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Archwing Disappears While Using Afterburners


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On ‎26‎.‎07‎.‎2016 at 2:11 AM, PsychedelicSnake said:

Sometimes the Archwing model will disappear if the player using their Afterburners while Boosting. In addition to this, any cloth or dangly bits will disappear as well. This seems fairly consistent, and it's more rare for it to not happen.


17 minutes ago, Evanescent said:

Can second this.

I third this. While not gamebreaking it is just unpleasant to look at, especially if it keeps just popping in and out of existence while afterburning away. 

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depending on your combination it is also RAPIDLY phasing in and out, or the more ornate warframes like trinity prime where her skirt dissapears over and over which is really hard on the eyes . also since this is kind of important I provide picks, combination is amesha + ivara with decurion and the basic blade.  I have a mid ranked hyperion thruster mod installed incase speed is related to the issue






I hope this helps in getting it fixed faster and that the informations suffice.

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