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Steam Workshop TennoGen: Next Round Decided July 20!

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here is my nominations for the tennogen :D
 (even though i bet a few wont be added though)

pls de pls :3 :


i like the original better but it wasnt allowed so he changed it a bit (still looks awesome though)


last syandana :


nyx skin O.O


frost king (or emperor):


this list is the stuff i really want (there are still a few more that are really good though)

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On 14/07/2016 at 1:35 AM, NovusNova said:

MOAR Tennogen.

My wallet cries at this news.

More Tennogen the better since "official" skins are dropping in quality fast and Tennogen just keeps getting better.

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4 hours ago, zzuit said:

So uh...

It's the 22nd... How about that tennogen...?

They said on Prime Time that they are showing the next round of tennogen items selected on today's dev stream.

"What: This Devstream will cover an updated Roadmap of our 3-part Update! All platforms have Lunaro, PC has Specters of the Rail with Console release to follow soon, and now the War Within is next! What's coming with this Update? Tune in to find out! We'll also be covering Steam Workshop next Round picks, Warframe Power Tweaks, and Gameplay Updates to the new Relic and Fissures system!"

From: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/677002-coming-soon-devstream-77/


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