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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 2


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Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 2


  • Reduced the sound effect volume of enemy spawns from Void Fissures.


  • Potential fix for a couple of progression stoppers related to the Chroma quest: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/668478-the-new-strange-quest-bugged-stuck-at-craft-systems-systems-already-crafted/

  • Fixed an issue with Lunaro functionality breaking after a goal replay.

  • Fixed an issue with Okina having the wrong polarities.

  • Fixed an issue with the Staff holster customization background image appearing incorrectly.

  • Fixed the pricing of Staff holster customization items.

  • Fixed an issue with Staff holster customizations not being properly visible in the Arsenal.

  • Fixed an error that could sometimes occur when attempting to breed pets.

  • Fixed an issue with Prime Access Market banners not appearing correctly.


  • Fixed progression blocker due to ramp refusing to budge in Second Dream quest mission
  • Reduced the number of Nullifier and Bombard units spawned during Void Fissure sealing process
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Thanks DE

Could you pls, fix the way that noogles load when i go to the liset? i got 1 of each noogle and every time i go to the liset i get a "Frozen screen" for a few seconds.


Thanks again

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After each fix, the setting screen game his reset, fix it please.


Holster is bad again. All weapon go on origin point of model " 0 Point" of axis.

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got screwed really hard on the key-to-relic conversion, i dont even really care what you guys patch now. 2,227 keys man. all converted into 5 of each tiers key types.

no fix for nodes that were "unleared" showing cleared after completing them

no fix for kubrows or kavats breaking stealth for no damn reason and alerting enemies on stealth runs


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