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Clarification issues with the inventory


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Hello there,

I just had the problem that I had 2 Volt-Frames in my inventory, one rank 7 and one rank 8 and I wanted to sell one.

Since the inventory doesn't show you the level of the items or anything, I sold the wrong one. No big deal since it is only one level but this could easily get frustrating.

If the inventory did show the level of items or anything other that one can identify them with, that would be very helpful. No, wait. It is necessary. Really.

I hope this issue hasn't been adressed before. If so, I am truly sorry to have started another thread on the matter.


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Okay, it seems I broke something.

When i checked my warframe it was gone. Just gone. I tried to relogg and this happened:


Seems like my warframe got sorta duplicated and when I sold one of them, I kinda sold both.

Now I have no warframe at all :D

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