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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 10


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  • Prevented Future Pet Crossbreeding



  • Minor polish to audio/visual effects on the Solar Map
  • Allow access to alerts/invasions/etc so long as the underlying node is "unlocked" (instead of requiring players to have completed the default mission at that location
  • Alerts with Fusion Cores will now only give Rare Cores (no more Uncommon Cores!)

Junction Changes & Fixes:

  • Fix for Junction progress not being saved for some clients
  • Fixed an issue with the 1000 Mastery not being rewarded when completing a Junction. If you are eligible, it'll automatically repair on login.
  • Junction task progress will now save even if you haven’t unlocked the Junction node
  • New Junction tasks:
    • Mars Junction = complete an alert, change to: ''Collect 500 Rubedo from missions”
    • Phobos Junction = complete an invasion mission, change to "Scan 5 cephalon fragments on MARS" (Scans done before this change will be counted retroactively)
    • Europa Junction = complete an infested outbreak mission, change to "Complete TESHUB in the Void"
    • Eris Junction = defeat Phorid in an infested outbreak, change to "Find and Defeat LEPHANTIS in DERELICT"
    • Uranus Junction = Added "Craft a DERELICT KEY"

Tennogen Changes & Fixes:

  • Updated metal and diffuse maps on Mag Alta helm & body
  • Updated metal and roughness map on Zephyr Hagoromo helm & body
  • Updated metal map on Nova Visage helm and body
  • Updated metal and roughness map on Setka Syandana


  • Fixed completed quest missions not also marking the node as complete.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed Syndicate mission in the World State Panel not showing when locked
  • Fixed Void Fissure missions always showing unlocked in the World State Panel for the Void region
  • Fixed bug that was causing players to get stuck on the login reward screen
  • Fixed players who select the same reward not receiving what they chose. 
  • Fixed solo players not receiving the reward they chose.
  • Fixed script error when shooting pursuit ship shield generators
  • Fixed unmatured pets suffering from genetic degradation.
  • Fixed "secret" quest missions not being loaded correctly after chosen from multi-mission selector popup.
  • Fixed “secret” (quest) missions glowing blue
  • Fixed Fluctus not being able to damage the Pursuit ship’s weak points 
  • Fixed attached hit proxies not showing correct damage notification for clients (ie, Pursuit ship’s shield generators)
  • Fixed broken Archwing dioramas
  • Fixed script crashes caused by crossbreed imprints
  • Fixed Sortie rewards not showing in the World State Panel
  • Fixed the Relic selection screen appearing when you select a non-fissure mission type on a node that has a fissure available.
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