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Dissatisfied with the update


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The changes to end game and farming introduced in this patch are major problems.  If they're not reverted or changed to something new that makes sense and works as effectively as the old system, then a lot of older players are gonna quit.  And I'll start by saying that a number of my clan mates already have quit as a direct result of the changes made by this patch.

Void tears:  This is the dumbest system feasible.  You've made every void mission the exact same, with absolutely no variety and no incentive to develop your frames, attain a high degree of power and proficiency, and push your performance to the limit.  Even survival-based fissures provide no incentive to surviving longer than the bare minimum amount of time to complete the objective.  The previous system at least rewarded people who wanted to push their warframes to 2+ hours of T4S.  You may not have received what you were looking for, but you'd at least get tons of ducats or saleable gear, while having fun fighting enemies who weren't made of paper.  There are a lot of players who ONLY enjoy playing endless mission types because they get really challenging and provide a commensurate reward, regardless of whether or not you get exactly what you're looking for.  The current system tops out at roughly a 10 minute survival mission which has nothing higher than lvl 50 or so and rewards you with a single item which previously may have come from a capture mission that required less than 2 minutes to complete.  Also, with multiple fissure types being around all the time, you can completely ignore longer or more annoying mission types, which you couldn't do before.  Essentially, there's less incentive to explore the variety that's available.  You don't ever have to do a rescue fissure closure, because there'll always be an exterminate or capture fissure you can do for the same rewards.  Why bother with the potentially more dangerous / difficult rescue?  That's boring, MORE repetitive, and not fun.  On top of that, the new system relies on enemy drop rates to boost your reward chances.  That means that pilferoid and desecrate are pretty desirable for every single void mission, no matter what that mission type may be (ignoring the fact that they all amount to standing in front of a void tear, feeding it junk and one-hitting everything that comes out.)  If your potential for future mission rewards is dependent upon getting as many traces to drop from the enemies you kill, you can bet your butt players are going to focus on that.  In addition, you're punishing players for RNG by rewarding players with more void traces for having allies chose their relic reward over another.  If everyone brings the same relic, of the same level, why should one guy be rewarded when HIS relic rolls the item everyone in the group wants, while everyone else gets the shaft regarding void traces?

Credits:  There're no reliable sources for credits in the current patch.  The previous system provided bonuses to mission completion rewards by more than doubling the credit reward when running with a full squad vs running solo.  That's now gone.  Goodbye team-play incentive.  A T4 Axi fissure gives only 2400 credits for a full squad.  Previously, a T4 mission gave over 20k BASE.  Akkad gives only ~20k now (10k completion reward, roughly 11k mission credits) for 5 waves with a chroma meta team.  Akkad used to provide more than twice that on a BAD run.  You've shortened the alert cycle and increased the credit rewards from alerts, but that pales in comparison to the credit sources pre-patch.  Putting a 10K credit reward on a defense alert that requires 20 waves of defense is a HUGE waste of time.  You could find ANY other defense mission, do 5 waves, extract, and pull in more credits per time spent.  Why do a 4 wave interception alert for 5k credits and a single R5 (which no one has mentioned yet, but for some reason is quite often NOT a R5, but a R3, or R4) when you can run a single wave and get 10k credits at any normal interception node?   Nobody wants to sit around for hours waiting for credit alerts in order to attain a fraction of the wealth they could achieve before by simply buckling down for half an hour in a meta credit farm, and as it stands, the actual rewards of the alerts are LESS than the standard mission rewards.  They amount to nothing more than noise.  Here's a mission node that's temporarily changed its mission type and will give a reward that is orders of magnitude  worse than any other node of a similar type.  But, we're flashing it in your face as if it's important, so you gotta do it.  If warframe were a job that paid in credits, you've essentially cut everyone's pay by more than half.  You haven't even cut the credit cost of anything to compensate. 

