i dont know. but if it happens every other mission, i can not imagine it being bad luck. so yeah. it annoyed the crap out of me. Since these fissure mission only last 5mins you feel like spending your game time in the lobby bugging out and being upset about the party searching system. so yeah. one minus point for the fissure system. and you cant really use recruitment chat. its gotten better with the update (playing in german,dont know about other regions). but its still basiclly on life support. and the minutes i spend searching for a party i have sadly done several fissure missions in the same time. even if the party searched bugged out on me alot. so....

so to the fissure mission it self. feel like i dont say something new if i told you its repetitive as no other and boring. even with the goal of getting the new prime stuff in mind it was a real mess. my personal issure is the reactant walking over stuff. i walk from point a to point b to point c, till i get my 10 reactant. i dont follow the game flow, dont take "cover" from enemies. i just kill stuff as a sidenote or my party can deal with this stuff. i just have eyes for the golden things droping. looking where excatly do they lie. did i get it when i walked here. oh no, i missed it by 10 pixels and need to run back.. this feels really silly. So yes, the big negative point for me is, when i ended up not getting my 10 reactants one exterminate mission. i thought, well at least you will get the void traces. you did not do this mission for nothing at least. dont get the prime part but okay, relic is not lost. can do another mission after. imagine my surprise in the mission endscreen. it did get jack. so you have to play the "collect the reactant" minigame. which is stupid.

so lets assume we are okay with the reactant collecting, walking over them to the pixel to get them. they are so hard to spot. yes they glow/shine whatever you will call it yellow and give a sound if you collect them. but guess what - there is a bunch of other S#&$ glowing making noise. warframe as a game and especially fighting is really intense in terms of the input you get as a player. if there are a bunch of enemies and around. and in fissure mission there will be (since they spawn on top of you ^^). So yeah,this reactant are hard to see. if there are same crates/enemies/corpses blocking your view. corpus drones droping there mines, other drops lieing around, players using there warframe abilities. you get my point. in a lot of occasion i end up playing the game back wards. what i mean is that i looking in the opposite direction to get the range range and direction marker for the reatants if they are not in your line of sight. if you turn in the direction and there is something blocking your direct view and you dont see the golden glow, you end up checking the direction and distance. moving a bit this way. find nothing. turn around to get the marker and check again the direction and distance. i find my self doing this proces super often during the fissure missions. and it just adds to the frustration of having to walk over the reactants to collect them.

another issue which didnt happend to me (and with the reactant counter next to the player hp bars its a bit mitigated) is that players can end the mission even if you dont have all reactants. lets be reall most warframe players are super friendly what i like about the game. and will wait for you if you ask nicely. but the current fissure system opens up the possibily for such behavior. with the old system players could leave early or for example your survial to extract at 10min,where you would not get the roation b and c rewards, which happend to me like once or so. but you would still not lose stuff. you would get your rewards from the a rot. so even if you used the key, you would end up getting something for using the key and your time. with the current fissure missions, if you dont get 10 reactants, you dont get a prime party and as pointed out above you dont get vooid traces, which at least you give you something. yes you have the credits/ressouces, but after a certain point these dont really matter. so you "wasted" you time on a fissure mission,where you didn't get anything out of. your possible annoyed by the other players and frustrated, yes you got your relic,but in the time could have opened your relic.there is no reward of any kind there for you other then the frustration from other players. i exaggerate here a bit yes. i hope you get my point. it opens up this mechanic/possibilty of player behaviour. along with this 5min fissure mission which appeals more to a non-patient player base, having to do all fast and now. it has holds an potential issue for the games future in my eyes. but we will see ;) (hopefully i'm wrong^^)

so yeah, i ended up getting my stuff mostly with my own farmed relics in qutie a fast time. got a nekros blueprint by chance,couse another players was running the relic. which was not planned. other stuff i got myself. my last missing part was the tigris blueprint, which i traded for. ran like 10+ tigris radiant relics in total. got no tigris blueprint, but got 2 nekros and 2 galatine blueprints during the process of running other relics for the traces to refine. so ended up trading one of these blueprints for the tigris one. was kinda tired of the farm...

fissure farming:

i found it was more an annoyance then fun. the reason i stopped grinding for my last missing part in the end and traded for it. will probably rarelly touch these mission if not for getting ducats if baro has worthy stuff. but not fun for me to play. i end up feeling like i spend the same time in party search, playing search the hidden reatants in time (before others extrct) as playing the game. which should be shooting stuff and using your cool warframe abilits. these mission are more of a running simulator for me.

all in all:

i really love the relic farming strangely, why? couse i could go in a mission and play the game for more then a few minutes. which shocked me. couse fissures should be the "endgame"  fun factor. there more the endgame chors at the moment. you do them if you want to get somewhere (prime equipment,ducats). another thing was it was really fast to get the new prime stuff solo in my eyes. i took really long to get my last part,but lost interest and motivation in the end and ended up doing only a few fissure missions a day. i remember taking way longer to get vauban and his other prime stuff. so kinda wondering if a party of players could just play a weekend and be done with the new stuff. in terms of having it farmed and get it building. which begs the issue of players demand more updats faster.. so yeah. really hoping for a change to the fissure system, couse if you got the new prime stuff there is literally no point in playing these other for getting a few ducats for baor if you dont have the stuff he offers. but yes, not see anyone selling prime stuff, couse at the rate you can farm them everyone who buys this for plat must be really loaded or clueless. which is an issue in terms of time in game spend. in the past an incentive to play a bit warframe for me was to sell some stuff of,, doing a void mission in between, switching to trade in the time between missions,checking what to sell and so on. with the current rate of aquiering prime parts there is no point in selling. which means no point in logging on to trade and maybe play a mission too. so yes, this system as a whole tends to have removed a lot of reason for players to stick with the game,which i find kind o sad. really like warframe. hope change is coming. thx for reading if someone read my whole text or even just some parts.

fight on tenno ;)

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Why not have a continuous spawning of reactants for endless missions? Each reactant adds  +1% to rarer drops. Keep the refining system the way it is, just have the reactants take the percentages out of the 50% to the lesser ones. For example, I got a radiant relic, go into a mission and got 10 reactants. That would fulfill in opening the relic, however say i got 10 more reactants. that'd be 5% taken from the first and second tier of the drops and 5% added to the last two items on the list.So i would now have a 15% chance to get a rare now but caps out at the inverse of the spectrum: 10%, 40%, 50% maybe? Gives us an extra reason to pick up (and keep the planets clean of reactants) extra reactants.

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I came up with a pretty good idea of Endless missions. When playing survival, defence or interception at the end of the round/wave it could give us random relic and we can continue playing with it or to give us a random relic and update it to Exeptional and every other round updates the relic more and more until it reaches Radiant, then it goes back to intact and then again going up and up. To make the process difficult so not everyone is playing if players don't manage to collect the radiant until the game round/wave is over he won't be able to choose any reward like he failed the mission, but he/she can continue playing with the next one. This way it will be almost like the old void.

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Hey guys!

I want to thank each and every one of you for submitting your feedback! All... 27 pages of it. Whew. I'm going to spend the next few years hours reading through all of your posts and compiling a list of the main points, so I'm locking this thread. Again - thank you all for taking the time to help us make Warframe better. :community:

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