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Codex Art Contest 3.0


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*Alad V image by Syncrasis from Codex Art Contest 2.0.

The Landing Craft is expanding not only physically, but visually as well! With amazing artwork being placed about your space home, it’s time we grow our selection of Codex Art and once again open up the opportunity to YOU to get your art added! 

Synergy – There are many things that attribute to bringing balance to the Solar System. Do you view the icy strength of Frost with Ember’s fiery force a harmonious blend? Or perhaps the unification between Operator and Warframe to be an unstoppable machine? Depict what Warframe Synergy means to you!

How to enter:
Post your Synergy theme-inspired art in this thread for judging! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box as you depict your masterpiece!


One submission per user.
Image must have 3:2 aspect ratio. 
Ideal resolution is 2048 x 1364, but you do not need to submit this high resolution unless your Art is selected. 
Image must relate to the theme given (Synergy).
Must be Warframe related and appropriate for the community forums.
Must be your original work -- please don’t use other people’s images.
The image must include your alias.
Do NOT reserve posts in this thread.
Any submission that doesn’t follow these rules will be disqualified!

The top 20 submissions, chosen by DE based on creativity and awesomeness, will be entered into the Codex. The top 5 winners will receive the Platinum prizes below, and the remaining 15 will all receive 250 Platinum!

1st place -- 1,000 Platinum
2nd place -- 750 Platinum
3rd place -- 500 Platinum
4th place -- 350 Platinum
5th place (and 15 winning entries) – 250 Platinum

The contest starts today, Friday July 22, and closes Thursday, August 11 at 1PM ET.


We can’t wait to see what you can all come up with- good luck!! 

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I'm a bit curious about how I could create an entry. I've seen the three entries in the Codex, and there's no way I'd be able to create something like what was chosen with my "artistic ability". Is this contest asking for something like those entries, or something like the fanart entries?

I'm also a little curious if there are any recommended programs to use to design an entry? The only other contest I've done was for Warframe cards, and my entry didn't exactly go as well as I had hoped it would. I'm pretty good at drawing, but some of the frames are just a little too complicated for me at times.

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