The stupid map:  junctions are an interesting idea, except they're implemented terribly and the whole map system is a massive embarrassment.  You've got a bunch of junctions that are impossible for people to unlock because either there's no way they can complete the requirements without TONS of outside assistance, or they've completed the requirements and yet they're still getting bent over a table by the rail specter because your damage system doesn't care about new players.   You say you want the junctions to play like the player is "having an impact on the system" by unlocking these dormant travel paths between planets, re-awakening relics of the forgotten civilizations of the past.  Honestly, the junction missions are fairly bland and dumb.  Once you've completed the junction mission, there's no mention of it whatsoever, anywhere.  You walk into the relay at the next planet and announce to everyone there "great news!  I've reactivated the junction!" and they all stare at you like you're crazy while reaching under the desk for the security panic button.  You can't even repeat the junction missions just for fun.  If you're low lvl, with garbage gear, you get your butt handed to you.  If you're high lvl with raid quality gear, you walk through it and forget about it.  It's obvious you wanted to expand the game's story and lore and make it more interesting, as though you actually had an impact on the solar system.  The cephalon fragments did a great job of that.  Good job there.  But with the map and junctions, all you really did was add additional roadblocks to new players who are trying to unlock content and explore the game.  Before, killing the boss on a planet unlocked the next one.  Now you have to kill the boss, and 10 eximus, and seal some void tears, train a dog, equip a bunch of mods, learn fluent mandarin, visit 3 OTHER planets and kill THEIR bosses (also they're not unlocked yet...), etc...  it's ridiculous.

Nullifiers:  You guys really love killing anything remotely fun, don't you?  In the past, nullifiers would dispel a magnetize bubble if the enemy who was magnetized at the center of that bubble managed to get touched by the nullifier bubble.  Fair enough.  NOW, the nullifier simply has to touch the bubble and it's gone.  The same goes for frost's bubble, Oberon's shag carpet, volt's shield, and everything else that stands alone from it's tenno creator.  This sucks.  It's not fun.  I haven't met anyone who thinks this is a fun gameplay mechanic.  Yeah, it makes sense to dispel a tenno who walks into a nullifier field, and prevent them from casting inside said field, but to destroy anything they make is simply not fun.  With the changes to mag's magnetize (including the beam weapon nerf), she now deals squat for damage, and absolutely sucks vs high lvl corpus because her magnetize gets destroyed so easily.  She's gone from being the frame that utterly destroys corpus and the void, to being completely useless.  There was some strategic thought required in selecting a magnetize target who wouldn't end up covered by a nullifer field.  There was strategy in creating a supersized frost globe that could push anyone away from a defense target (which now disappears instantly when a nullifier jumps off of a balcony and lands on it, before anyone can know they're there).

Kavats:  F that.  Just F it.  It takes 10 codes to build a stupid incubator segment.  It takes 10 more scans to then breed a single kavat.  You "doubled" the drop rates of the codes, and yet only 1 person can get a code out of any single kavat, and the drop rate is abysmally low.  I've spent HOURS farming for this crap and I STILL don't have enough codes to build the stupid incubator segment.  I don't even LIKE cats.  This is a HUGE waste of time.  It costs 10 plat to buy a kubrow egg off the market, and they're EASY to farm up.  It costs 50 plat to buy enough codes to make a single kavat, and the codes are IMPOSSIBLE to come by in any reasonable amount of time.  You made scanning for codes require a manual scanner, excluding all other means, which would have made it interesting and provided choices and potential for fun emergent game play.   But no, you said F the helios, F ore gaze, F the players who make it to the kavats second, only find they've already been scanned by someone else and there's nothing left for them.  I'm not bothering with these stupid cats.

I know you guys have some internal revenue coming from this game through your plat sales, workshop sales, and prime access sales.  You've probably got some additional funding through investors and the like who probably want to push the game in all sorts of stupid directions.  I think it's obvious that someone up there wants this game to become miserably impossible to play without throwing stupid amounts of plat at it.  If you guys are looking for Sub-based MMO levels of income for your F2P, micro-transaction driven game, then you need to start presenting some sub-based MMO quality content.  But really, you've just gotta start asking yourselves before implementing these MONSTEROUSLY game-redefining changes "is this fun?".  As far as everyone I've talked to since the patch hit is concerned, the consensus is a resounding "no, it is not."

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Skimmed though. Some understandable, the tl;dr: confusion in a rushed void system that offers less content. bug complaint, bug complaint, enemy complaint. Then hit the Kavats section. Wow, that seems to have been the straw that broke the camel's back and led to this post.

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All that text and I can't stop thinking about your account name.

I like the void fissures. We can use keys more quickly than before, and many missions have been tweaked so that we can also acquire relics more quickly than we could previously do with keys. The end result is that we are able to bounce more quickly between "use" and "gather" modes of play, and I think that's a good thing.

I'm also seeing better return for my time spent hunting prime parts, and that's without using any refined relics yet. Our time appears to be better respected by this new way of doing things.

