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Codex Art Contest 3.0


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13 hours ago, (XB1)GeckoGenesis said:

This is breathtaking!  What's the story going on in the background? 

Thankyou for the comment, The original painting had sentients in the background, but due to time constraint i didn't have enough time to complete it, so i expanded on the floating rocks instead, It's about my brother (enjoys playing Loki) and I (banshee) using our different abilities against the sentients on the moon tile set, not sure it comes across like that. but what you see in the background is a half painted battle between Tenno and Sentients. ( where the sentients haven't been painted ;) 

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(Posted on August 10th 10:50pm/ 10:00 am ET)
I had only 11 days to make it because i was busy with something else.
I still had one trinity to make on the right but i wanted to post this before the contest ended. (only 10 minutes left)

Hope you guys like it! I don't mind if i don't win, If it gets on prime time at least, i'm already happy <3 Love warframe! <3
(Edited in)
I miscalculated and didn't know i had an extra day, i'm gonna add that Trinity i didn't put in because i thought i didn't have enough time.
Unfinished version



There isn't much that is totally different but at least i finally completed it.

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There are so many beautiful entries here. If I were DE I would start crying right now because I wouldn't be able to choose 20 entries out of this drawing paradise..

Here's my entry. This is my second digital piece that was done more seriously. I had a lot of fun painting it, I tried out several new things.. I thought that it won't come out okay, but once I finished everything I was pretty amazed with what I did.
Synergy, for me, represents unity of beings that strive to accomplish same goal, something of profound character to them. This painting represents Primes - Trinity, Excalibur with Exalted Blade and Rhino taking out his Scindo Prime out of Sentient corpse, all together fighting against Sentients. In the background you can see ruins of Orokin Moon, if you look closely you can spot two Tenno fighting another Sentient and Lisets that carry reinforcements for further battle.


Link on Deviantart just in case: http://anavi-ivy.deviantart.com/art/Warframe-Synergy-627311218


I provided GIF of a process


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Added DeviantArt link and fixed link
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'Finding Ordis'


(They're supposed to be piles of cephalon fragments) You both lost your memories and are working together to uncover your past, clutching blindly to each other with a naive but devoted trust in one another. Despite his terrible humor and volatile speech patterns, Ordis remains one of my favorite characters and I'm excited for future updates in his development.

Good luck everyone, I have my fingers crossed!

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>>Name: The Creation
>>Type: CODEX ART v3.0
Hey guys, Vortenix here. I just finished my codex art. I had a lot of fun creating it and I hope you guys will find it interesting. And thank you so much for this opportunity to create art for an awesome game ;) Please feel free to comment and share your opinion about my art, I really want to see what you think about it.
"My pupil, this, is synergy... The power to create something that brings balance in the universe. Look around you, my student. Everything is in perfect harmony. There is not life without death, no light without darkness and no pace without war. The ancient masters believed that there are 4 basic elements that sustain the balance of life: fire, water, air and earth. Use them, create and bring once more the balance in the world !" - Master Teshin brother
>>Programs used:
-Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
-My own mind (For creativity :D)




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Here is my entry!


Original location found here: http://liger-inuzuka.deviantart.com/art/Warframe-Synergy-of-Ice-and-Will-InPrnt-627358226

Note for DE: The painting is available in full resolution, and is in 3:2 aspect ratio. The beveled crop of this image is for presentation purposes only.

My depiction of synergy, in abstract, is the synergy of two partners on the field inspired by the philosophy of Ancient Sparta. My Frost and Loki depicted stand proud, together, in a graphic-design style illustration.

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Amazing entries so far! Here's mine:


To fit the theme, I decided to paint some 'Frames that have powers that are perfect for benefiting and elevating the whole team (with a focus on Trinity because I had been looking for an excuse to paint her anyway).

Process time lapse video here!

Best of luck to everyone participating!

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Exploring the boundaries of the Self and the Other, of Life and the Void-- but always together as both and one alike.

(Aaaa what a fun contest and theme XD, it was a great challenge for me! Love all these amazing entries!!!)

(EDIT: That's my signature in the image, I can add my player name in if I need to if it gets selected =__=;; )

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