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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 6


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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 6
- Revised the store icon for the Eos Armor Bundle.
- Fixed an issue with movement during melee combos not being as quick as before the Specters of the Rail Update.
- Fixed Genetic Code Template Blueprint not being visible in the Market.
- Fixed missing sounds for various Star Chart elements like Resource Extractors and node pulses.
- Fixed hosts getting (n^2) bonus Void Traces when (n) people pick their reward, instead of just getting a bonus of (n). We are still looking into the Client issue affecting this system.  
- Fixed the Eris Junction on Pluto not functioning preventing progression.
- Fixed an issue with the reticle position on the Star Chart when using a controller.
- Fixed the spelling of the Guided Ordinance Mod to be Guided Ordnance. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Guided_Ordinance

For our past Hotfix, see here:

Leaving both open for now!


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As an extra, we really need a fix on the mission selection - since we cannot select Nightmare, and we cannot choose between normal missions/ alerts/ sorties and invasions.

I also believe for the fissures that, when they spawn in the void, there should be an easier way to distinguish which enemies we must kill. Since the Fissure Corrupted blend with the normal Void enemies, complicating the mission.

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Appreciate the hotfix (along with bringing back the almighty redtext), but I imagine the missing Relics will be properly provided at some point and the Scorch bug that DETaylor passed on from my post in the Megathread will be fixed ASAP?


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But is Saturn Junction working now that is what I want to know cause its my last junction

Btw I got the rarest Kavat super rare traits. No Head No Tail


I relogged 3x and it still didn't fix itself. 10/10 :^)


Edit: Tried running a mission. Broken in mission and broken in liset



I am the law!

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Thanks guys!

Still some issues I know of (no rush) (I may add more if I find them):

  • You can't see sortie rewards and what season we're in.
  • Archwing is too floaty and you drift too much, which is problematic on maps like the corpus ships where you need some precise movement. Furthermore there's no button to re-orient yourself quickly enough for most situations. (No Archwing weapons reload manually right?)
  • And you still cannot select certain missions when fissures, alerts, and invasions take their node.
  • Text from the starchart overlays the clan interface when you select the dojo on the starchart.
  • The new operator face blending doesn't seem to stick, and actually seems to use a completely different face from the two you chose to blend with.
  • In the Invasion missions where you support the Grineer, if the missions uses the tile with capsule launcher, the mission will be impossible to complete and no enemies will spawn except the capture target if applicable. The turnstile in the room is broken, but even worse if you try to launch yourself into the corpus ship, the capsule will close and move up ready to be shot, but will not, and you have to abort the mission.
  • When interacting with your Kavat while it's wandering around in your Orbiter Section, the camera sometimes glitches out and sits in the center of the room at the floor, and faces the Arsenal while the cutscene plays.
  • An interesting and scary one i just found had me spawn in the relay in Simaris' room. It gets worse. A few seconds after I spawned and left his room, I was suddenly talking to him, but also flashing back and fourth very quickly between Simaris and a really zoomed in view of Darvo's face. I was able to quit the interface with Simaris and it fixed it, but it was really freaky nevertheless.
  • Lots of various Lighting or texture errors that I've noticed almost exclusively in Grineer tilesets where the surface of some objects, platforms, or ground is solid black.
  • The blue sparking effect and gold beam effect from mods and rare mods seem to be missing. This makes marking mods really hard since you can't find the mod after picking it up. Also, even if you knew their location, you still can't mark the mod.
  • A weird one I noticed while using Ash Prime is when I return to my orbiter after certain missions (mostly been the Dojo for me), I'm stuck in a kneeling position and cant get up or turn the model around, but I can slide around by doing the key presses to slide.

Thank you once again for all the work you guys have been putting in, I really do appreciate the time and effort everyone on the team has given us!

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I hope I'm being helpful and not coming across as salty or something.
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