Credit income might need a bump, because it does seem like some of our usual sources have been cut out without suitable replacement or adjustment to the costs of things like building items and trading.

The map looks great, actually. There might still be some bugs hanging around blocking progress, not counting player task completion, and so on. Hotfixes are coming in rapid sequence and bugs are being fixed. Here's the thing about that map you hate... it actually has a section devoted to the Void tileset! With high level enemies that offer some juicy challenge! Hey, there are endless mission in the void! You can play endless missions against challenging enemies! That's exactly what you wanted!

The Nullifier "consistency" buff was not a good idea, I don't think. The argument could be made that it doesn't really make much difference because we're no longer dealing with mass nullifier spawns that  would threaten our ability to complete long prime farming sessions in the void. Even post-buff, nullifiers don't seem to offer much resistance to well-equipped players. As for the newer folks, I don't doubt that those guys might be a real friggin pain now. I'd prefer that nullifiers got on a bus and were never heard from again. That's a topic for another thread, though.

Kavat acquisition needed to be easier right from the start. No question about that for me.

I don't know where you're getting your "grass roots poll says the game's not fun" bit from. I'm looking at a clan full of people having fun - more fun with every bug that gets patched and rough spot that gets buffed out.

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9 minutes ago, TheDefenestrater said:


 I don't even LIKE cats. 


then why the F are you farming them? 

all of this is just rant, you talk about the things in the new update, and not giving any suggesting. 

first of, I've read the whole thing, 2nd, if you want to do +2 high lvl SUR, then go ahead. if you worry about rewards, then the SUR mission will give you relics which will give you rewards. and there's a lot more variety now. lol, you think doing the same mission in the same tileset as variety? 

I understand that people will always go for the non-endless mission and dump the endless if they wanna do fissures. but there could be a thing were endless missions can make fissures appear at rot C (for example), so basically, if you do 20min, 1 fissure will appear and u get 1 reward, if u go 40min, 2 fissures will appear and u get 2 rewards. ofc this idea needs a lot of work but it's an idea 

the credits is just bugged, like the sorties just now (they fixed that). the endless mission alerts also needs work, I agree. they can just buff the end-of-mission credit reward that the fissure gives, it'll be the same as the key before

the junctions need work too. I can't say much since I'm a newbie (since it's for newbies mostly), but the tasks are good for something that has been up for less than a week. it makes them experience the planet before they leave to the other one. it's not a time wall really....plus, more newbies will be doing these, so more newbies will find help on these missions 

lets say I needed to kill 3 eximus on earth. then I decide to go to an EXCAV mission, then I see 2-3 others joining in, I ask 'why r u here', they say 'doing the junction mission'....before you cannot see any player doing low lvl missions, meaning u have to see. so newbies can find more groups to do the objective, this doesn't solve the issue but helps 

nullifers change is crap, I'll give u that 

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too much to read...and sounds more toxic than constructive (cant really tell cuz I just skimmed through..and not worth going back to read it)

And it sounds like more complaining that suggesting feedback. Perhaps you can just get rid of all the name calling bashing and vulgarity and make this more of a civil discussion (as im sure you already know there are tons of ppl already doing the same thing) Why not  be one of the very few ppl who actually provide constructive feedback/suggestions to your frustrations.... (again you may have posted some..didn't really see any and your post is TL;DR quality I rather not look at it again)

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25 minutes ago, TheDefenestrater said:

The changes to end game and farming introduced in this patch are major problems.  If they're not reverted or changed to something new that makes sense and works as effectively as the old system, then a lot of older players are gonna quit.  And I'll start by saying that a number of my clan mates already have quit as a direct result of the changes made by this patch.

There are a lot of players who ONLY enjoy playing endless mission types because they get really challenging and provide a commensurate reward, regardless of whether or not you get exactly what you're looking for.  The current system tops out at roughly a 10 minute survival mission which has nothing higher than lvl 50 or so and rewards you with a single item which previously may have come from a capture mission that required less than 2 minutes to complete.

This part here hit the nail on the head.

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While I can't say I like your tone, I have to agree that this update is going to negatively impact my daily gameplay/activities. We haven't received this build on PS4/Xbox built it's looking grim.

I'm hoping to learn more before I jump on the hype/hate train, so for now, I have to rely on you guys for information, please report without personal biases and try not to call things stupid or dumb, it doesn't make your case any stronger. 

