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Display of weapon stats is inconsistent

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No doubt this has been reported before, but as I'm sitting here trying to add things to the wiki, it's really bugging me today.

Here's how weapon stats are listed in the market:


IPS, Spin/Leap/Wall, Channeling, AS, CritC/CritD/Status. This is a fine order!

Over in the Codex...


Same order - GREAT! The fact that it's in a scrolling box for no clear reason is a bit goofy, but that's a matter for another thread.

Next we go to the Arsenal:


This is a *mess*. The ubiquitous IPS is backwards, Wall and Status have jumped up ahead of Spin and Leap, CritD before CritC, Channeling is upside down... virtually nothing is in the right order here. 

When we click Upgrade:


...this is different in new ways. And when it comes to conveying the same information to players on different screens, different is wrong.


Is this game breaking? No, of course not, but it's sloppy, in what's otherwise a pretty polished game. My suggestion is that you pick one order to display this information in, and then stick to it everywhere.

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