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Devstream #77 Overview


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War Within 
• Release date is now set for August; the team apologizes and doesn't want to rush it

Relic Update
• Will release in the next Hotfix, set for Monday
• Void Trace capacity will be tied to MR - base capacity will be 100 with an additional 50 for each Rank
• The number of Relics available will change as time passes, but will remain around 28
• The Relics that house Mag Prime will be removed from the drop tables when she is Vaulted and new ones will be added for new Prime pieces
• Relics that house Mag Prime will stay in player's inventories even after she is Vaulted
• Working on adding more ways to obtain Relics - possibly making them drop from Eximus Units
• Relic drop locations will be more transparent in the future

Fissure Update
• Will release in the next Hotfix, set for Monday
• The Void Fissure will Corrupt enemies in real time - any enemy in the game can be Corrupted (Corrupted Stalker is a possibility?)
• Corrupted units will be stronger than the regular mission enemies; the amount they're buffed will be dependent on the Relic Era
• The new system no longer hijacks the main mission objective, but augments it instead
• You no longer have to actively close The Fissure, simply pick up the reactants that enemies drop
• After the Fissure explodes, you will be awarded Void Traces, so they're no longer dependent on loot abilities
• After obtaining 10 Reactants the Fissure will explode and players will receive a Corrupted Buff - either their Warframe or Weapon will be Corrupted and given infinite ammo, infinite channeling, infinite energy, etc for a small amount of time

New Operator Costumes
• New costumes for Operators are coming some time after War Within
• The costume in the middle has the most progress made on the model



New Gunblade
• Was revealed earlier, but some new art was shown
• Will be released alongside a new Gunblade Stance (click HERE for previews)
• The default combo may be altered on release



Archwing Updates
• Camera FOV changes are coming with a more zoomed-out position
• There may be individual options to help address some of the motion sickness including toggling automatically drifting to neutral position

Braton Vandall/Lato Vandal Update
• At this point, the majority of the community as well as Steve seem to agree that they should return
• One idea is that if they return, perhaps original owners would get some cosmetic bonus, perhaps a skin for the weapons

Fusion Update
• The Mod Fusion system will be receiving a large update, the main intention is to simplify it 
• Fusion Cores will be more unique items, not just a variety of mods
• They will be changed into new items you can pick up during missions
• There will be new Fusion Core cosmetics that can be placed on Liset
• Legendary Cores and any other Fusion Cores that players own will be converted appropriately

Dark Sectors Update
• More focus on exploration
• Players will be able to support their Clan's Dominance in multiple ways, such as deploying structures or battling Specters
• Still too early to discuss

Nekros Update
• Set to release in the next Hotfix, set for Monday
• Desecrate is now a toggle; if you have Despoil equipped, it will constantly slowly drain your health
• Desecrate still requires you to be within range of a corpse for a few seconds, it's not instant

• The next build will cutoff  early next week and will include the Specters of the Rail Hotfix 13
• Will be available early to mid August

• Profile Icons will receive a huge resolution upgrade
• These will function as sprays you can place in levels
• Clan Emblems will be able to be placed as Glyphs



• Live Demo of Titania next Devstream
• Click HERE for a small preview

Next Round of Tennogen Winners
Excalibur Skin - Caduto
Mirage Skin - Sigyn
Volt Skin - Graxx
Valkyr Skin - Graxx
Mirage Skin - Graxx
Rhino Skin - Graxx
Excalibur Skin - Graxx
Nyx Skin - Athena
Vauban Helmet - Chapelon
Frost Helmet - Jotun v2
Mirage Helmet - Jolli
Loki Helmet - Ersatz
Zephyr Helmet - Migisi
Excalibur Skin - Apex
Nova Helmet - Fusion
Rhino Skin - Vojnik
Syandana - Teplo
Syandana - Sciathin
Syandana - Ayla
Syandana - Disconnect
Syandana - Maharliqa

Additional Info Roundup From Tennocon That You May Have Missed
• New Grineer-themed skin for Scimitar Landing Craft, included with War Within
• The announced Nova Deluxe Skin will be released alongside a matching Syandana and Tipedo Skin
• New Artwork shown of the Tileset for The War Within
• Tennogen items will appear on consoles hopefully within 2 months, starting with the most popular items currently available on PC - these will be purchasable with platinum



PS - Will add in the youtube timelinks when the video is properly uploaded

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Thank you very much for this Devstream summary, Bunny!

I had a question for you all; Do you believe that the new void fissure system will take longer or shorter in terms of duration? My main concern is with Exterminate and Capture missions which are intended to be quick missions; if reactants drop slowly, then well... There may be some frustration. What do you guys think?

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4 minutes ago, AntoineFlemming said:

Did you include Faven's Excalibur skin that went along with that Graxx helmet?

You're right, I labeled those wrong, they're skins.

Also, thanks to @NovusNova for the missing link - for some reason I couldn't locate that one on Steam Workshop.

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