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Agreed. Especially about nullifiers + fissures. I don't even care what frame I bring to a fissure. What does it even matter outside of bringing a Nekros and/or Hydroid (frames only desirable for loot bonuses = sad design that should have been changed a long time ago) to give you more of those traces which they made cap at 100... even though you need 100 to make a radiant... and therefor inevitably over time will be wasting hundreds of traces that you couldn't pick up as you hit the cap to create your radiant relic that will probably give you another forma BP. 

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Wait is that?




On a serious note I disagree on a few things in here, but all in all a gold star for keeping it kinda constructive, you need to understand that change is inevitable especially for this game, and most of this was rushed due to tennocon hence why DE needs dat feedback to make it better, odds are they are going to do a lot of work on this Prime Part system for awhile till it's at a happy medium. But nullifiers need to stay for several reasons, number one it keeps things interesting, and secondly they were made to counter OUR cheese, and in us making cheesier and cheesier strats, they have had to keep improving them to counter us, lets be honest a defense was a joke because a Nully couldn't takeout that snowglobe, now they can, they are a actual threat which doesn't come up often and the main reason that people complain is due to the spawn rate of them, which should be capped to 2-4 total on the map at one time IMO.

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11 minutes ago, Kenshin98 said:

all of this is just rant, you talk about the things in the new update, and not giving any suggesting. 

My suggestion is don't "fix" what isn't broken. This update has a lot of unnecessary changes, and if they are going to change everything from the map we use to launch quest to how we move in a game mode (Archwing) then they should at least allow players to choose a play style or map style. They could have added void fissures AND kept void keys for more options. They could allow you to pick which map you like better and toggle between the two. They could let you choose Archwing old style or Archwing new style. I see no reason for them to force grand changes like this on players.

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TBH I kind of skimmed through it but my general responses to your posts are

Void tears: Don't understand statement "You made every void mission the same" where this fissure system makes it so you have more diverse tile sets, enemies and mission types than constantly playing T3 s because that's the only place your prime part drops.

I don't like void survivals considering you lose everything if you don't get to exaction or you went up against enemies that were too tough but I understand you can't grind survivals anymore which some people would prefer so I kind of understand that you can't farm prime parts playing that gamemode

The extra void tears at the end is pretty minor in my opinion who cares only one person gets void tears , still free stuff


Credits: Never farmed for credits in a while but i feel for new players , don't they have like dark sectors still for your 20k credit farming?

"the stupid map": I disagree since the junction makes new players feel like they are actually progressing and gives them actual goals unlike the old system. De is still balancing the junctions from what i saw in the patch notes too.

Nullifiers: Yes nulliers suck why did DE buff em instead of changing them , i don't like them they hurt players that are actually playing the game more than ability spammers in my opinion

Kavats: I got an average of 3 per mission , you need 4 people to get the most spawns and a CC. Also i just did a Kavat farming session an hour or 2 ago and i can confirm that each teammate can get a DNA fragment if the Kavat has it so idk what you mean by only player can get it. BTW Kavats aren't really a required thing since they are a optional companion since we also have sentinels and kubrows but yes I agree the grind for them is boring and stupid.

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the "stupid" cats as you call them are actually quite useful and totally worth the grind and i grinded enough for the segment and 2 kavats (30 DNA in total) didn't spend a single plat on them except to rush the incubation process

they can remove 100% of an enemies armor, let me say that again 100% of an enemies armor and level of the enemy is no safety for the enemy if the cat slapps them with a maxed sharpened claws mod on the enemy will have 0 armor. Not only can they do that but both cats have a crit buff of sorts they can give you, smeeta a 1 in 5 buff chance to have 30 freaking seconds of guarentted red crits, and the other gives a group wide crit buff that lasts for only 10 seconds. Now lets look at other mods, a small AOE enemy detector similar to banshee's sonar that actually reveals stealthed targets like feral kavats and capture targets if they use stealth, they can stunlock an enemy and that hit also removes any armour they would have at the SAME TIME. Lets not forget the cats can also passify enemies near them with a mod. Smeeta can make a decoy which can draw bombard rockets away from you and that has saved me a few times while leveling a frame in a grineer mission. The other kavat can reflect damage so boom imagine a rocket going back at a bombard, such madness. Oh i better not forget about the mod that lets kavats hit multiple enemies while increasing there range per enemy hit.


