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My Braton/Lato vandals are really personally significant to me because they're a symbol of how much time I've spent in this game. If they just became something that dropped in sorties, I think it would really cheapen how I feel about them. That being said, seeing them come back as milestone weapons would be cool because it maintains their status as a symbol of long-term commitment to the game, but they'd really need a buff. For those of you who don't have these guns, let's be clear about something: they suck. The only reason you would want these guns as they are now is for a few extra mastery points and maybe completing your codex if that's the sort of thing you do. There's a ton of much more easily obtainable weapons that do exactly what these guns do but better, and if they're going to come back as milestone weapons(which is really the only way they should come back) then they need to be buffed to at least fill a unique niche so that they're more than mastery points to people. 

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On 7/14/2016 at 8:38 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:


I was a closed beta tester. In those days Warframe wasn't all that great, so many people tried it once and gave it up to go back to Call of Duty or other games. But I fell in love with the idea. Space Ninjas with Guns. A Dark shooter with an fast paced ninja feel. And I believed that it would be something great one day. I didn't have the money to be a founder at the time so I did what I could.

These people that played with me at the time did you a service DE. We stuck by you when you were weak baby and struggling to stand up. The Beta people by reporting bugs and the Founder by giving you the money. We felt valuable. The items you gave to us in return signified this. 

Years later we don't look at these items as anything of actual benefit. Like No one is going to say the Lato Vandal by any means is a good weapon. It might as well shoot peanuts. But I value it for 2 reasons.
1. It signifies a time when I stuck with a game. From the beginning. I haven't done that with any other game.

2. When I take it on missions maybe a majority of people don't know what a Lato Vandal is. But when another Closed Beta Tester or Founder is playing there is an instant connection. And we joke about the old times, the glitches, the frustrations.

There is that community that we can instantly recognize when carrying these weapons. That when I see another with a Lato Vandal or Prime I know they were in this game since I was. And THAT is what the exclusivity of these items really means.

But making it so everyone can have these items, instantly destroys that ability of finding the first Tennos of Warframe. If everyone has these items I won't even use them anymore for the fact that it has lost the main purpose. It wasn't about holding it above the heads of newer players and being elitest. Its about finding that community. And you know full well that Warframe is so Special because of its communities. 

Things like re-releasing Lato Vandals or Founder Packs strips those that was there for you in the beginning of their due recognition and value. Because while the founders got their Primes, and names in Relays that no one one reads. What did the closed Beta testers get? We only got this weapon. If you re release them, our names will be forgotten as our dedication to you.

Would you forget a person that helped you when you were struggling now that you are stable and wealthy? Would you do that as a person? Then please don't do that in your game. 

DE Rebecca, you are known as Space Mom. But we Founders and Closed Beta testers are the Mothers and Fathers of Warframe. The First Tenno. Please let us keep the little distinction we have given. And let us not backtrack on past understandings and decisions. 

Thank You.

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This is a very touchy subject and no matter what happens i think at least some people will be mad about it however I do think that giving the people some sort of cosmetic (vandel syandana, sigil or whatever) that own the weps now tho is a way of showing them that yes DE still respects what they did at the time while being able to give the vandels to the current playerbase.

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Am I the only one to find it so easy not to care?...

Why all the mumbo jumbo... You wanna keep your elite equips for yourself? It makes you feel better if you have them and most others don't?
Vote no and we'll see what DE actually decides to do.


P.s.: not trying to be condescending or antagonizing, just saying: keep things in their own scale and proportions, people. It hurts in the long run to magnify things so little.

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Give forum title,badge, emblem, liset skin, companion skin, weapon skin, glyph, icon, special emote, sigil, armor all to cb testers in place of just having these weps if it is truly because of a distinguishing factor y'all need, if it's a legal thing mirrored by founders pack we understand.heck a big oldest Tenno has arrived first line every time you enter a lobby would suffice.


also oh we call upon thee oh great lord nekros

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