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Antimatter At Rest


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EDIT; Sorry, phone won't let me embed the pic. Tried manually typing the bbcode, no results. I'll fix this in the morning. For now, it's just an imgur link. Sorry again!

EDIT2; Fixed, should display properly now ^_^

Just a weird idea I had. I mean, they're armored, they don't need clothes on top, but..

I dunno. I kinda like how it looks, and for some reason, the kimono sliding down to reveal her (vents? Exhaust?) Is almost endearing.


I'd love tips on shading. Or lineart. (Like seriously, how do people get such clean, even lines? Should I play around with lines being a darker shade of the colour they encapsulate? (Is that a word?!) )


Hope you enjoy the idea at least ^_^

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2 hours ago, Anavi_Ivy said:

I like the fact that it is somehow.. I don't know, feminine and soft.. Anyway, nice job owo
Also, what program are you using?

I think that's what I really loved about the idea. Glad you like it ^_^


I'm using ibisPaint X for Android. Nifty little program, I really enjoy it.

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