But other than the kavats which i disagree with you on i do agree that credit gain did get gutted outside of daily sorties now, i am impartial on the void tear system i can understand they want the 100 cap to make it a more fair playing ground to getting loot between people who had less keys because they where newer compared to the extreme vetrans who had thousands of keys. I do find the void fissures repetitive but i really am loving the void t4 survivals where you have to manage a fissure spawning a crap load of enemies and the life support, it is far more challenging than the average t4 survival and the thing is it doesn't feel unfair if i die in the fissure mission since i am not getting 404_healthbar_not_found by some random bombard's missile because it heat seeked me while hiding in a hallway to my left in a right side corridor in that hallway, no everything in the fissure missions are in the open on most tile sets so there are less BS deaths from unseen enemies and more of a speratic test of how good you are at the game because managing two things can get intense if you already had a slightly low life support when starting it solo.

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I've been playing since last Nov/Oct and honestly the new void system is good to give the option of choosing what part you want. How can you say all veteran players will quit the game when the fact is do you personally know every single veteran player? The new starchart whilst confusing makes use of the Junctions as a clearer way of progression and tells the player that the Junction has tasks which need to be completed to proceed to the next planet. There's new lore, kavats are a nice addition too. So, don't even assume or presume or whatever that all veteran players will quit because of an update. People will whine because they're too used to a system and haven't bothered to give it a chance.

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51 minutes ago, Rex-Wil said:

My suggestion is don't "fix" what isn't broken. This update has a lot of unnecessary changes, and if they are going to change everything from the map we use to launch quest to how we move in a game mode (Archwing) then they should at least allow players to choose a play style or map style. They could have added void fissures AND kept void keys for more options. They could allow you to pick which map you like better and toggle between the two. They could let you choose Archwing old style or Archwing new style. I see no reason for them to force grand changes like this on players.

it's how life always is. why use hammers and nails to build building when we can use shovels and cranes? it's the same thing. plus, adding all of these options will make this game take like 10GB or stm. the best thing you can do is to adapt 

oh and to the OP, you talk about how nekros and other farming frames are necessary. I have been to a lot of PuG games with fissures, and didn't see that much farming frames. I've also joined a lot of matches in the requite channel, and not a single one asked for a farming frame 

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Give him a chance to make his point. For sure there is too much in the post, he should have done 3-5 posts and clear his mind before to express his "dissatisfaction" in a massive wall of text. But.... he has a point or better, several points.

I have to admit that I don't know what to think about this update myself. There is good and bad, and a lot of " not sure why they change that part" while they could just add more options and variety.

1. Fissures: well he is right. This is the same thing every time whatever the relic you use. Only the difficulty change. Start a mission, find a fissure, get a bunch of enemies spawning, close the fissure, finish the mission. Starting to get old after a couple of days farming, especially since there are no emergent gameplay or way to customize the challenge at your convenience. Previously we had: stay longer for better rewards, or find all caches for more rewards, another round for more rewards... all that with a reasonable risk to lose everything. 

Suggestion: not sure what to propose here since the core is flawed. The best is the suggestion from Kensin98 (endless fissures) or this other suggestion about having the old system in parallel so players can choose. For sure you will divide you community but heh! still need to care about your old customers right?

2. Rewards: It is easier to get prime parts now, clearly. But at the same time a group consume 4 times more relics (or keys) for the same amount of rewards. Previously that was 1 key = 4 rewards (1 per player), now it is 4 relics = 4 rewards. So overall, more for less, unless you play with friends and use 1 relic at a time I guess?.

Suggestion: only randomly consume 1 relic out of the 4, or give 2 rewards to select at least. 

3. Void traces: sound like a good idea, but the limit is more frustrating than useful. Unless the purpose is to generate some loses and so more grind?

Suggestion: remove the limit.

4. Starmap: Pretty but practically a fail on the usability part. More difficult to navigate or to read. overall less efficient.

Suggestion: give the choice between the old and new system. Keeping the junction missions with a progressive difficulty (first ones easier and last ones harder)

5. Nullifiers: I am still laughing at this one, it makes no sense. I agree with Borg1611. Why chose a warframe if half a dozen of nullifier bubbles will drop on your head every 10 seconds? It seems that you want all of us to play a warframe with lot of shield/hps/armor and that's it. I am sure that the intention was to force us to cooperate and develop tactic and roles, but it just doesn't work.

Suggestion: create a new mob with a new mechanic to force tactics and cooperation and reduce the number of nullifiers.

