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✶ Lone Regiment ✶ [Lone Rangers & Lone Riders] -- The Soloer's Clans / Moon Tier / Completed Dojo / 100% Research -- Recruitment Thread

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(Have a shoddy banner, because plain words are boring)

With the event over, recruitment can begin again!

Since the original founder, BramBlackmon, is gonna be away for awhile due to personal issues, and he for some reason decided to delete our old recruitment thread, I'll start a new one in his stead.


=What we’re about=

Now let's get down to business. The Lone Rangers is a clan for any and all players who don't want to deal with the complications and formalities of joining a clan, but also don’t want to miss out on the dojo-exclusive goodies that were introduced with Update 8 and which will be expanded on in the future.


We do not ask that you be extremely active. We do not ask that you be a pro at the game. We do not demand that you contribute massive amounts of materials. In Lone Rangers, you are your own leader, and the only thing we ask of you is not to grief the other clan members. You can be active in the clan and help each other out, or choose to get your lab blueprints and go back to playing the way you always do, it’s all up to you.


=Clan Progress=

We are currently at 600+ members and still growing, with a fully completed dojo that is ready for future expansion when the content arrives. All research has been completed and we also have two dueling rooms (though admittedly they're usually unoccupied). If you require any assistance, simply ask around in clan chat and most likely some of our members will be happy to come to your aid (no promises though).


=How To Join=

How do you join? Simple. You ask, you're in. No website registration, no complication. Simply post your IGN in the thread below and either I or one of our members will send you an invite as soon as possible. However, do make sure you don't have pending invites from other clans, as apparently that keeps you from receiving other invites (i.e. ours). If you can't receive the invite due to pending invites from other clans, remember to re-post here for another invite after deleting the invite from the other clan.


=Additional Info=

We also have a Steam Group which you can join here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WarframeLoneRangers

It’s not mandatory, but it will be where we post most of our announcements in the future, such as events (if we ever host any), dojo floor plans and other stuff.


Top Clan for Tier 3 during Spy Drone Event. 2 members in Top 100.

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