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✶ Lone Regiment ✶ [Lone Rangers & Lone Riders] -- The Soloer's Clans / Moon Tier / Completed Dojo / 100% Research -- Recruitment Thread

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sir already ask u two times please send me invitation i realy like to joinmy ign neoadvaita

and sir, i'm pretty sure someone before me has said this, YOU'RE STILL IN A GUILD. nobody can send invite to clan to you if you're still in another guild.


@everybody else: invite sent. Welcome, brothers!

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Hi there, this Clan sounds to good to be true! Any more room for a little one ? would love a place IGN Saintcee1



*edit* many thanks for the invite..anyone need a partner for any shenanigans hit me up!  Currently working my way to Neptune and Pluto for some control panels and farming the J3-Golem for neural sensors.

Edited by Saintcee1
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