6. Cats: Too hard in comparison with the Kubrows. But that will not change since this is new content with only too options, so fair enough. 

Suggestion: add more cats and remove the need to gather genetic material for the module.

Last point. Maybe you can get some inspiration from CCP/Eveonline about how to involve your community in the new content. I appreciated the frequency and the effort, this is great, I love it. But it would be even more great if the community could select, vote, ask or recommend some updates.


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I agree with nearly everything TheDefenestrater wrote.

If they really wanted to reduce grind and improve fun, they could have easily done so by changing drop tables a little, rather than adding all this nonsensical new content. They could have coded storage containers to drop something useful on occasion (Borderlands). They could have made drops improve over time on endless missions. Any regular enemy could have tweaked stats to become a mini-boss and drop something nice. Sweeping changes to canon and core game play should have been more carefully developed and play tested.

Strong-armed sales

First and foremost, someone is making reckless decisions with the franchise. From my perspective, these decisions appear to focused on forcing more Platinum sales.

I say this because of the enemy buffs, Affinity nerfs, Credit nerfs, and additional grind mining a new resource with a cap, of all things. Cats are over-powered (Remove all armor?!?!?!) and too hard to earn in-game, as if to force Platinum sales. I don't care, because I don't want one. I certainly wouldn't buy one. I've seen other developers intentionally release OP content to push sales; it's not a new idea, but it is a very bad one and easy to recognize. Should we talk about the relationship between power creep and sales?


I am not ready to agree with the outrage over Nullifier buffs just yet, as I've not been able to get together with friends for a longer endless run since the update dropped. I need to see how Nullifiers now work with my own eyes.


I can't imagine that removing Draco encourages Platinum sales, not even in the form of boosters, because more money is surely being lost from the sale of Forma and related resources. Maybe that decision came from the pro-gamer crowd, which must represent at least 1% of the entire player base. If the goal was to stop players like me me from spending money on the game, it worked. Call it abhorrent game-play if it helps you sleep at night. Truth is that the developers allowed power creep to requiring resetting everything 4-6 times, but Draco allowed fans to manage an otherwise excruciating grind. The fact that people were playing Draco as much as they were betrays a broken system, not broken players. Removing Draco hasn't fixed the system; instead, it made everything that much more agonizing.

Star map

Forget that it's hard to read—I'm just now realizing how broken the star map is, with nodes that cannot be unlocked, missions that can't be played. I used to have access to the Void. I don't anymore—most every node is locked and cannot be unlocked. We have to wait for Invasions and Syndicate missions, and Alerts, and Void Fissures and all that to end so we can pounce on the "normal" node and unlock it.

The Void

The Void represented a lot of grind, but I could go to the Void and play different types of missions. Now, people farm a Void Tear, and bum-rush the mission under it. I hate this system.

The new system is just stupid complicated, time-consuming, and grindy. Anyone who claims that it's now "easy to get what you want" hasn't tried to get one of the new rare parts. That requires farming Void Shards or Void Traces or Void Droppings or whatever they call them this week. You can have 100 of those at a time. You need all 100 to "supercharge" your Void Relic cabbage and slightly improve the chance of getting that rare drop. You need to run 10-20 Void Tear missions to get enough Void Traces to "supercharge" ONE Void Relic. It's as though someone wanted to work in one of the most grindy aspects of Diablo 2 into Warframe. Take a thousand crappy little broken gems and turn them into one Super Gem! Fun!

Void Tears

These void tears appear in some of the worst places possible. They feel like Whack-A-Mole, instead of real combat. Then there's the over-the-top Super Bloom Blow Up Cloud of Yellow-Orange You Can't See Me Explosion! On a catwalk. No context. No guide. All the rules and reasons changed, and no one had the time to so much as write up a decent explanation on the forums. Something was written eventually, but if it were not for YouTube player videos, I would have quit playing the game this past weekend.

You marginalized every other mission type to promote Void Tear Whack-A-Mole. Players don't care about extracting data from vaults without setting off alarms; they care about standing next to the Void Fissure and collecting Void Traces. More farming. More grind. Less careful strategy.

Give an inch, but take a mile

It is only easy to get a Prime part when a single Void Tear mission is take out of context. The greater truth is that a new grind for Void Relics and Void Traces is on track to becoming worse than playing a Void Defense or Survival mission all day. You substituted strategy-based combat for Whack-A-Mole.

