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✶ Lone Regiment ✶ [Lone Rangers & Lone Riders] -- The Soloer's Clans / Moon Tier / Completed Dojo / 100% Research -- Recruitment Thread

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I would like to join...i perfer being quiet...


so after the informer event huh...those things are sneaky...


please dont ask why i end a sentence with...its just how im...


this will be very long...im trying to win a bet...


100 more letters before 12:30AM...


This will be impossible...why am i even doing the bet...


yea this is very long...ignore the rest except for the first sentense...


20 to go...i think...


finally im finished...now for some peace and quiet...

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This sounds exactly like the clan I would want to be in. Been playing until mastery lvl 5 so far without a clan.


When the event is over and recruitment is back please add me!


IGN: BStorm

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Wewt, we got to number 1! Provided we are the same clan, unless there's one that exists called THE Lone Rangers. If so, boo... If not, yay and nice idea keeping it to under 1k members.

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@Yorkas, neoadvaita, oZ_silent: Please check that you do not have pending invites from other clans.

@Everyone else: Invites sent!

Also, we got Top Clan for our tier during the Spy Drone Event! YES!! :D

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