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A Heavy Assault Rifle

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So I've seen a few suggestions for a heavy assault rifle - but most were either way off the mark or didn't actually know what they wanted. So I figured I'd give my 2 cents on it.

An assault rifle that hits fairly hard and has decent recoil - but a low firerate to compensate for both. It's critical chance is also higher than the standard assault rifle.


In other words - somewhere between a Braton and a Latron - full atuo.


Automatic Rifle

30.0 Base Damage (Smack dab in the middle of latron and braton)

7.0 Base Fire Rate (May also go for the MK1-Braton's 6.3 - I increased the firerate a bit to make it slightly less accurate)

34.3 Accuracy (Though honestly I've no idea what this represents and no one else seems to know either, I mean c'mon MK1-Braton has 40 accuracy and the Latron has 28.6 - what do these even mean? So I just took the middle again >.>)

30 Base Clip Size

540 Base Amo Size

2.3s Base Reload Speed

7.5% Base Critical Chance

150% Base Critical Damage


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If the Clan Minigun fits into the Heavy Assualt Rifle Category.

We already have one. But i would like to see another one added because of the Rank Requirments.

Liking the Idea's you put into this. This would be great if it gets added.

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I can kinda dig it. An automatic rifle with moderate damage and LCR. Let's make it interesting though: the ammunition shatters upon impact doing small AoE damage to surrounding enemies within 3 feet of impact.

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Liking the idea so far. Could have some recoil to give it personality.

I would've liked to go with the burston for a hard-hitting assault rifle, but the braton buff just made it look bad.

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Accuracy is the amount your bullets will deviate from the center of your reticle, with a lower number meaning higher deviation. For example a Gorgon has a low accuracy number and its bullets deviate pretty far from where you're aiming at a distance, but an accuracy of 100 will always land dead center.

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You are suggesting a Mattock form Mass Effect, eh? A crunchy, hard-hitting AR that can be used as a marksman rifle in a pinch, but usually deals fine with chunkier enemies. God, I love this idea.


Nevertheless, moving to FanZone.

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