Syndicate missions

Syndicate missions were the only public missions I did not see others rushing every time I played. Many players would slow down enough to look for trophies—at least a little. I enjoyed playing them. Restricting access may have been necessary to curb player to player trading and the ready access of Augment mods. I'm already convinced there's movement against player to player trading. Otherwise, this restriction may be inconvenient for me, but I cannot say if it will or will not bring balance to the game as a whole.

Rushing development

And when I catch myself thinking that the developers were just rushed and really want to make Warframe better, I am reminded of what they did with the Market. What were they thinking? I just now accidentally found where the Warframe blueprints are. Thanks to an accidental mouse click! I had been trying to figure it out since Saturday!

The. Market. Just. Wow.

U18 doesn't come across as they had a good idea, but rushed it. It comes across as they had some really bad ideas and rushed them.

New content

Hey, I like new content. I like change. This is neither of those things. This is a sloppy, poorly-planned and executed mess of an update, released at the worst possible time. It has divided the community. It doesn't just lack consideration for the fans, but displays open resentment for them. At best, it looks like ineptitude. At worst, it looks like another corporate money grab. New content would have new narrative and cut scenes. It would be carefully woven into the fabric below. This was not.

"Making it easier" red herring, grind, and $$$

The Void Trace roadblock put on crafting Dragon Keys brings nothing but additional spiteful grind to the game. As essential as Void Traces were in acquiring Rare parts, you also demand them for the roll-of-the-dice Corrupted Mod game. Power creep forces the use of Corrupted Mods; so you added another mindless grind in acquiring those, too. It's as if someone purposefully identified every possible place grind could be added to the game, and is jumping on every soul-crushing idea. Proof is found in execution. "Making it easier" is not just wearing thin, it's become demeaning and indicative of falsehood.

Having a few days to play the new update, I'm beginning to realize the high cost of "making it easier." Aside from the fact the claim continues to be made entirely out of context, without mention of the grind necessary to find Void Relics and to refine them with Void Traces, the claim is something of a red herring that focuses customer attention on one "improvement" to the game and away from everything that was taken away:

  • Fusion Cores, more necessary than ever due to years of power creep, are now extremely rare and carefully rationed.
  • Credits are now earned at a fraction of last week's rate.
  • Rare resource drop rates have been reduced.
  • Syndicate missions are doled out once per day.
  • Affinity is restricted, especially for solo play.

Everyone should ponder the implications of these changes—even how they will affect Dojo research, as that especially has been overlooked in light of all this "excitement."

Divided community

This is feedback. I haven't called anyone names or used profanity. I'm calling out processes, not people. I collected my thoughts in as organized a fashion as I could. White Nights don't like criticism. They bash and report and try to get it all removed, buried, or discredited. I'm sickened by the name-calling and baiting that follows every criticism I've read here lately. I think there's enough "get good" to go around following this latest debacle. No game benefits from this level of discord. A little more communication, planning, and preparation ahead of the update would have softened a nasty blow. The gap between surprise and ambush has never been quite so clear.

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@DEATHLOK I agree with pretty much all of it. Would also like to add that the diversity of mission choices seem to be way down since there doesn't currently seem to be a way to turn off Syndicate missions, or Nightmare mode etc. Makes things feel rather rushed

That and the current void fissure system forces groups to use a relic each or get no drops for anyone who didn't use one. So it's 4 relics : 1 item in most cases so you're wasting 3 keys out of every 4 and receiving nothing for the trouble of collecting them. 

(and as for the old void vs new void.. I used to get 10-15 fusion cores per defence run on top of all the ducat material when I ran those.. currently you get no cores so you have to do sorties or a whole lot of excavation grind to make up what you used to have)

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The credit change is a non issue. If you can't grind for hours then they want you buy the credit bundles.

Wrt to the rushed development, more people like this method as opposed to the test extensively then release method, so this won't change anytime soon. (I rather wait for a less buggy update and still be able to play while this is done as opposed to getting a buggy update and not being to do things for weeks until they are fixed). Fortunately for them the current model is more profitable. 

The Draco nerf and resultant new boosters and forma pricing shows they don't see or can't use this venture as a cash cow anymore. 

The new prime acquisition, I suspect we may see cheaper PA coupled with lowered drop chance for nekros PA items OR we may see an increase in the price of platinum. Baro may also start to bring more lucrative items to encourage sales as well. If this happens, it will be the only smart marketing moves DE has made since I've been playing.  

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